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Quotation Mark - introduction about spiritual valuesFind out about our work as mediums and enjoy our inspired articles and videos. From this site we now stream live seminars and give free talks and demonstrations in our online chat rooms.

Our psychic phone reading services pay our wages which means that Jane and I can do our public demonstrations for free. We now give a great deal of our time and energy to our foundation that builds spiritual centers and helps the destitute. By supporting and remaining loyal to this site you also indirectly support our mission. Together, we can genuinely make a difference.


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Craig & Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and USA. Here are a few samples from their YouTube site. A new TV show is currently in production.

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Lotus Logo - Psychic SchoolVisit our community area for chat-rooms, forums and Internet Seminars where you can enjoy free psychic readings and teachings. In the private rooms our volunteers teach mediumship classes and run circles and if you visit us regularly, you may be invited to participate.

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