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This is the home site of world-renowned psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker, stars of television and best-selling authors. Watch our exclusive videos, read our fascinating blog and articles and catch up with our spiritual teachings. We set a high spiritual standard and do lots of charitable work. By supporting this site, you are helping us with our revolutionary mission.

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Psychic Phone ReadingsYou'll love our psychics. Get guidance from some of the world’s best clairvoyants and mediums. They will help you to find happiness and love. All of our clairvoyants are tested and have proven ability backed up by a 100% money back guarantee. Now is the time to call because destiny is already calling you.

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Special Offer on Phone ReadingsIf this is your first call to Stream Live services, you are eligible for a special discount on the first ten minutes of your psychic reading. For an unbeatable price you can enjoy talking to a clairvoyant from the comfort of home. Try us now and share in the magic.

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Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumYou can talk with one of the world's top psychic mediums. Get Craig for 45 minutes on a personal call. Craig is one of the world's best. He is also a best selling author and world class speaker. He offers clairvoyance, life guidance and mediumship readings. His gifts are remarkable.


Email/Audio Reading with Craig

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumYour reading by Craig is recorded onto an audio mp3 file and sent to you by email. It will include a powerful reading using clairvoyance, the I Ching, tarot and some astrology. This is a discrete and easy way to get a fascinating reading. (See also Group Readings)


Face to face Reading with Jane

Jane Hamilton-Parker readingsJane Hamilton-Parker does clairvoyant consultations by private appointment at her home in Eastleigh, Hampshire. She can work as a medium giving proof of life after death or as a clairvoyant giving insights into life issues. Appointments are limited so book now.


Text a Psychic

text a psychicIntroducing a great way to try out a very simple psychic reading. Text one of our psychics with a question and get a quick answer to your questions. You'll be amazed by what the clairvoyant tells you. This is a fun and simple introduction to the extraordinary esoteric world. 


Astrology Analysis

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumIf you know the place and day of your birth we can work out an exact astrology chart and horoscope that will reveal your personality, opportunities, life goals and romantic destiny. What remarkable things does destiny have in store for you?


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Top Phone Psychics

We only use top psychics and mediums who offer quality clairvoyance delivered with kindness and compassion. Our team are all carefully tested and monitored to ensure that you always connect with a professional. Read More

Celebrity Psychic Reading Testimonials

Celebrity Testimonials

Watch videos of A List celebrities talk about the mediumship of Craig & Jane. Our phone psychics’ reviews are by real clients who willing to share their extraordinary experiences of our spiritual services. Find out what type of reader suits you. Read More

Customer Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We are certain that you’ll enjoy our services because there’s a 100% money back guarantee. We set up our website, forums and community in 1996 and are the most established and trusted site of its kind on the Internet. Read More


The Psychics & Mediums Network was established in 1995 and was the first UK based psychic community on the Internet. Our vision was to provide a safe haven for psychics where they could meet to discuss ideas and learn about mediumship and clairvoyance. Building on our reputation for sincerity and honesty, we introduced a service offering psychic readings by phone. Our ongoing intent is to provide the best psychic readings service on the Internet where gifted psychic readers can guide people.

Today we offer quality psychic readings that are delivered with cheerfulness and compassion. The very best clairvoyants work with us. They are all the real deal because they are all rigorously tested and carefully monitored. A very high bar is set to ensure that you talk to professional psychics that you can trust.

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Psychics on Television

Enjoy: Fascinating Teachings and Articles

Learn how to become a psychic medium or explore the hidden secrets of India by following our adventures of Craig & Jane. Includes World Predictions, and Prophecies for the Future.  Read More

Spiritual Books

Books: Guidance from the Mystic Writer

Craig is a best-selling author and psychic medium. Read his mind-boggling books about astrology and clairvoyance. Discover the course of Destiny and lost secrets of India in his book. Read More

YouTube Channel

YouTube: Craig's Controversial Channel

Watch Craig's Weekly Video Blog that teaches, informs and challenges your ideas. Now with a large following these discourses will inspire you to learn more about many spiritual topics.. Read More

Free Advice about Tarot Card Readings

Tours and Events with Craig and Jane

Join us at our esoteric events, seminars and demonstrations of mediumship. Take part in our extensive programs to help you discover your Fate and Destiny. Read More

World Psychic Predictions

World Psychic Predictions for 2018

Craig uses his powers of clairvoyance and precognition to make 2018 predictions about the destiny and fate of the world. He often has remarkably accurate results.  Read More

Astrology Compatibility and match

Watch the Psychic Family TV Series Now

Watch Craig and Jane as they enjoy a cheerful romp through the world of the paranormal. Our psychic family is an entertaining series that you will enjoy. Read More

Psychic Chat Circle

The Book: Messages from the Universe.

Read Craig's book about the mysteries of India and how a secret oracle revealed his destiny. The oracle was so accurate that it changed his life. .
Read More

Chariatable Foundation

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation

The profits from Craig & Jane's seminars and conferences go to feed the poor and help the destitute. Find out how you can help us build spiritual centers and guide the grieving and perplexed. Read More

Our Vision and Mystic Mission:

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are well known television psychic mediums who communicated with the Spirit of Princess Diana on live TV to a world audience. They have had their own TV shows and written 15 books on spirituality. Craig and Jane are now trying to use their mystic gifts to reach out and help others.

“Jane and I now do our public work for free. The proceeds from our conferences and teachings now goes to help the poor and destitute though the contributions we make through our charitable foundation,” says Craig.

“Our ultimate goal is to open a spiritual center that will be the platform for our mediumship and the focus of our spiritual teachings and workshops. With the secrets we have been given by the secret master of India we hope to share our knowledge to help steer the destiny of spiritual seekers through these troubles times.”

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