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Craig & Jane

Hailed by celebrities as the world's most accurate mediums, Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker demonstrate mediumship in the media and write extensively about spiritual philosophy.

They are entertaining and effervescent personalities and give mind-boggling proofs of eternity through their highly evidential mediumship.

Their whole family is psychic. They live in the UK but their spiritual work takes them regularly to the USA and all over the world.

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Chris Evans Psychic testimonial
Paula Yates Psychic testimonial
David Icke Psychic testimonial
Carol Vorderman Psychic testimonial
Tony Blackburn Psychic testimonial
Chris Evans:
"They definitely are psychic"
Comment from The Big Breakfast
Paula Yates:
"They really are amazing"
Comment from The Big Breakfast
David Icke:
"It's incredible what you've got right"
Comment from The 'Mystic Challenge'
Carol Vorderman
"I'm impressed!"

Comment from 'Put it to the Test'
Tony Blackburn
"I'm normally pretty sceptical but I have to say I'm amazed by your accuracy"
Comment from The 'Mystic Challenge'

Press Endorsements

"They will sort out all your spiritual problems"
Scottish Daily Record 10.2.93
"An incredible message of hope"
Best Magazine 14.5.96
"The keys to unlock our powers of prophecy"
Daily Mail 11.11.96
"Amazing I came out of the reading shaking because so much of the reading was accurate. What made Jane better than the rest? Maybe you really do get what you pay for..."
Best Magazine
"I'm overjoyed. To me this is proof that my father is there, somewhere. How else could Craig have known those things? .. I find myself talking to my parents in my head. Thanks to Craig, I'm convinced they can hear me."
Mari Claire Magazine

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