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MY WEEKLY National News Columns:

Daily Mail
Sunday Mirror
Sunday People
Daily Record
Regular Features about ESP and Psychic Abilities
Regular features about psychic pets and love.
Regular Features about paranormal
Readers column about your psychic experiences

MY MONTHLY Magazine Columns

Take a Break
Psychic News
Best Magazine
That's Life! Magazine
Regular column about readers ghost pictures
Regular column about psychic dreams
Regular column about ghostly encounters
Regular column about celebrity dreams

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic Medium66I have been writing features and columns for the British Press for 30 years and am the author of 15 books with Barnes and Noble and other publishers in the USA.  I am a well-know UK medium and have had my own television series in the UK and in the USA.

The genres I cover include:

  • PSYCHIC ENCOUNTERS – Comment and analysis of paranormal experiences. Human interest stories. Your spiritual experiences explained. Readers Letters.
  • HOW TO – Psychic Tests and easy ways to discover and enhance your own psychic abilities.
  • GHOST PICTURES – Analysis of readers alleged ghost photographs.
  • ASTROLOGY – Weekly or Monthly astrology column. Also features about the year ahead, pet astrology, romance, world predictions etc.
  • CLAIRVOYANT DREAM INTERPRETATION – These also include a few clairvoyant insights. See the clip from my US show ‘Nightmares Decoded’ to see examples of how this works.
  • CELEBRITY INSIGHTS – Celebrity slanted psychic articles about celebrity ghosts making a ‘comeback’, celebrity astrology, celebrity paranormal experiences, dreams about celebrities.

I write for specialist paranormal magazines with a well-informed readership and also the 99entertainment media - where a light hearted and cheerful approach is often required. I shine with columns/letter pages that interact with the readership and can include all of the topics above.

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