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Hailed as the world’s most accurate mediumistic couple, husband and wife team Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker have taken part in hundreds television programs all over the world as well as having their own series in the UK and USA. Craig recently featured as the astrologer in the movie Cristiano Ronaldo: World at His Feet. More details on IMDb

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Craig & Jane got started as the resident psychics working for a year on the mainstream television's 'Big Breakfast' show making correct predictions about upcoming news stories. They soon found themselves in demand for interviews, debates and programs about the paranormal.


Craig and Jane were called to make a psychic travelogue to visit Paris, London and New York to make contact with the spirit of Princess Diana. This was a three hour mainstream American TV special with an additional live show that was simultaneously screened in the US and UK. Together with friends and confidants of Diana, Craig and Jane gave astonishing proofs and messages from Diana's spirit that were verified by the sitters. The program was franchised to channels all over the world and made front page news in the UK and in the New York Post.


Their Psychic School was the topic of a favorable three-part, peak-time documentary for BBC 'Everyman' which followed their daily lives and theatre work. Soon after this they were commissioned for their own TV series on the Biography Channel called ‘Our Psychic Family’.


Craig anchored and demonstrated mediumship for a major TV series in the United States about dreams and clairvoyance. The couple have also had programs made exclusively about them in Iceland, Greece, South Korea and Japan. Today they have a celebrity following in Beverly Hills and work intermittently for American and British TV.

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