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Welcome to the articles section of the site where you can read about our work as mediums and how to develop your own spirituality.

As a first time visitor to our site, you will enjoy reading articles about our work as mediums and watch some of our TV demonstrations of clairvoyance in which we give proof of life after death. In recent years we have embraced Indian Spirituality and met many holy men and women from secret India who are helping us to take western spirituality to a new level.

To do this we have set up a special foundation to build spiritual centers where mediumship and spirituality is presented and to raise funds to feed the destitute. We invite you to help support our spiritual work and spread our message of love and hope.

Craig & Jane’s Bio: Astonishing TV Mediums

Watch video of us on TV giving demonstrations of clairvoyance and learn about our conferences, books and the work we are doing to take the psychic world to a new level.

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Articles and Books

Many of the articles on this site are taken from Craig’s books and news articles. The top links are to the book sections with related links below. This is a big site and there is lots to read and many videos to enjoy too. And if you need personal help we have readings for sale but also some free help in our community area.

Most Popular Articles & Videos

VIDEO: Craig & Jane Psychic Medium Demonstrations
VIDEO: Princess Diana Talks from Beyond the Grave
VIDEOS: Craig’s Free Demonstrations of Mediumship
VIDEOS: Mystic Journey to India Trailer
 World Psychic Predictions for the Year Ahead
PREDICTIONS: Nostradamus Predictions for Modern Times
PREDICTIONS: Psychic Predictions for Russia
Middle East Predictions
Astrology Compatibility Calculator
VIDEO: Craig Takes on Skeptical Scientist Richard Dawkins
VIDEO: Our Psychic Family – the TV Series
Horror Stories About the Ouija Board
Reincarnation: Lovers from Past Lives
Psychic Tests: Are you Psychic?
Top 10 Famous Ghost Pictures
Craig & Jane go to see Sathya Sai Baba
Fake Naadi Readings – How to Find a Reader
Live Medium Demonstration

Upcoming International TV Series:
– Seeking the Secrets of Destiny

Helping the World: Our Spiritual Foundation
Join us at our International Conferences and Seminars
The Mind-Boggling Secrets of the Naadi

Articles for Fate & Fortune Magazine:
– Real Ghosts Captured on Camera

New Ghost Photographs that will Shock You
Top Ten Ghost Pictures Ever
Are These Photos Phantoms or Fakes?
Real Ghost Pictures or Early Trick Photography? You Decide.
What Are Spirit ORBS? Is it Just a Con Trick?
7 Strange Photographs from Haunted Houses
Ghost Face Photographs

Includes Television Program with Princess Diana’s Spirit:

– How to Become a Psychic Medium Articles

How Mediums Work With a Theater Audience on Psychic Tours #
Accurate Psychic Mediums: How Psychics Develop Greater Accuracy #
Becoming a Professional Medium #
Working as Spiritualist Mediums #
How to Dowse Properly #
How to become an Advanced medium #
How to see the Aura for yourself #
How to Sense Vibrations #
How Spirits Communicate with us #
Learning Abilities Explained #
Connecting with your Spirit Guide #
Becoming Aware of Spirit
Mediumistic Meditation Techniques
Opening the Third Eye
Aura Colour Meanings
Psychic Powers for you
Enhancing your skills quickly
Psychometry Skills
Psychometry: Getting Started.
Reincarnation Explained
Sensing Psychic Vibrations
Seeing Psychic Lights
Advance Techniques #
Mediumistic Artists #
Starting Development Groups #
Setting up a Circle Methodology #
What Mediums Do – the basics #
Extra Sensory Perception #
How to Become a Medium #
Getting proof of Life After Death. #
Your Psychic Powers Awakened #
Can you learn mediumship? #

Serialized in Psychic News:
– Exploring Life After Death

The Causal World
Reincarnation Memories
The Group Soul
What Are Angels?
What Is Hell Like?
Animals in Heaven
When Children Die
Dead Celebrities Return
Nature of the Heaven
The Akashic Record
Sex in the Afterlife
Heavenly Consciousness
Suicide Consequences
The Life Review
Near Death Experiences
The Tunnel Of Light
What Happens After Physical Death?
The Astral Body
Sleep Apoplexy
Mischievous Spirits
Why are Ghosts Here?
Talking to the Dead
What the Spirit World is Like
The Spirit Guides
Purpose of Earthly Life
The Soul’s Journey
Afterlife Dreams
Real Angels
Out Of Body Experiences

As Seen on BBC’s ‘Mediums Talking to the Dead’
– Safe Mediumship and Clearing Life’s Obstacles

Totem Animals: What Animal Are You Guided by in Your Dreams? #
Halloween Superstitions – How to terrorize your kids! #
What Are Poltergeists? – the Truth about ‘Rattling Ghosts’ #
Real X Files – People Who Have Had Genuine Paranormal Experiences. #
Fake Orbs and Photos – Common Tricks and Misconceptions. #
The Real Haunted Mansion – Freaked Out By A Real Ghost!
Telepathy Research: Reading Other People’s Thoughts #
Simple Ways to Stop Worrying – Stop Worry Techniques Explained #
Finding Your True Partner: The Psychic Way to Better Relationships. #
How You Can Protect Yourself From Demons and Elementals #
Removing Curses, Preventing Spells and The Evil Eye. #
The Spiritual Ego: Why Are Some Psychics and Mediums So Arrogant? #
About the Angels of Protection | List of Names #
Guidance for Mediums: How to contact your Spirit Guide #
Are Fairies Real? Spiritualists Say They Are Evolving Souls! #
Feng Shui Protects from Bad Energies and Enhances Loving Relationships #
Geopathic Stress: The Strange Hidden Energy That Can Make You Sick #
Are Earth Energy Vortexes the Cause of Poltergeists and Fear? #
Haunted Battlefields: New Sightings of the Weird Ghosts of Gettysburg #
Love Charms and Talismans: Do They Have Real Magical Power? #
Can People Be Possessed By Spirits? True Stories of Spirit Possession #
How to Remove A Ghost | Techniques and Methods #
How to use Positive Mantras for Protection from Spells #
Is there such a thing as a Real Zombie? Exorcism of Mother Theresa! #
Possessed By A Demon: Is it Possible? #
Evil Ghosts
Psychic Vampires
Real Haunted Houses
Ghost Hunting on BBC
Earth Bound Spirit
Strange But True
Paranormal Experiences
Celebrity Ghosts
Horror stories about Ouija Boards.
Career Success

Includes Psychic Readings with Celebrities
–  Paranormal and Psychic  Experiences 

Dreams about Sathya Sai Baba’s Immanent Return
Your Personal Experiences of Sathya Sai Baba.
Sathya Sai Baba Interviews
Psychic Predictions about the Middle East
Predictions to Know The Future
Psychic and Astrology World Predictions
Psychic Touch Reading – Craig shocks a journalist
Psychic Consultations – some remarkable cases
Accurate Clairvoyant Readings – Your True Stories
Supernatural School – They made contact with the spirits the dead.
Future Readings: Can Psychics see the Future?
Ouija Board Predicts Death | True Stories of Evil Ghosts
The Famous Medium Doris Stokes Makes a Comeback
Emotional Medium Readings | When The Dead Return
Spiritual Readings: 3 Stunning Proofs of Life After Death #
Trance Mediumship: Are Some Trance Mediums Deluded? #
Are Pets Psychic? The Psychic Dog’s Premonition. #
Spirit World: Irrefutable Proof given by Dead Daughter #
Spiritualism: Are You  Dying from Democracy? #
Derren Brown: Battle with a Smart Spiritualist #
Life After Death: Proof Shocks Highly Skeptical Journalist! #
Our Psychic Family Videos: Do We Have Psychic Genes? #
Police Psychics: My brother sent crime clues from the spirit world #
New Clues to the Disappearance of Lord Lucan from Psychic Detectives #

Effortlessly Become Psychic
– a Beginner’s Guide

Retrocognition: Psychic Time Travel into the Past #
Sathya Sai Baba and the Psychics – Mediums Talk about their Indian Guru. #
Reincarnation: Were We Lovers from a Past Life? #
Edgar Allan Poe: Horrific Prediction Haunts My Family.
Psychic Artists: Some are rubbish and some are just plain deluded! #

Host and Interpreter for American TV’s Nightmares Decoded
– a medium’s guide to dreams that come true

Dream Precognition:  Secret Dreams of the Ancients foresee the Future! #
Nightmares Can Come True! TV Medium Decodes Your Terrifying Fears.
Top Ten Dream Symbols and What They Really Mean
Skeptical Science and Dream Clairvoyance: Do They Fear the Truth? #
Prediction Dreams that Foresee Terrorist Attacks and Doomsday #
Dream Witchcraft: The Power of Moon Sorcery and Magic. #
Strange Dream Superstitions
Animal Telepathy – They Know!
Dream Premonitions
Weird Dreams
Parapsychology and Dreams
Has the Future happened?
Find your Soul-mate?
Awakening the Sixth Sense
Dream Predicts the Future
Yoga Nidra – How to Sleep Well
Speaking Foreign languages in a Dream
Psychic Dreams Explained
Your Dreams About Death
Inner Conditions Change the World
Predictions in Bible
Hypnagogic Dreams
Real UFO Experiences
Videos about the Top Ten Most Common Dreams

Craig’s Columns in The Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror.
– Real Angels and Spiritual Encounters

John Lennon’s Premonition of his Death #
Spontaneous Mediumship? #
Physical Mediumship: Are We All Being Conned? #
Poltergeist Experience
What is Stigmata?
Predictions Came True
Stories from psychic twins.
Telepathy Experiences

From Craig’s Magazine Columns
– Sightings and Ouija Board Messages

10 Unbelievable Near-Death Experience Accounts from People Like You! #
20 Real Ghosts: Frightening True Stories that will Scare You to Death! #
Spirits of the Dead People
Paranormal and Telepathy
Spotting the Fakes
Dead Animals Return
Past Life Revelation
Paranormal Lights
Dead son returns.
Your psychic experiences.

Meditation CD to Open the Aura and Attune to Spirit
– tuning in to the Spirit World

How to Feel and Sense the Human Aura
Aura Meditation – What is the Aura?
Aura Energy and Kirlian Photography
Aura and Colour Meanings & Chakras
How you can see the Aura
How to Open the Third Eye and Energy Field

– How to Be Psychic Through Visionary Clairvoyance

Develop your Hidden Powers of Intuition
Rorschach Ink Blot Test for Psychics #
Fire Divination Techniques
How to Read the Images in Clouds
How Psychics Read the Tea Leaves

– A Beginner’s Guide to Tibetan and Bon Mysticism

The Story of the Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment

– What Your Dreams Mean

– Remembering Your Dreams

Used in our Online Classes
The Psychics & Mediums Network Training Manual 

Learn to Heal Today: – How to Be a Spiritual Healer #
What is Spirit Healing? 6 Types of Spiritual Healing Explained. #
Famous Spiritual Healers: Harry Edwards, Tom Pilgrim and More! #
Getting Started with Complementary & Alternative Therapies #
The Psychic Mediums Code of Ethics – Good Practice & Morals #
Psychic Awareness – Developing your awareness of Spirit. #
Basics of Meditation: Development of Self Awareness #
Best Psychics of all time – Psychism throughout the Ages #
The First Spiritualists: When Brilliant Minds Investigate Spiritualism. #
Pioneering Mediums – the best mediums off all time! #
The Hydesville Rappings and How Spiritualism Began. #

Astrology Articles

Star Signs and Love Signs Articles

Other Useful Sections:

    Some of the main Articles about life in the Afterlife.
  • PREDICTING THE FUTURE Articles about prediction and free will.
  • ASTROLOGY AND THE ZODIAC Articles and pages about horoscopes and Eastern and Western Astrology
  • THE COMMUNITY About our on-line community, forums and chat rooms.


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