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I have answered many common questions in detail on these pages and covered some of the rare paranormal phenomena such as a doppelgänger, synchronicity,  physical mediums and so on. There are also other huge sections you can use via the front page of this site on topics such as the Afterlife, Psychic Protection, Mediumship Development and Spiritualism. You can comment on my articles in this section or if you have questions that need personal insights you can ask our experts on the forums. We also have a free psychic chat room where you can learn and take part in free psychic readings.

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The Basics: Getting Free Guidance

You are welcome to ask general questions in the comments at the foot of the articles or if you have a specific personal issue that is not on topic then please also visit the forums on my community sections. Further down this page you can also find a few of the most common FAQ that I get asked but you can find thousands more issues addressed when you follow the links below.

If you post an ON TOPIC comment I will try to personally  answer your general questions about the subject via the articles on this website. If you have a PERSONAL question about your life, experiences, dreams and so on I suggest you visit out free psychic chat rooms and forums where you can get in-depth replies from my team of volunteers.

If you have questions that need personal guidance then please use out forums and chat rooms in the community area. We offer psychic guidance in the free chat rooms but remember that our helpers are all volunteers and must not be pressed for free readings. When you get to the chat rooms please ask any of the monitors about how to ask questions or get clairvoyant or mediumship guidance. We also have forums where you can post to ask about dream interpretations and special sections where you can upload your orbs and ghost pictures for analysis and comment.

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Ask A Psychic A Question | FAQ
In this section you can interact and ask me free questions about your paranormal problems and supernatural encounters. Includes “ask the expert” articles from Craig's newspaper and magazine columns about supernatural and paranormal questions and answers.
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