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Raised from the dead Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker. Do Near Death Experiences trigger Psychic Abilities? “I ‘died’ on the operating table and woke up psychic!” Article clipping from Spirit & Destiny: Stephanie Spencer was an ordinary 27-year-old with a high-flying city job until she nearly died during a routine operation. She was raised from the dead! [...]

Psychic Consultations Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. This first consultation was made by a journalist from Best Magazine and published on 27/4/2004. Skeptical Journalist Andrea Kon visits a number of psychic mediums to see what they can tell her. She was scathing about some of the psychics and fortune tellers she saw but had [...]

“Saved by my son on the other side” From a magazine interview for ‘Know your Destiny’ When Jean Gibbons, 48 from Surrey, lost her son last May, her own will to live almost died as well. Here she explains the incredible way she was helped to cope. A knock on the door after midnight is always scary. [...]

Press Reviews About Readings with Jane These are some examples of very emotional medium readings with Jane Hamilton-Parker. Jane is based in Eastleigh near Southampton UK. Medium Readings with Jane can be booked through this website. This articles was published in Bella a leading UK Magazine. MORE: BOOK MEDIUM READINGS WITH CRAIG & JANE “Amazing I [...]

“My Search for Mum” Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker’s spiritual readings from ‘The Weekly’ News Abandoned in a Moses basket on the steps of Dr Barnardo’s home in Stepney London, Dudley Godfrey spent a lifetime wondering what his mother was like and why she would abandon him as a new-born babe until he went for a spiritual [...]

Making Psychic Connections Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. If you are looking to connect to our psychics for a reading go here “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and along these fibers as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back as effects.” –HERMAN MELVILLE [...]

Trance Mediumship Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. The medium stood solemnly on the rostrum of the Spiritualist church and with closed eyes said in a silly Chinese accent, “Gleeeeeetings from the spirit world.” This was one of Jane and my favorite mediums because to watch her antics were an absolute howl. We fought back the smirks [...]

Are Mediums Fortune Tellers? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Sometimes people visit mediums for the wrong reasons. In this article taken from my book, I explain the aims of mediumship and whether mediums can or should tell the future. Are mediums fortune tellers? Some would argue that fortune-telling can be part of the mediums remit others [...]

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