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How to Develop your Accuracy Psychic Development with Craig Hamilton-Parker Using Visualization Techniques During Meditation In these articles I have shown how to gradually increase your psychic accuracy when giving a reading. One of the most important ways to develop accurate clairvoyance is to learn to meditate and harness the power in intuitive visualization. During [...]

What is the Spirit World? The Spirit World is the term spiritualists and mediums use to describe the afterlife. It is the place the human spirit goes to after death. The first stages of the spirit world are similar to the world we have experienced on earth with cities, landscapes, trees and so on. In this [...]

Is there anybody out there? The  highly skeptical journalist Amanda (Writing for Mari Claire Magazine and the Daily Express) visited me (Craig Hamilton-Parker) for a psychic reading and got more than she bargained for. Visiting with the intention of perhaps exposing psychic readings a fraud, she was shocked to be given proof of life after [...]

Should psychics and mediums predict the future? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. There has recently been some debate in our chat rooms about what is the purpose of a psychic reading and should psychics predict the future? Many that visit this site believe that psychic readings should be about telling people the future. Others say that [...]

Ex Advertising Executive Asks: Is It Fair for Psychic Mediums to Charge for Their Work? Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Should psychics charge money? Should mediums charge money? Should psychics get paid at all? These questions are often levied at clairvoyants as if, for some odd reason, it is wrong to charge. I find these questions [...]

Understanding the Tarot Cards Article about the meaning of tarot cards by Craig Hamilton-Parker. There are 78 Tarot Cards divided into two main groups. These are 22 Major Arcana numbered 0 to 21 and 56 Minor Arcana divided into 4 suits. (Arcana means secret.) The Major Arcana take dominance over the Minor Arcana in a [...]

Reading the Tarot Cards Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. At first glance tarot reading seems hard to understand but it is quite easy to get started and learn how to read the tarot cards for yourself. Unfortunately few Tarot books explain it simply. They overload the novice with too much information: astrology, psychology, symbolism, numerology and so on. But the [...]

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