Opening to Other Side

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is a continuation of other articles on this site from my book on medium training called Opening to the Other Side. This article in the series talks about the last preparations made to becoming a fledgling medium and working on the rostrum of a Spiritualist Church. In particular I talk about [...]

rticle by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article is an extract from my book 'Psychic School'. In the book I show my students how to Dowse for Ley Lines. You can also read other techniques and methods of dowsing in my books about psychic development here. Craig showing how to Dowse for Ley Lines In the 1924 the [...]

Following out series of articles about psychic development this articles explains how the novice students work towards become a fully developed medium.. We also offer advanced mediumistic training at our on-line psychic school. This article is from my book Opening to the Other Side and follows on from my instructions about seeing the aura. Here [...]

Watch Craig & Jane on their early television show called 'Something Strange'. This was the first ever demonstration of its kind on British Television and way before John Edward and others had their shows.  Jane and I were just getting started. After the video is my article about how to get started developing Psychic Medium [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Spirit guides have proven their existence many times through trance mediumship and been photographed when they have materialized at physical séances. You may become aware of the influence of your guides when they draw close during meditation and you may feel tremendously inspired by the beauty and radiance of their personality. [...]

The prana that comprises the aura is colorless—like clear water or glass—but becomes colored by our thoughts and emotions. Mediums with a well-developed spiritual vision will be aware of these colors and how they change. As these colors require clairvoyance to be seen, they are known as astral colors.  The aura is painted from a palette [...]

DEVELOPING THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR READING: I have explained how to do a basic psychometry reading.  Now I want to take you to the next step with your psychic skills development and learning to give psychic readings. Once you have allowed your intuitive skills to flow, you can improve your accuracy by introducing a loose structure [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Reading the vibrations from an object is called psychometry. The word comes from the Greek psyche (soul) and metron (measure), and literally means “measuring of the soul.” The term was coined in the mid-nineteenth century by Joseph Rodes Buchanan, an American professor of physiology from the Eclectic Medical Institute, in Covington, [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book Psychic School. It will teach you the basics of giving psychic readings and mediumship. This article shows you how you can use psychometry as a stepping stone to medium and psychic readings. It shows how sensing psychic vibrations in places and objects will enhance [...]

We were guided by a psychic light that illuminated our room! It all started when the president of our local Spiritualist church, where Jane and I had met during one of my public demonstrations of mediumship, had arranged for us to exorcise poltergeist activity that was causing trouble on a converted fishing boat. It was [...]

Research has shown that imaginative, creative people —particularly artists— score better in ESP tests than systematic thinkers. Some of my first psychic insights came while I was painting in oils. I was inspired by the surrealist painter Max Ernst, who used the decalcomania technique, which involved putting pigment on the canvas, laying sheets of paper [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article gives you guidance about setting up a psychic development group. There are other related articles on this site and we also have our own on-line psychic school. Who’s in Charge of the psychic development group? If the group includes an established medium then he or she will run the [...]

Ideally the best way to develop your mediumistic potential is by running a psychic circle with an advanced teaching medium The medium will be able to recognize your potential, encourage you to develop, reprimand you when necessary, and show you the techniques and methods needed to unfold your gifts. After sitting with your teacher for and average [...]

The American researcher Joseph Banks Rhine is considered the father of serious scientific research into the paranormal. In the 1930's at Duke University in California he undertook the first systematic study of the subject and used statistics to quantify his exhaustive tests. Together with his colleague Carl Zener he designed a set of colourful cards [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is part of a whole series of articles about How to Become a Psychic Medium from my book Psychic School. We start off here by questioning motives and whether you are called to this work. Becoming a medium requires qualities of integrity, perseverance, morality and above all compassion. However, not [...]