Future Predictions

Nostradamus On World War Many world leaders are also deeply interested in the paranormal and ESP. And their beliefs may have influenced their military decisions. President Jimmi Carter believes he saw a UFO and Ronald and Nancy Regan’s interest in astrology has been well reported. Biographer Kitty Kelley claims that when Mr Regan became California’s [...]

DOWSING FOR BETTER BUSINESS My wife and I run a small business and needed some transparent stickers to put on the machines we make. We were told that we needed a specialist printer for these but had no idea where to find one. Also we are Danish and although we can speak English well we [...]

Predictions for China What will happen in China? What will happen in the future for China? What do psychics say will happen to China in the future? If you are a psychic please add your own psychic predictions to the bottom of this thread too. Also see Predictions for the Year Ahead here My latest [...]

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