Psychic Handbook

“Every discolouration of the stone, Every accidental crack or dent, Seems a water-course or an avalanche, Or lofty slope where it still snows.  W. B. YEATS (from Lapis Lazuli) Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker.See also: HOW TO HEAL WITH CRYSTALS Current interest in the healing and protective power of crystals can be traced to some writings [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Extract from my book Psychic School: now available through Amazon. Although a medium experiences the same inner states as in traditional meditation, our remit and methodology are slightly different. We recognize that meditation is a tool for self-realization yet we also know it can be used as a way to develop [...]

How to Heal Using Crystals and Gems Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Copyright: Extract from my book The Psychic Handbook SUMMARY: I explain crystal healing techniques and the claimed healing effect of crystals and how crystals are used to complement Spiritual healing. Featured are some of the most important crystals with their supposed healing properties as well as [...]

By Craig Hamilton-Parker. This is an extract from my book The Psychic Handbook - it is copyright. Surrounding the human body is a brilliant kaleidoscope of luminosity that we call the aura. This is a projection of our life force and is the energy that animates the human body and sustains us. Although now rejected [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This article outlines the Chakra Colours as proposed within Spiritualism and Psychic Meditation systems. It is to be noted that in yoga and Eastern systems the chakras are located and coloured in a different way to the Western systems. I have written more about this elswhere on the site. See article: How to see [...]