True Psychic Stories

Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. This first consultation was made by a journalist from Best Magazine and published on 27/4/2004. Skeptical Journalist Andrea Kon visits a number of psychic mediums to see what they can tell her. She was scathing about some of the psychics and fortune tellers she saw but had a very [...]

Article about Craig Hamilton-Parker's spiritual readings from 'The Weekly' News Abandoned in a Moses basket on the steps of Dr Barnardo's home in Stepney London, Dudley Godfrey spent a lifetime wondering what his mother was like and why she would abandon him as a new-born babe until he went for a spiritual reading with Craig Hamilton-Parker. [...]

The  highly skeptical journalist Amanda (Writing for Mari Claire Magazine and the Daily Express) visited me (Craig Hamilton-Parker) for a psychic reading and got more than she bargained for. Visiting with the intention of perhaps exposing psychic readings a fraud, she was shocked to be given proof of life after death. Spiritualism has never been [...]

Getting started on television: Watch clips from our first regular TV spot as the resident psychics on the Big Breakfast. Below the video is the back story of knowing Paula Yates and meeting the celebrities on the show. Getting Started on Television: 'Next Week's News Today!'   Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about psychics getting started [...]