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The BCA Code of Conduct (Ethics)

How we established a world-wide Code of Conduct for psychics and mediums by the website owner Craig Hamilton-Parker. If you agree with our code you may carry the logo in support or join our register of clairvoyants and mediums. (It must also link back to this page) If you would like to become part of out training please see our Online Psychic School here.

British Clairvoyant AcademyIn 1995 I wrote a book called The Psychic Workbook that helped fledgling psychics to discover and enhance their psychic powers. In the last chapter I wrote a section about the morals of being a psychic and how best to use your God-given skills to help people in the most positive ways. The idea for a code of conduct was inspired by Peter Clark, the ex-presenter of the BBC’s Crime Watch program and who after retirement became a journalist. Together we thrashed out some of the basic requirements of a code of conduct and this has been developed over the years. It is now followed by a great many psychics and mediums practicing in the real world and on the Internet.

This simple code was later modified to deal with some of the many issues that we met during our home circles and in particular in the teaching chat rooms on this website. In particular the issues raised were taken up by the famous Spiritualist mediums Violet Kipling who modified some of the precepts and made them more suitable for the issues we discovered. This also triggered our online course called Myths and Misconceptions (Part of the ongoing DLPS) that helped to dispel some of the silly ideas being touted by some self-proclaimed psychics and mediums.

Sathya Sai Baba Human ValuesThe idea of an ethical code for psychics was also expanded further when the site became an affiliate for psychic phone readings. Although these readers are not employed directly by ourselves it was my concern that they too should follow a basic code of ethics. The problem was highlighted by my friend who worked for recruitment department when she had an interview with our mutual guru Sathya Sai Baba – an Indian Avatar who stresses the need for spiritual purity, honestly, morality and truth. His loving philosophy inspires our work and had been the foundation of our attempts to make this site truly spiritual. The recruitment of the phone psychics continues to be maintained by the people we have inspired.

For the recruitment in America I visit the USA and interview the  psychics and mediums directly. Again we are looking for the same high standards of excellence. What I look for are:

VALUES – Does this consultant really care? I need to see in people a genuine want to help people. If they are in it for the money or the glory then they are not for us. I know from my work that I would continue to be a medium even if there was no money in it at all. Are our readers called to do this work?

SKILLS – Naturally all readers need to have the gift and be very accurate indeed. They need to be honest about whether that are a psychic or have mediumistic skills. There are a great many criteria that have to be taken into account when making a selection for the team too many to list here. In short, they have to be really able to do what the claim.

COMMON SENSE – My other touchstone is hard to define but the reader must be realistic. We are not happy to have readers who offer crazy things to the recipient. For example we are intolerant of people who claim to be mediums but can only give ‘guides’ or people who talk of holes in auras, possessions, spells and so on. (What we call the Harry Potters) We do not like people who make predictions but cannot give anything that relates to the present. We do not like people who talk incessantly and never give the person a chance to answer. We basically do not like ‘cold readings’ or crazy ideas. And so on…. BUT we love people who are honest, sensible, modest and kind.

Below now is the basic Code of Conduct. You can also read the extended version written by Vi Kipling here.

BCA Voluntary Code Of Conduct

The British Clairvoyant Academy (BCA) was established to promote a Code of Conduct and Ethics for the safe practice of clairvoyance, mediumship and psychism on the Internet. We also work with charities such as ‘Rainbow’s End’ to raise money for Spiritualism and other clairvoyant organisations and good causes. If you agree with our code you can register or carry the logo here.

Joining the BCA and linking to us from your website indicates that you abide by our voluntary Code of Conduct and Ethics. The Code of Conduct was originally published in The Psychic Workbook by Craig Hamilton-Parker and was written in conjunction with Peter Clark who used to host Television’s Crime watch. In the early days of the Internet, the Code of Conduct became the ethical touchstone for many online practitioners.

Craig Hamilton-Parker has worked with Government organisations including Learn Direct and blue chip businesses.

The Clairvoyant’s Code Of Conduct Banner

Participating websites agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. Practitioners that agree with our code may carry our logo and link to either this site of the code itself. If you agree with our voluntary Code of Conduct we invite you to put the logo on your website with a link back to this website.

If you agree with our code of conduct you may carry one of our banner on your website

The Code Of Conduct

The British Clairvoyant Academy was established to promote and keep up a simple ethical standard for mediums and clairvoyants to follow. Today it trains mediums and psychics in our chat rooms but also insists that all of its practitioners follow a simple code of conduct.

Our Code of Conduct is simple and self-evident. However we believe that by following these simple rules the standards of Mediumship and Clairvoyance will be much improved. ALL members of the British Clairvoyant Academy and anyone working as helpers on our Chat room abide by these rules. Anyone breaking these rules will be removed from our listing and asked to remove the BCA logo from their site.

NOTE: You MAY NOT reproduce the Code of Conduct or versions of it on your own site as this is copyrighted.

Original BCA Code of Conduct:


  • DON’T PREDICT A DEATH. A genuine psychic will know that this is impossible. It is not something that we have clairvoyant access to.
  • DON’T PLAY GURU – Stress that you are only an ordinary person or the sitter may think that you’re the only person in the world that can solve their problems. (Psychiatrists call this transference) As part of our remit we do not give readings to people who are on medication or require psychiatric or medical help.
  • DON’T MAKE EXAGERATED CLAIMS – You can’t guarantee that you can mediumistic communicate with the person that they want to hear from in spirit. Nor can you guarantee to solve their problems.
  • DON’T EMBELLISH CLAIRVOYANCE. – Keep your evidence clear. If toy dry up, stop the sitting. It’s no good adding a load of junk from your own subconscious to the reading.
  • DON’T FORCE YOURSELF ON PEOPLE. – There’s nothing worse than the overeager psychic that pushes clairvoyance onto people while waiting for a bus, for instance. Some people just aren’t ready yet to hear from their long-dead granddad


  •  INSTIL OPTIMISM. – Try to see beyond bad events to better times. Of course there may be obstacles ahead but help the person realize the power of positive thinking. You’re a useless clairvoyant if you only breed despair.
  • STRESS FREE WILL. – A prediction that inhibits a person’s growth is worthless. If, for example, you said to a young girl, “Your marriages will all end in divorce,” they probably would. How could a marriage last if they’re subconsciously thinking that it’s doomed? Clients may remember things they’ve been told for the rest of their lives.
  • GIVE EVIDENCE. – Try to give quantifiable facts about the sitter’s life or those they know in spirit. Don’t talk about wooly future events.
  • CULTIVATE SPIRITUAL VALUES. – Make your daily life part of your psychic work. Try to change your attitudes and develop spiritual good habits.
  • BE GOOD HUMOURED. – Try to spread a little happiness with your psychic work.
  • IMPROVE YOURSELF. – Psychic development is a lifelong process. Like an artist that’s never fully satisfied with their last painting, always try to improve on the quality of your evidence.

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The above Code of Conduct has also been expanded to a fuller version here. You can also train at our online psychic school here.

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