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How to Heal with Crystals

Simple Crystal Healing Techniques

How to Heal Using Crystals and Gems
Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Copyright: Extract from my book The Psychic Handbook

SUMMARY: I explain crystal healing techniques and the claimed healing effect of crystals and how crystals can be used to compliment Spiritual healing. Featured are some of the most important crystals with their supposed healing properties as well as details of how to use crystals with the chakras. The present interest in the healing and protective power of crystals can be traced to some of the writing about the American psychic Edgar Cayce and the many scattered references to crystals in his readings. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was one of the most influential psychics of all time and when he died, he left behind a unique resource, complete transcripts of over 1600 readings he had given in the last decades of his life to the hundreds of people who came to him for help and advice.

What is Crystal Healing?

Some psychics and clairvoyants people believe that crystals can act as cosmic amplifiers of spiritual energies and can be used to enhance natural healing energy.

Each crystal has its own specific property and will change the quality of the energy for specific healing needs – just as light passing though a stained glass window changes colour so healing energy is refined for specific complaints . Carrying a crystal in your pocket will also enhance your of self-healing abilities and specific crystals may help you to overcome specific illness or complaints. Some crystals – and particularly Rose Quartz – can help bring emotional calm and are useful to carry with you during times of crisis and difficulty.

It is believed that crystals influence the subtle body: This is the spiritual energy body that caries our life force (known in the East as Prana or Chi) This spiritual life force is particularly focused at energy centres called chakras – a Sanskrit work for wheel or in this instance a ‘wheel of energy’.  By strategically placing crystals on areas of the body where the chakras are located, the healing effect on our spiritual system is boosted to bring better health and well-being.

The earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt and references can be found in the the Ebers papyrus. This refers to the medicinal uses of many different gems and crystals. Healing with crystals is also part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine traditions. It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine cures.

You can contact healers through your local Spiritualist Church or at the National Federation for Spiritual Healers.

Crystal HealingMy father making Crystal Healing Cocktails 

How to use Crystals for Healing

Order a “gem and tonic” from a barman in San Francisco and you’ll get a drink that’s America’s latest cocktail craze. And now it’s taking off over here. A “gem and tonic” is simply tonic water that’s had a crystal, such as amethyst or quartz, left to soak in it overnight.

Fruit juices and spirits are added and the result is a drink that refreshes both the mind and spirit. Actress Shirley MacLane regularly takes a bath with four large crystals. And actor Michael York is quoted as saying that crystals, given to him by a Brazilian healer, protected him when he was attacked by muggers. Crystals, they say, have a mystical power that can relieve stress, heal the body, increase psychic awareness and even record your dreams.


The Crystal Healing idea was first popularised in the West in the 1930s when famous American trance psychic, Edgar Cayce, claimed that his visions revealed that, before Atlantis sunk beneath the waves, crystals were used as a source of energy that could even power airships. The most popular crystals are those from the quartz family and are generally imported from Brazil, Arizona and Australia. Most are comparatively inexpensive and can be purchased by mail order, in “New Age” shops, some health shops and jewellery stores we’ve even seen them on sale in Boots!


Crystals and some stones, say we psychics, pick up, store and amplify thought vibrations and different crystals are suited to different applications. Some are said to aid recovery from illness and your “New Age” shop will identify the most suitable crystal for your complaint.

Beryl is good for the throat and liver, citrine improves circulation, emerald combats insomnia, sapphire helps with skin disorders, sodalite reduces blood pressure and topaz reduces varicose veins. There’s a rock for every knock.

Amethyst and quartz are the most popular “New Age” stones and can be used in a number of ways. It’s important to thoroughly wash your crystal after purchase to remove any impressions that its “picked up” from other people who have handled it. Once “cleansed”, you “programme” it for a particular use. This is done by holding the stone in your hand and projecting thoughts to it. The crystal is said to absorb your telepathic thoughts and will, once programmed, act as an amplifier of your psychic and psychological powers.


Here are some simple Crystal Experiments to try:

  • RELAXATION: Pink Rose Quartz is said to calm the nerves. Programme it as described on the crystal feature page and then try putting it under your pillow when you go to bed. You should have a thoroughly good night’s sleep. Alternatively, if you’d like to remember your dreams, try programming a piece of smoky quartz for dream recall and you’ll unlock your subconscious secrets.
  • SELF-HEALING: Purple amethyst is recommended for general healing and well-being. Dedicate a stone to healing your problem using a mantra or a prayer and put it in your pocket. When you touch it during the day, it may help stimulate your latent self-healing abilities.
  • IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY: They say that a double-pointed clear white quartz will help the memory. Some people carry one into examinations and it will help jog the memory and enhance their recall.

Chakra Healing

It all started in the 1980’s when the healing craze that some call ‘crystal consciousness’ spread from California.  Alternative healing properties and restorative powers have been attributed to crystals and gem stones which are said to energise the spiritual body and restore health. They do this by drawing on the natural regenerative and healing powers of the body and in particular it’s life force called ‘prana’.

Crystals are claimed to vibrate and resonate in harmony with the astral body. Its resonance is such that they stimulate the aura which in turn brings healing to the body. The healing effect is further enhanced if the crystal is placed on the appropriate chakra areas of the body located along the spinal chord. Crystal healers claim that specific crystals and gem stones appear to have an empathy with and correspond with the vibrations of each chakra. By placing a crystal with the appropriate vibration on the corresponding chakra a healing vibration is created that helps to cure illness and enhance a sense of well-being. These techniques are also linked to other vibrational medicine techniques such as homoeopathy. May healers also charge the crystals by projecting their healing powers into the crystals and stones before putting them on the body.

Crystals and the Chakras:

Colour plays a part in Crystal Healing and often crystals are selected by colour that corresponds with the traditional colours associated with the chakras. According to Vedic philosophy and also incorporated into Theosophy, the chakras have colours that infuse areas of the human aura – the energy body that surrounds all living things.

Here is a list of the chakras with the associated crystals and gem stones:

  • Root chakra: Jasper (bloodstone), Garnet, Onyx, Rubies
  • Sacral Chakra: Carnelian, Hematite, Moonstone
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine, Amber, Topaz
  • Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz, Chinese Fluorite
  • Throat Chakra: Aquamarine, Turquoise
  • Forehead Chakra: Amethyst, Sapphire, Turquoise
  • Crown Chakra: Clear quartz, Amethyst

References and Works Cited

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Useful Resources

  • Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary – Not Crystal Healing but traditional healers using spirit
  • Arthur Findlay College – The Worlds Foremost College teaches healing techniques.
  • UK Healers – Spiritual Healing regulatory body


Crystal Healing is the use of the spiritual healing powers of crystals and gemstones in alternative medicine.

Article Name
Crystal Healing and Reading Methods
How to use crystals for healing and to give readings. Includes list of the healing properties of crystals and gem stones.

About Craig Hamilton-Parker
CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER is a celebrated U.K. medium who has confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Craig and his wife Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and USA including 'The Spirit of Princess Diana'. In 2003 the BBC made a 3 part documentary about their work. Craig is the author of 15 books.

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  • ann osmond

    Interesting but I’m not sure I would pay for crystal healing. I tried it lots when had cancer but didn’t benefit then I feel. I have several crystals but have one I don’t know what it is: it’s dull green and looks bit like rusty brass green if that makes sense.

    • The green crystal is probably Green Aventurine which is alleged to be good for working with the Heart Chakra and with the Water Elements. If I had a cancer condition I too would probably be a little suspect of the power of crystals to heal. I would look for a real good spiritual healer as they would not need a crystal to amplify their powers. I personally think that crystals are good for a ‘feel’ good’ energy but not powerful enough as a curative technique. Many skeptics take a scathing view of crystal healing although many famous people such as Cherie Blair have been seen wearing crystal healing pendants.

      Have any of our visitors had any remarkable results from crystal healing techniques. Please post your experiences here.

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