Mystic Talks: Demonstration of Mediumship

Skype Demonstration of Mediumship with Craig Hamilton-Parker

This YouTube Video shows a demonstration of mediumship on Skype. It is the first in the series and we have a few technical hitches but some interesting spirit evidence came through nonetheless and in particular some Norwegian language.

Watch the Video

Feedback & Clarifications:

WENDY: Hi Craig I have to tell you last night when you were getting confused over a lady called May with hearing problems we think it was linked to JACKIE – she didn’t say anything as she didn’t know if she could interrupt. She thought you may come to her to clear your confusion.

PAL: You mentioned “Oster”.“Oster” is a Norwegian Veteran Ship from 1908, sailed during WW2. The Ship has become a legend in Norway. The reason why? A melody was written, “Dar kjem Dampen Gamle Dampen” You mentioned song, didn`t make sense at the time: This ship was in traffic in the areas just outside Bergen, including Øygarden, where my Grandfather , fathers side lived. My surname is a district in the Norwegian City of Bergen. As late as Yesterday I FB-friend/contact of mine, and member of my site, Harals Sæthre (Sæther on my forums, now also a STPN Premium member) whom actually is a member of Nordhordland Veteranbåtlag, the owners of DS “Oster” wrote on his FB status, that the Members where starting on their trip thorough “Gøta Kanal” the Canal connecting The Swedish Cities of Gothenburg (Gøteborg) and Stockhom, traveling by old steamers, I said to him to really enjoy their trip, as they do such and excellent work in maintaining DS “Oster”. (See this link). Oster isn`t the type of info which drops into an English Gentlemen’s head just like that!

JACKIE: It was fantastic, thank you. I was so mesmerized by it all, and didn’t want it to end.

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