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Dream Precognition – forseeing the future of the world.

Dream Precognition

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It is true that dreams sometimes tell the future but please think twice before passing on a dream prophecy to another person. It must be remembered sometimes our own hopes and fears about the future also play a role in dreams. We may want or fear that the future will turn out a certain way and these hopes and anxieties can be reflected in the dream content.

When people come to see me for a psychic consultation I remind myself that sitters DO NOT wish to know their future, or have it predicted – that future could be a very sad future and nobody wants to hear that. The truth is they want to be told that everything is going to work out they way they wish! Similarly dreams about your own or another’s personal future may be influenced by your hopes and fears.

Good psychic practice is not to predict but instead to advise people about the best course to take in order to come to the most satisfactory conclusion. If you make a prediction to someone you wield a huge power. Even if you know that the person making the prediction is a charlatan the prediction may still worry you. Predictions have a similar power to superstition- we don’t believe them but in the back of our mind something says “….. but what if it is true?” In this way we are disempowered by our worries and may even cause bad things to happen to us out of shear fright!!!!

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I have seen many people badly misguided by frightening predictions even though the ‘psychic’ was well meaning. Predictions about money, health and relationships may lead to feelings of fear of what will happen and disappointment when things do not work out as forecast.

So what should a psychic be doing when a person comes to them for advice? Our role has to be to guide a person and help them to make the best decisions to bring good fortune into their lives. We are like the map-reader. We see the lie of the land and from this we give advice about the best thing to do. We do not say what will happen but what the person can do to make the best choices. I advise you to apply these same criteria when sharing a psychic dream with your friends and family.

Signs, Stories, Experiments and Symbols:

During the times of ancient Greece from the Temple of Apollo housed the famous oracle of Delphi. Located in a dramatic setting on South slopes of Mt. Parnassos, Delphi was regarded in antiquity as the centre of the world. Within its walls sat the Pythia, an elderly priestess of Apollo, who made their strange prophecies while in a sleepy euphoria induced by the intoxicants that emanated from water bubbling from a rock fissure beneath the temple. (Some theorise that these gasses included methane and ethane, which can be intoxicating, as well as ethylene, widely used as an anaesthetic in the first half of the 20th century..)

The unintelligible uttering of the Pythia were interpreted by the temple priests and then composed into verses. The oracle’s chief shortcoming was the ambiguity of her advice. Croesus, king of Lydia, went to war against Cyrus of Persia after the oracle told him that “a great nation would fall” if he crossed the Halys River. Unfortunately, the great nation turned out to be his own.


For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men slumbering upon their bed, then He openrth their ears and sealeth in their instructions.
Job 33:14-16

Dreams speak to us in the language of symbolism. They use metaphor and allegory to express our inner condition. Although nobody knows for certain why we dream it is generally accepted that they stop the emotions from overheating, respond to our bodily and psychological needs, and offer solutions to our problems. And very occasionally dreams fulfil their objectives using clairvoyant insight.

Do not jump to frightening conclusions when interpreting the meaning of a dream. Not everything in a dream is a prophecy. It is more likely that the dream is speaking about your emotions and fears than predicting events that will come to pass.

Signs, Stories, Experiments and Symbols:

Dreams have been interpreted as prophecies of the future throughout time by all civilisations. Here are a few of the main Western beliefs:

The Babylonians
For the peoples of Mesopotamia dreams came from either the gods or from demons. If a demon brought a bad dream prophecy their the Babylonian priests would pray to Mamu the god of dreams and ask that the bad dream may never come true. Mamu was pictures as of either sex but is usually pictured as the daughter of the Sumerian sun god Utu.

The Assyrians
The Assyrians believed dreams to be mostly omens of good or ill luck. Bad dreams demanded action such as an exorcism. Other dreams were seen as “advice”. In fact this sense of a misfortune being predicted by bad dreams was common to most ancient cultures.

The Egyptians
The Egyptians believed that the gods showed themselves in dreams, demanding pious acts, or warning of impending doom. A dream could serve as an oracle and bring messages from the gods. The best way to get an answer to a question or about a health condition was to incubate a dream. (See Incubation)

The Greeks
The Greeks also believed that the gods brought dreams and prophecies. Sleep was governed by Hypnos, the god of sleep, who was the brother of Thanatos the god of death and the father of Morpheus the god of dreams. The early Greeks thought that the people who inhabited their dreams lived near the Underworld. Homer reports on Agamemnon’s dream from Zeus carried by Hermes. It was the battle plan that came from the Demios Oneiron, the village of dreams on the way to Hades.

The Hebrews
Being a monotheistic religion the Hebrews believed that prophetic dreams came only from the one God.

Dreams and astrology are closely related in Muslim culture. True dreams come from Allah, false ones from the devil Iblis.

The Romans:
The prophetic value of dreams was so important to the Romans that the Emperor Augustus decreed that anyone who had a dream about the state must proclaim it in the marketplace. Homer and Herodotus thought it natural that the gods should send dreams to men, even to deceive them, if need be, for the accomplishment of their higher ends. Julius Caesar’s decision to cross the Rubicon is attributed to a dream in which he saw himself in bed with his mother (Mother Rome, the seers told him) His assassination was foretold in his wife’s Calpurnia’s dream. “She held him in her arms, bleeding and stabbed.” Another Caesar, Caesar Augustus, is said to have walked the streets as a beggar because of instructions he received in a dream.

Psychic Precognition

Since ancient times people have had precognitive powers, and prophecy has been a big part of many religions. Many people today still believe that it is possible to predict the future. The Temple of Apollo in Delphi for example housed the most important oracle of ancient Greece, known as Pythia. Only the wealthy could afford the fees of the oracle and many questions of state were decided by what the Delphic oracle foretold.

In both Old and New Testaments of the Bible we read of people whose dreams foretold the future and would influence the decisions of kings or Pharaohs. The Chinese emperors would base their decrees upon the auguries read in the I Ching oracle of change. And even today we see Ronald Regan, Hillary Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the British Royal Family consult seers, psychics.


I believe everybody has psychic powers that lay dormant in the mind waiting to be triggered. Scientists call these powers Extra Sensory Perceptions (ESP) and subdivide them into telepathy (communicating by thought) clairvoyance (seeing events without using the 5 senses) psychokinesis (influencing matter by thought i.e. spoon bending) and precognition (seeing the future)

Scientist have studies these psychic powers since the 1930,s when Professor J. B. Rhine at Dukes University in America made a systematic study in the laboratory. He used as his evidence card guessing quizzes and discovered that many students, who had been randomly selected from the university campus, could predict which cards would come next in a randomly shuffled pack of Zener cards. Their scores were far above what you’d expect from chance alone.

The research into ESP continues to this day. It seems ironic that experiments in precognition, that started in the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo, should be secretly carried out on its namesake the Apollo 14 space mission by astronaut Edgar D Mitchell in the 1960’s. Experiments in precognition have been going on for centuries. and it has been found that many people have this ESP


Spiritualists believe that we have free will and that there is no fixed destiny, no predetermination. Precognition is a glimpse of a possible future that is based upon present conditions. The future may be altered because of the influence of our free will. Interestingly. this suggests that the future can cause the past, a phenomenon called “backward causality” or “retro-causality.”


Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space.

Precognition is the paranormal awareness of future events. Foreseeing the future in a dream would be an example of precognition. This may also include prophecy and predictions which are statements that claim to foretell future events and also premonition which is an intuitive experience believed to foretell future events.

For example I dreamed about learning to fly an air-plane at a flying school in Florida. With me were a number of odd looking Arabic students. I assumed that dream was something to do with my past as a London Flying School (with a branch in Florida) used to be one of my clients when I worked as a graphic designer. A few days later when two air-planes hit the World Trade Centre I did not connect the dream with the event. However, further news coverage revealed that the terrorists had only recently attended a flying school in order to learn enough to steer a plane into a building. This dream is an example of precognition.

Signs, Stories, Experiments and Symbols:

A more famous dream precognition example than mine happened to President Lincoln. Two weeks before his assassination, he dreamed that there was a funeral at the White House. In the dream he asked a soldier who was in the casket and the reply was, “the president of United States”. Later when he told his wife about the dream, she remarked that he would die in office.

Perhaps Lincoln would have survived if he had given his dream more credence and changed his plans. Perhaps he would not have visited Fords Theatre, not been shot by Wilkes Booth and the course of history would have been changed. It is the belief of most psychic people that the future is not set and can be changed by our actions. Precognition is the mechanism by which we gain insight into the changes we need to make.

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Dream Precognition - forseeing the future of the world.
This page is about how you can use dreams to see the future and is an extract from my book 'Psychic Dreaming'. I also explain some of the methods psychics use trigger the powers of precognition of future world events.

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