Why Mediums Are NOT Fortune-Tellers or Oracle Readers.

Are Mediums Fortune Tellers?

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Sometimes people visit mediums for the wrong reasons. In this article taken from my book, I explain the aims of mediumship and whether mediums can or should tell the future. Are mediums fortune tellers? Some would argue that fortune-telling can be part of the mediums remit others say that fortune-telling should be kept to the Fair Ground or End of the Pier.

Please add your own comments about fortune telling at the end of this article. Have you been misled by a fortune-teller? Have mediums you know used fortune-telling as part of their consultation? Or perhaps you are a medium and feel that fortune-telling is a legitimate part of all readings and that predictive skills should be included in consultations.

Below is an extract from my book ‘Opening to the Other Side’ that picks up after a description of our psychic seance to contact Princess Diana.


During the Paris sessions to connect with Diana’s spirit, we were practicing a form of extended psychometry. Just as I have shown you how to read from an object, Jane and I were attempting to read vibrations contained in an environment. Now, under much less stressful circumstances than the scrutiny of TV, I intend to show you the skills that underlie a medium’s work. I will also explain to you the differences between psychic and mediumistic work and give you a clear understanding of how to develop the skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Psychometry and the other techniques you have practiced help to develop your psychic skills. In time these methods will enable you to give correct insights into a person’s past and present situation. I believe that most open-minded people can develop these skills to some degree because we all keep these archaic ESP talents from before the advent of language. Working with others in a circle helps to show and enhance this latent potential.


Not everybody who joins my circle or development classes will become a medium. From what I have witnessed, mediumship appears to be something you are born with. The mediumistic gift may arise spontaneously during childhood—I used to see auras around people’s head and often saw the spirit of my dead grandfather when I was a child.

Throughout my teens, this gift recurred in flashes of insight that were outside my control and which sometimes could be a little upsetting. It was only when I was shown how to sit for the spirit and hone my talents that I was able to bring it under my control. If I had not had the opportunity to learn, the gift may have remained semi-dormant for the rest of my life, and all the exciting events, such as the Diana séances, never would have happened.

Perhaps you have the mediumistic gift. Perhaps you do not. You will only find out once you sit in a circle. If it comes, then that is wonderful. If it doesn’t, that’s fine too, for there are many other valid spiritual paths that will be shown to you during your development. And there will be at least one—maybe even more— a route that will be perfect for you.

Some of my students have become good psychics, some have become healers, and some have become inspiring speakers. A few have become mediums. Hopefully, all have benefited by becoming better people with a greater sensitivity and empathy for those in distress. Many students are happy working on a psychic level and may eventually become psychic counselors. Others take the fortune-telling route and apply their psychic skills to tarot-card reading and other forms of divination. These psychic ways of working are, of course, not mediumship, which is primarily to prove that the personality survives death.

Mediums Are Not Fortune Tellers

I am not against divination of the future so long as it involves genuine precognition and is not just arbitrary guesswork. Mediums do not predict the future during a consultation but may sometimes give advice about a direction to take. Fortune TellersNonetheless, this can be a bit of a gray area. For example, the great British medium Doris Stokes gave me a consultation twenty-five years ago and, although claiming not to be able to see the future, nonetheless named key people who would influence my life and foresaw events that are only now taking place. Her most astonishing insight was correctly naming my future wife (Jane Willis) and even the date we would meet (March 6th)!

On this web site’s chat rooms we do not allow predictions. Vi Kipling, my key monitor, has succinctly summarized our policy relevant to psychic readings anyone working with premonitions and prediction: “Mediums are not allowed to predict the future, and psychics who do so run the risk of feeding back to the sitter information picked up from the aura and which is usually the desired outcome the sitters wish for the problem posed to the psychic.

Do you REALLY want to know the future?

For example, if the sitter desperately wants to remarry or receive a lot of money, this desire is exhibited in his or her auric energy field, a life force of light that surrounds every individual’s body and is a reflection of each person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. So the psychic tells the sitter what he or she wants to hear, which is not a good policy.

It takes a very experienced psychic to override the demands made by the sitters and present to them a balanced view of their personality and any outcome to problems being experienced. It must be remembered that sitters do not wish to know their future or to have it predicted—that the future could be very sad and nobody wants to hear that. Instead, they want to be told that everything is going to work out the way they wish. For a psychic to go down this road would be dishonest.”

Code of Conduct

For more information about the moral and practical issues surrounding premonition, prophecy, and prediction, I invite you to read our website’s British Clairvoyant Academy Code of Conduct. The code is a very simple set of common sense dos and don’ts that have now been adopted by hundreds of Internet practitioners and has become the Internet’s foremost voluntary code of practice.

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