Can you Learn to be a Psychic Medium?

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Learning to Be a Psychic Medium

“If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor could make a wonderful living.”
—Yiddish conundrum

Learning to become psychic mediums

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Even now, after having worked for most of my life as a medium, I still cannot fully explain what happened that Friday night in September 1987. My wife, Jane, and I had only recently met on March sixth of that same year, a date and meeting predicted five years earlier by the spirit world through the mediumship of the internationally renowned British medium Doris Stokes. This was the start of my spiritual adventure that would lead me to discover how to learn to become a psychic medium.

Jane is also a medium, and soon into our relationship we were experiencing many strange phenomena. Perhaps it was something to do with the conjoining of our spiritual powers or the energies of the places we chose to visit during our courting, which included Spiritualist churches, séance rooms, and a memorable, mind-boggling encounter with the Dalai Lama. Our auras were most certainly primed with spiritual energy and we both knew that this period of our lives was especially important—a turning point when synchronicity happens and events take unexpected and strange turns.

The president of our local Spiritualist church, where Jane and I had met during one of my public demonstrations of mediumship, had arranged for us to exorcise poltergeist activity causing trouble on a converted fishing boat. It was moored on the river Hamble in Hampshire, England, close to the ancient site where King Henry VIII once built his navy vessels from the oaks of the New Forest. Anticipating the following night’s plan to cross the dark river and board this strange ghost ship, we tried to relax and get some sleep at about 11:00 p.m. Suddenly we were startled bolt upright by an explosion of blinding light in the centre of the room. “My God! What’s happening?” Jane called out, as the light proceeded to fold in on itself and hover in a luminous ball, then expand to form a circle of light in the centre of the room. The circle was about four feet across and at eye level.

We stared, like startled animals caught in a car’s headlights. My immediate thought was that it was lightning—perhaps even ball lightning—but we were indoors and it was a clear evening with no threat of thunderstorms. Yet the room certainly had an electric atmosphere; I could feel the hairs on my arms standing on end.

Jane and I sat speechless as the light hovered for what seemed then like an eternity but could only have been about thirty seconds. Then the circle reformed into a tight ball and shot across the bedroom and out the door, toward the living room. I leapt out of bed, chasing after it into the adjoining room. But seconds later it disappeared, leaving no trace. The light was no clairvoyant vision, or “inner knowing,” but as real as this book you are holding. It was tangible, but with no explanation. Jane and I were astonished. Our limbs felt strangely heavy and we were both slightly nauseous.

I believe that what we experienced was linked to the fact that we were both, at that time, living in a highly charged spiritual state. Maybe a protective angelic force was revealing itself in preparation for our encounter with the poltergeist the next day; I don’t know. The fact that we felt slightly sick afterwards could imply that the energy had something to do with our bodies, perhaps a spontaneous projection of some form of ectoplasm—the invisible substance sometimes produced by mediums and made luminous by spirit communicators.

At another level, the circle is symbolic. The psychologist Carl Jung referred to it as an archetypal image—an inherent primordial idea charged with emotion; a universal symbol common to everyone. A circle is, after all, the simplest form of a mandala (from the Sanskrit meaning “magic circle”), representing the wholeness of the self. Being made of light, it would imply transcendence and divinity.

The circle of light appeared at a spiritually significant time for us, partly because we were in love but also because our mediumistic powers were beginning to work in tandem with one another. It was a time when powerful and transforming forces operational in our lives would soon bring Jane close to death and see me give up a lucrative directorship in advertising to seek a new and uncertain career as a full-time Spiritualist medium. Whatever caused it, the circle of light was for me a marker, coming at a time in my life when everything was changing. In retrospect, it was a signpost to a new direction for both of us, away from material goals and toward new lives—as professional mediums.

In the years that followed, in addition to holding demonstrations, I was encouraged by the spirit to teach mediumistic development in Spiritualist churches, workshops, psychic organizations, and through my writing. Eventually it led me to form my own circle. During those sessions I passed along teachings and instruction to individual members and to the circle as a whole. Some of these are included in the chapters that follow. The guides called the spiritual work we were doing “circle of light,” hence the adoption of their term as the title of this book.

The circle of light has since expanded to embrace a great many people into its circumference, one result of my website, which has brought together mediums from around the world who share their teachings. Together we have synthesized American, Australian, British and other Spiritualist methods and developed a system that allows people to learn through chat rooms and by correspondence course. Many highly skilled mediums and wonderfully inspired people have worked together to maintain our online circle of light, called The Psychics and Mediums Network. Together we have seeded spirituality in the most unlikely of people, using some of the easy-to-understand methods described in this book together with a series of email teaching modules designed in conjunction with our “headmistress” and Spiritualist medium, Vi Kipling.

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Our work together on the Internet has revealed to us that the circle of light is a real spiritual energy that takes no notice of distance and links people together in a fellowship of learning. Together we are being inspired by the spirit to expand our inner light and share our insights with others in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion. I anticipate that as you work with this book you may join the energy of the circle and perhaps feel our influence and the closeness of those working with you from the spirit world.

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Learning to become a psychic medium
Learning to develop mediumship and become a psychic medium. Can mediumship be learned or are you just born with it? Extract from my book Opening to the Other Side (2005) ISBN 1-4027-1346-0
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Craig Hamilton-Parker

CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER is a celebrated psychic medium who has confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Craig is the author of 15 books and together with his wife have their own TV series.

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