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Life After DeathThese pages are mainly extracts from my books such as What To Do When You Are Dead and from my articles in New Age magazines and the Spiritualist Newspaper The Psychic News. In them I address some of the big questions about why we die and what lies beyond physical death.

From my researches and my ability as a well-known Spiritualist medium I have endeavored to create a picture of what it is like in the next world. I talk about the journey of the soul after the death of the physical body and the process of crossing over into the next world.

You can read all about what it’s like to die and how the spirit will find its way into the afterlife. I address issues such as Heaven and Hell, the Judgement Day and the prospect of reincarnation or progress into the higher realms of the Spirit World.

Please also share with me some of your own ideas about the next life and what it is like. You are encouraged to post comments and ask questions. At the bottom of this page are also a few of some of the main FAQ that people ask about what happens when we die and the proof for life after death.

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I have categorized the articles and videos about Life After Death by my book titles. Follow the links from the pages that follow to in-depth articles and discussions about this topic. You can also enjoy talking about these topics and get personal feedback in out chat rooms and forums.

The Basics Explained:

What Happens After Death?

When the physical body dies there is a period of transition as the soul makes its journey to the next world. Many Spiritualists believe that the spirit arrives instantly in the next world and there are many cases of mediumship – including my own – that prove that the spirit has crossed over safely just moments after death. Some religions and belief systems claim the soul rests and awaits resurrection on the last Judgement Day, some believe the soul will reincarnate and others that the soul can become trapped as a hungry ghost. In the main articles I address these ideas in detail and I hope clear some of the myths and misconceptions about the spirit’s journey to the other side of life.

What happens when you die?

Once the physical process of dying is over the soul departs in the spirit body. This has a number of qualities such as the etheric body, the spirit body and the causal body. Different cultures explain it in different ways – for example in India they call the layers of the spirit the koshas. On dying we are met by the spirit guides and helpers who help the soul with the transition – some call these the angels. Often people will next meet God – some will know the formless God while others will experience God in a form that they are most comfortable with such as in the guise of Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, a guru or whatever form of God is most akin to your soul. Even atheists are welcomed to the next life as it is not your beliefs that give you entry but your inner most motives, conscience and values.

Do bad people go to Hell?

Mediums and Spiritualists believe that souls are not cast into Hell if they have done wrong in life. They are reformed. However, the next world reflects who we are, so for some people awakening in the afterlife may be an uncomfortable process. Resistance to the power of truth may create for some a Hell like experience or an early rebirth. These topics are explained in detail in the full articles.

Do animals go to heaven?

Yes but their experience is different from human souls. Progress in the spirit is dependent on the level of consciousness and love we have evolved to. Many animals will merge with a group soul as they only have limited self awareness. Some animals – such as pets who have known human love – may retain self-awareness and after a period of time may be reborn as a new human soul.

What lies beyond Heaven?

After death the soul may stay in the heavenly planes for a long period (though heavenly time and earthly time are quite different). There is time for people who loved one another on earth to reassemble as they may be part of a group soul that reincarnated on earth simultaneously. They may reincarnate together again in future lives after a period in the spirit. Some souls will attain higher awareness and there is no need for them to incarnate on earth again. My answer here is a mixture of a number of beliefs. For a more detailed explanation please read the articles above.

What do sceptics say about life after death?

Sceptics generally take a materialist stance and believe that consciousness is generated by the brain and that after the brain is dead we cease to exist. They say that this is no problem as after death they would not be aware of either being dead or have lived in the first place. As a medium I would however say that the argument is flawed as there is real evidence that consciousness can exist independently of the human body. In the articles above I argue the case for this and touch topics such as out-of-body travel, telepathy, near death experiences and of course proofs of survival that come through mediumship.

I talk about my book and what Heaven is like:
What to do when you are dead

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