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I do not give out the names of the Naadi readers I have consulted in my books or films. This is first because a Naadi reader I once trusted is now charging thousands of dollars for readings.  When this happens, the Naadi becomes corrupted. It loses its power of prophecy.

The Naadis and Bhrigu Samhita that I use do not advertise on the Internet and remain secret.

The second reason is that my trusted Naadi readers do not charge for the initial consultation. I introduced people to the Naadi readers but they made no donation or payment. This is unfair. I felt people were taking advantage of them.

Finally, the Naadi can be very dangerous. If approached with the wrong intent or a false Naadi is used, it is frightening and will create more problems than it solves. Most Naadi readers are con men.

Spiritual Awakening & Naadi Workshops

I will help some people who join my Awakening workshops. Participating in a workshop does not necessarily mean you will get a Naadi reading. If you are serious about seeking a Naadi then you may want to join me. The workshops are held in London. Remedies and trips to India are organized through our Spiritual Foundation. Upcoming awakening workshops are at the link below:

Who will I help?

I do occasionally invite people to find their Naadi. These are usually people I have met face-to-face or who have helped in some big way with our charitable foundation.

I expect people to have done their research and at the very least, read my books and watched my movie. I am giving my services for free to true spiritual seekers. Remedies usually require a trip to India if you want to do them yourself.  Hindu priests can be employed to do the remedies, feedings and charitable work by proxy. Your remedies can involve large expenses – such as paying for someone’s wedding or repairing a temple.

The Naadi is designed to help you identify your past life karma. It’s objective is to help you find the remedies to change your fate. It is not fortune-telling or clairvoyance. The vast majority of the Naadi reader you find on the Internet and at airports etc are frauds.

Information about how to find a reader – and the many pitfalls – is described in my books.

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