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If you have enjoyed my articles you may also enjoy our on-line psychic community. In the community area we have forums where you can ask more personal and specific questions and a chat room where you can ask our visiting experts. We also have regular demonstrations of mediumship in our online Psychic Theater. It’s free to join up.

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The Basics: Community Ethics and Ethos

The guiding beliefs and ideals that characterize our community include a desire to help the perplexed and give prompt support and succor to those in need. We want to help not hurt and through our teachings and direct support give you wise guidance. In our communities you will meet a fellowship of spiritual friends. In the articles and videos you will learn sensible teachings about the reality of the psychic world. And though the testimonials, videos and articles about Jane and my work I hope you will come to discover that life is eternal and that no earthly problems are so big that the spirit cannot overcome them.

Craig talks about the community and psychic network’s goals and objectives

Helping, Healing and Educating

This website was set up to help people with problems, enlighten and educate people about Spiritualism and related topics. Over the years we have widened our remit and now we not only have lots to read about psychics but also we now have a huge paranormal resource that covers topic such as psychic dreams, premonitions and predictions, spirituality, yoga, ghosts and more. The Online Psychic Network is the place to make new friends and discover who you really are. We help you to gain direct insight into your spirit and instead of being told what to believe we urge you to find out the truth for yourself.

We also offer a range of psychic readings services. At the Psychics & Mediums Network you can book psychic readings by phone, email, in person or by text messaging. You can book readings with Craig and Jane directly or enjoy some of the best readings with our select team of astrologers, tarot readers, mediums, psychics, rune readers, clairvoyants and more. Check out the online profiles to find out more.

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Join our Psychic Community
Article about the on-line psychic community which includes personal bios, forums and chat rooms. There are also opportunities for free psychic readings and help.
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