Predictions and the Yugas

Predictions of the Future

yuga wheel of the agesCan psychic people see the future and discover what the fates have planned for us as people or as a species? In this section I look at the shape of things to come and the future history of the world. There are articles about how we can use our psychic intuition of the future – called precognition – and how we can use dreams and meditation techniques to get a glimpse of what lies ahead. You can read all about the great seers of history too including Nostradamus, Cassandra, Mother Shipton, John Dee and more.

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The Basics: Seeing The Future

Science and statistics predict a possible future that will take huge human effort to overcome the problems it could create. For example it is predicted that there will probably be from 350,000,000 to 500,000,000 people in America by the turn of the next century. But there will be advances in such things as synthetic meat, genetic engineering to make the deserts bloom, vaccines to wipe out drug addiction, genetic testing to stop epidemics, quantum computing in zettabytes, plastics made by brewing bacteria, nano-particles used in medicine and much more. These are just some of the things that scientists speculate may be possible based upon the technology we already have. Who knows what other material wonders will be discovered from our investigations into sub atomic particles and the human genome.

The Yugas

Most scientists do not believe in clairvoyance but many of the above marvels of science may have already been seen by the ancient mystics. The sceptical scientist Carl Sagan was amazed to notice that some of the concepts in Indian philosophy of the Rig Veda  – such as the huge age of the universe and their ideas about time and space – corresponded with many of most modern ideas from cosmology and quantum theory. The same Rishi Seers of India who estimated the universe is destroyed and reborn every 4.1 to 8.2 billion years, also used their mediations to look forward into the future and speak of the endless cycle of the Yugas – epochs or eras. Like many psychics and seers they believe that we are leaving the Dark Age of Kali-Yuga which has lasted 432,000 human years and we are entering a New Age called Dwapare (Bronze) Treta Yuga (Silver) and Satya-Yuga (Gold)  (Ironically some spiritual teachers say that the best age for spiritual liberation and to find enlightenment is during the Dark Age of Kali-Yuga)

Is the future pre-determined?

Many psychics believe that destiny is has already happened and that there is nothing we can do about the future. This fatalistic approach is followed by some people in India who believe the future is set in stone. The proposal that everything is predetermined by physical laws has intrigued scientists and philosophers for a very long time. It is still a big debate in physics. The argument put forward by psychics and in particular Spiritualists is that if the future were predetermined then this would make a non-sense of the idea of free will. They argue that the existence of our free will presupposes that the future is not set in stone. However some argue that Free Will is an illusion. I have addressed some of these issues in more detail in the articles linked above.

Are some predictions just guesswork?

The sceptic will say that it’s just guesswork but there are many remarkable cases on record that suggest that psychics have correctly seen the future. I would point you to some of the remarkable cases of Edgar Cayce for example who among other things predicted the Stock Market Crash of 1929, World War II and the La Niña and El Niño Effect. On this site there are many instances of prophecies of the future that could not be down to guesswork. Again the sceptic will argue that psychics make a big fuss about the few predictions they get right and conveniently ignore the many they get wrong. Again I have addressed these issues if you look deeper into the articles on this site.

Can you tell me about my future?

When people ask this I have to question if you really want to know the future or just that the future is going to be all right? If the future was terrible and really bad and you could not change things would you really want to know? With my work I prefer to recommend people about the potential future and what you can do to make things right. If you ask the above question then you are looking for possible problems. When it comes to your personal issues, worries and problems I believe that it is best that psychics guide but not predict. We do offer some free advice in our chat rooms but one of the site rules is that our visiting psychics and clairvoyants may not make predictions.

When will the world end?

If we can get though our problems and not blow ourselves up then the world will most likely survive for about 2.25 billion years before the Sun expands into a red giant and engulfs the Earth. Humankind may exist beyond the end of the Sun, Solar System and maybe even survive the end of the Universe if we evolve into pure spirit beings. If, as we claim on this site, the afterlife is a reality would it really matter if the material universe came to an end? Perhaps it’s all part of the cosmic plan?

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