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Spotting the Fakes and Finding Real Psychic Mediums

Where to find real psychic mediums locally

It is not easy to find high quality psychics and mediums for private consultations and local psychic readings. Your first step would be to ask your friends – there is nothing like a personal recommendation. Similarly, you can ask at your local New Age shop- assuming they do not have their own psychics working at the shop as you need independent advice.

Real Psychic Medium

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium is a person who is psychic – has the powers of ESP such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition/prophecy – as well as being a medium: someone with the ability to communicate with the dead. Nowadays many people who claim to be mediums but in reality only have psychic abilities. I go in to more detail about this further down the page and there are other articles on this site to help you understand what mediumship is all about.

Try Local Psychic fairs

Psychic fairs can be a mixed blessing. Some practitioners at these events are caring and genuine but I have also met some scoundrels. So be very careful if you go down this route. Why not discreetly listen in to readings being given. Is the reader giving any real proof? And does the face of the sitter show she/he is impressed by what is being said

Mediums communicate with the spirit world as opposed to giving life counselling. Their objective is to give you proof of life after death. They do not usually work in fairs, claim gypsy lineage, use oracles, or go by unusual names like madam Zaza and the like. However with the advent of mediums working on Television now everyone wants to be a medium so be wary- very few are.

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Finding an accredited medium near to you

The safest route by far is to look into Spiritualism. Although the quality of many mediums working today is poor there are nonetheless a few jewels still working within the movement. I would suggest you visit your local Spiritualist Church and watch a demonstration. Most of these start at 6.30 on a Sunday evening. Afterwards, once the medium has recovered, you may be able to ask them if they give private consultations. Most do not mind you asking.

You may also enjoy this article: What does a medium do?

Finding a local contact through Spiritualism

You are unlikely to see a good medium on your first visit to Spiritualist Church. (Note: Some people in America call it a PSYCHIC CHURCH) There are hundreds of churches and just a handful of good mediums so inevitably they sometimes book substandard practitioners. However, they are all sincere and Spiritualists will quickly spot a fraud. If you persist you will eventually see someone who gives good evidence of life after death and with a little luck you may be able to get proof- either from the meeting or by private appointment.

Spiritualist Church is not intimidating. There is no tambourine shaking or dogma. Nobody will try to make you believe in anything. Some still have hymns and prayers but these are secondary to the main objective of the meeting which is to give proof of the next life. Apart from special events, it is usually free to enter.

Proof of life after death is not something you can order like a pizza- think of it as a spiritual quest, an odyssey to find the truth. If you embark on your search with this attitude you will not only get a message from your loved one but also it may completely transform your philosophy of life and death.

Start your quest by visiting your local Spiritualist Church. Most in the UK advertise on a Saturday night in your local newspaper in the churches section. There is s full worldwide list on this site. Also, the Spiritualist National Union website has a listing of approved Spiritualist mediums.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Real Psychics predict the future?

The future is not set and is subject to free will – therefore a psychic cannot predict the future. They see the potential future and will guide to you help find the best path forward.

Can true psychics bring together estranged lovers?

A psychic who guarantees your lovers return is a con-artist and a fake. A psychic can look into your situation using their clairvoyance and then give you sound advice but they cannot influence the situation using their powers. Psychics who offer to cast spells or burn love candles to bring your lover back are fakes.

Can Psychics speak to the dead?

Mediums use clairvoyance, (inner seeing) clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (inner senseing) to give proof that we survive death. Every sitting with a medium is an experiment – they cannot summon the dead and guarantee results.

What questions will a genuine psychic ask me?

Most real psychics will ask only a very limited number of questions and in most cases none at all. A fraudulent psychic will ask many leading questions so that they can feed the information back to you later in the sitting. Psychics that pump you for lots of information are probably frauds.

Can a professional psychic solve my problems?

Their help and guidance will help you find your way but they cannot wave a magic wand to make everything right. Beware of psychics that offer to lift jinxes, remove curses or unblock chakras. Most of these are expensive and fake ‘cures’ and ‘remedies’.



Our Services:

“Clearly there are many potential problems you can encounter when looking for a real psychic. Today many unscrupulous people are jumping on the bandwagon and pose as psychic readers.

Many phony psychics are today giving true psychics a bad name. That’s why it is important that you take time selecting who to see. All of my phone psychics have been carefully scrutinised to ensure that you only ever speak to a real psychic and get a real psychic readings. We do not tolerate fakes, phonies or people with crazy ideas.”

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The above story is from my series of books about the paranormal check out these two great books:

Article Name
Where to find real psychic mediums
Part of a FAQ from my book to help people locate mediums and psychics in their home-town. Extract from my book The Psychic Casebook (1999) ISBN 0-7137-2755-1

About Craig Hamilton-Parker
CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER is a celebrated U.K. medium who has confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Craig and his wife Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and USA including 'The Spirit of Princess Diana'. In 2003 the BBC made a 3 part documentary about their work. Craig is the author of 15 books.

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  • hazel allison

    I would just like to say I have spent hundreds of pounds on phone calls to different physics and got into debt for nothing. I have been through some really hard times and wanted to see some light at the end of the tunnel. None of what I was told ever came true I’m so upset that I find it hard to believe that anyone can read our future or talk to our dead families. I used to be a firm beliver now I don’t know anymore.

    • I doubt very much that this was one of our recommended psychics as we only ever advise about the future and make a point not to predict the future. Sadly, there suddenly seems to be thousands of ‘psychics’ appearing from nowhere nowadays whereas in the past they were few and far between. I think it’s clearly important you are careful which service you use as some unscrupulous services will employ just about anyone to man the phones.

  • Robert Park

    Being once a member of the National Spiritual Church I have had many readings from Mediums and have also had readings from Fortune Tellers. Some of those readings were exceptionally accurate while others were questionable; indeed, some of the readers were imposters. Some readers can predict the near future while others can predict far into the future. It is only with the passing of time does one recognise the accuracy of the predictions. Sadly, some people find the readings disappointing.

    • Some of the Spiritualists visiting my site are vehemently against mediums making predictions. They argue that Spiritualists believe in personal responsibility and thereby Free Will which implies that we can change the future and therefore it is not set and cannot be predicted.

      I differ as I tend to question free will as it may be an illusion. I appreciate though that when people come for psychic reading predictions they tend to want to know that everything will be okay rather than know the future.

      If the future is unalterable through free will I’m not sure I’d want to know about it!

      Been enjoying your posts by the way.

  • Rajesh Geer

    Can you say if the founder of the anandamarga.org is a genuine realized guru? His writings are new and often conflict with orthodox Hinduism. Yet this tantric master has a large following and many westerners too. Problem is many are criticising him some have supported. How to know truth? He has passed away but promised to help his devotees from the astral. Can you tell if is guru is very elevated spiritually? Why is he so controversial?

    • Finding a real guru is just as difficult as finding a real psychic. Many of the great gurus and also great mediums and psychics have been very criticized. I think of Sai Baba, Ramakrishna, Swami Rama and many others. Even the Buddha had people plot to kill him in his lifetime. Real psychics and mediums such as D. D. Home were also the subject of ridicule and hate. Often people’s opinions are twisted by their own materialist view of the world or religious preconceptions. I cannot pass an opinion about Anandamarga as on the one hand I do not know enough about the organisation but also because with spiritual issues you have to find out what is real for yourself by your own inner explorations.

  • myra Grzebyk

    I wish I could meet with the two of you – you sound so great. There are so many things in my life that I need help with. I live in usa any people on East Coast you could recommend?

  • Amon

    Hi Craig. Interesting article. I’m now aware that psychics cannot predict the future but its very common that psychics, in their defence, only says what the spirit shows them. I’ve had mixed messages from different psychics thorough text psychics scheme. Obviously I wanted to know if there’s a reconciliation with my ex-partner. Two psychics said they see it but at present, in reality it’s showing different. It makes it hard for me to believe if its real or not. I just needed to know the truth to help me make a decision even if its on my free will.

    • When consulting psychics I really think it is best to look for guidance and base your decisions upon your own free will.

  • BJ

    Having lost my beloved wife I sought a “soul communication” with her via a lady in Canada. The result was very distressing and cost me £60. It was abundantly obvious that the message had not come from my wife. Just another Internet scam I guess.

  • Maria

    I live in Franklin, Tn. Near Nashville, Tn. I am looking for an honest, gifted psychic in this area. Can you offer any help? I have a serious family issue and desperately need help to resolve these problems.

  • Charles Palmer

    The only way one will eliminate fake psychics is to offer these services free of charge. After all it is claimed that psychic powers is a gift one receives, so how can one sell such a special gift when it was freely given? Many people are currently being robbed from their hard earned money by those who claim to be Psychics. Should a Psychic turn out to be true, it is most certain that the client will then gladly pay the required fee, but not before results are seen. There are many people who are seeking serious help, but are told to pay high fees before they will be assisted. Any human who refuses to help another human who is having problems free of charge, is no human at all, but a cruel monster. How can any human consider the value of money above the life of another human being? Psychics, mediums, spiritualists, spell breakers, whatever, should use their powers for human life advantage and not for financial advantage.

    • The same could be applied to dentists, doctors, surgeons, priests and really to any job or vocation. Every professional person has to be paid for their work but it is good also to give some back for free too – that’s why many of us work for free within Spiritualism and may also give free readings here on our chat rooms. Some work on a donations only basis but from what I have seen this rarely works. For example at Spiritualist church I have seen people who I know for certain are quite wealthy only put 50p in the collection. I would be interested to know if you would be prepared to do your job for free or just for donations?

  • Helen

    I am needing a home visit from a medium/spiritualist in Lincolnshire. I don’t need a future reading but a “cleansing” or blessing for our new home and my family, who would you suggest please?

  • Anne

    Thank-you for this honest article.

  • Manny

    I’m trying to look for a legit psychic medium that would listen to an audio I have with me. Which is very strange. The persons voice sounds clear in whisper but yet when she started her voice kinda glitch and went normal. And then I though I could hear say something like check and either it or up but its not clear enough. It was a voice-mail I received when my wife tried to call while I had my phone in air-plane mode. I spoke to a paranormal expert eventually as she claims. Yet she feels its not paranormal and its just a trick or bad call. Is there I can have a psychic mediums opinion on that?

  • Katie Conner-Warfield

    I have been searching for a true Psychic/Medium for a long time now. I live in the United States, in Northern California, in a VERY small town. I know you said to seek out a Spiritualist Church, and see if I can find one there. I was reading your list on the link you gave but I didn’t find any remotely close to me. I am from Cottonwood California, can you give me any advise? I am in Desperate need of some spiritual guidance!! I am sure you might know why too. Thank you so much for your time!

    • I’m sorry but I do not know. Why not try a search for the term ‘Spiritualist Churches in California’ and then email the closest one. They may know of a medium working in your area. Write to the ‘Mediums Secretary’. Asking a church for help directly will help you avoid some of the fakes.

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