Seeing the Aura Techniques

The Easy Way to See the Aura

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about seeing the aura. This article is an extract from my book Psychic School.  Here I show you how to extend your extra sensory perceptions. After this you give a reading based upon what you see in the auric field. You may want to first read the other articles about seeing the aura. Look at the article titled aura sensing as the first part of this series of techniques.

4 Steps to See the Aura

Seeing the aura is easy once you have learned to sense the aura field. In this next experiment you will now use your powers of clairvoyance (Spiritual seeing). You will now begin actually seeing the aura. This is best done either in red light or low light.

Step 1:

Hold your hands straight out in front of you. Look at the area surrounding the hands. Do not stare hard, you need to gaze and not look. Can you see the aura surrounding the hands? It rarely appears as a bright light but is more like a gentle heat haze. Allow yourself to relax completely and gently watch the area around the hands for a while. You are not hunting to see the aura; a contemplative frame of mind works the best.

Step 2:

Focus your attention on your hands but allow your eyes to focus on something further in front of you. If you are looking slightly down you can focus on the floor. Shift your attention to the hands. They will appear out of focus but this will help you to get the knack of how to look. Can you see fuzzy energy around the hands?

Step 3:

You are now going to increase the energy in the hands and focus it through the index fingers. Bring the index fingers of each hand toward one another until they are very close but not touching. Feel the energy of attraction building. Look at the space between the fingertips. Can you see anything? The aura will appear between the fingers as a faint line of white light often with traces of blue and red. You may also see fine tiny lines of light right at the fingertips—like tiny spikes of light.

Step 4:

When you move your fingers apart you will see that the light moves too. It is like having an elastic band of light between the fingers. Try moving the fingers in different ways: one toward you and one back, one up and one down, closer and then far apart. You can play with the light as if it is a piece of chewing gum caught between the tips of your two index fingers. I have seen students jerk backward in disbelief when suddenly they realize that they can see the aura. They suddenly ‘see’ with the same clarity as the normal world. See it once and its becomes easy to see every time. You’ll be surprised you’ve never noticed it before.

Giving an Aura Reading

The techniques I have described are psychic techniques that are used to read the aura of a person sitting in front of you. Just as you can sense and perhaps see the aura around your hands, you soon will start noticing the same effect around people’s heads and body. You will see many colors and will be able to interpret what you see based upon what we already have learned about aura colors.

Seeing the aura around the hands

Seeing the Aura Colors

In addition, you will come to understand that seeing the aura colors are influenced by a person’s mood, character, thoughts, health, spirit, and general disposition. Recent troubles, hopes, and expectations are revealed in their tones. Bright colors usually show a cheerful and healthy condition, whereas muddy colors or dark clouds may point to somber thoughts and possible ill-health.

You will see a predominance of a particular color that is with the person most of the time, but this is overlaid with more dominant colors that are caused by current emotions and thoughts. For example, if a person feels angry or physically charged their aura is tinged with red.

‘Seeing’ the thoughts and feeling in the aura

When seeing the aura a we connect spiritually to the person before us and are able to sense his or her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories. Even if we cannot see the aura we can still read it and can give a great deal of psychically received information. For example, we can make a good character assessment of the sitter and describe what has happened to him or her as well as know about the conditions surrounding that person.

Naturally we have to be careful not to misunderstand the impressions we receive and feed back what we are getting in the wrong way. For example, if the person in front of us has just had a fight with his or her partner or is worried about their relationship, then these thoughts will impregnate the area and we may sense them. A good aura reader may intuitively find the problems and suggest some sensible ways of addressing the difficulty, but a bad reader may embroil their perceptions and predict a divorce or other extreme measures.

Aura Colors as Patterns

On a few occasions when seeing the aura I have noticed the colors of an aura manifest as patterns, shapes and forms. I have seen these tumbling out of the top of the sitter’s head in a kaleidoscope of astonishingly beautiful shapes. However, most of the time when I link to the aura I see the colors and it is my own intuitive experiences that tell me all about the person. I have a feeling of “knowing” that transcends my normal rational thoughts.

When we are working as mediums to give proof of life after death, we need to be careful not to mistake psychic content as proof of spirit communication. We could unwittingly be feeding back the sitter’s memories of the spirit communicator. These are revealed through the aura. This would be telepathy—not mediumship. Aura reading is a useful stepping-stone toward mediumship. Nonetheless it remains a psychic skill. Mental mediumship is an inner process.

Next I will now illustrate how to move from a psychic reading to full mediumship.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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