How to See the Aura Colours

Seeing the Aura

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about how to see the aura colors. This is an extract from my book The Psychic Handbook – it is copyright.

Surrounding the human body is a brilliant kaleidoscope of luminosity that we call the aura. This is a projection of our life force and is the energy that animates the human body and sustains us. We will now show you how to see the aura colors

Although now rejected by mainstream science, the philosophy of ‘Vitalism’ claimed that living things are driven by a vital force – also called “vital spark”, “energy” or the “élan vital”. Modern science also rejects the idea of a soul and spirit but spiritually minded people continue to claim that we have a vital force which can be seen by clairvoyant people. This light is the Aura. The aura is usually ‘seen’ as a fibrous light surrounding the body and often appears as a maṇḍala of many colors. The shades change according to your health, moods, feelings and spiritual condition.

For the meaning of the colours go here.

Fake Auras

The aura is not to be confused with the lights seen by people has the illness migraine or epilepsy, cell debris in the eyes (vitreous detachments – commonly called floats), the bright spots of light caused when the eye is rubbed or the after images caused by retinal fatigue. Sometimes auras are seen with people suffering from a condition called Ocular Migraine – also known as a ‘migraine with aura’. During an ocular migraine attack the subject will see flashing or shimmering lights, zigzagging lines in all directions and bright, sparkly stars.

What is the aura?

Firstly, the aura something that I and other psychics see and it may be something you see too. Most people see it as a light the hands or head and others ‘feel’ it as a projected mood or energy. A good way to describe it is as an atmosphere that projects from the human body just as the planet earth has an atmosphere. The aura is a field of energy – it’s our vital force. This energy takes two forms – the cosmic vibratory energy that is omnipresent in the universe, structuring and sustaining all things and the specific aura that sustains each human body.

How to see the Aura Colors as a Fibrous Light

The aura is shaped like an egg made of fibrous light surrounding the body. To some, it is like a heat haze radiating all around the person shimmering with light and energy. It has every color imaginable including those that are beyond the visible spectrum. Or in the words of Sir Winston Churchill “I expect orange and vermilion will be the darkest and dullest hues and beyond them will be a whole range of wonderful new colors which will delight the celestial eye.”

Can you see the aura?

Many people can sense the aura and some can see it. When you have stood close to a stranger have you ever ‘felt’ their personality something we sometimes call the ‘human atmosphere’? For example, you may have visited a married couples house and inadvertently interrupted a row. They greet you with sweet smiles and pretend nothing has happened but behind this façade you can feel a pressure like the moment before a thunderstorm.

You are sensing the emotions from their auras and this is why you know that something is wrong despite their pretence. You have experienced the projected personality of the person through their aura. Perhaps you have also at some time experienced psychic sight and seen the aura but have been too embarrassed to talk about it for fear of ridicule by non-believers. Trust what you sense and see and stand by what you know is true for this is a natural phenomenon. Fortunately many more people today are having the courage to talk about their spiritual experiences which are proving more common place than would once have been expected.

See aura around the hands and how to see the aura colors

How to see the Aura Colors in Six Steps

Soft or low light is the best condition to first see the aura. It also helps to be relaxed, so lying bed is the best place to try this next experiment.


Turn off the lights. You don’t want to work in pitch-black conditions and in most cases the street lights filtering through the curtains will give enough light. If not, leave the landing light on and close the bedroom door. The small amount of light seeping underneath the door frame should be enough to work with.


As you lie in bed, hold your hands straight out in front of you. Look gently at them, don’t stare hard. You need to gaze and not look. The aura rarely appears as a bright light, it is more like a gentle heat haze.


Try fixing your attention on your hands while focusing your eyes on the bedroom wall. The hands will appear out of focus but this will help you get the knack of the way to look.


Now very slowly bring the fingertips of each hand towards each other until they are very close but not touching. The aura will appear as fine lines of blue and red light between the finger tips. You can try the same again just using the index fingers of both hands.


As you draw the hands apart you will see the streams of energy connecting each finger. Imagine the energy increasing and you will see the light glow brightly. Bringing the fingers tantalizingly close together in this way seems to increase the aura flow. It’s just like when you bring two opposite poles of magnets together: you feel the attraction suddenly increase as the fields unite.


Next you will know how to see the aura colors: Look closely and you will see the colors white, red and blue in the light between the fingers. These are the colors associated with the physical body. Wen you apply your gaze to the area around people’s heads you will see all the colors of the rainbow. The meaning of these colors is linked to health and the person’s mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

Does the Aura Change?

It is worth noting that the palette of the aura is not fixed. You do not have a permanent red, blue or yellow aura. The complexion of the aura change depending on your state of health, energy level or your emotions.

The pigments of the aura are a reflection of you. So if you have a very active brain the aura may be seen as very active with rainbow shades changing and swirling around you as your thoughts activate.

Similarly the emotions can be seen in the aura. A red aura is generally considered to show anger, sexuality and a very powerful nature. A sportsman may have their aura charged with this tint when they are preparing to compete. Yellow can show a happy mood, pink may show gentle emotions and the purple, violet and puce tones can show spiritual thoughts.

An aura can also look sluggish when you are tired and the hues may become more somber with browns, dark greens and darker tones flushing through the aura field. When a person is ill or very depressed black is seen in the aura field.

If you feel lively and bursting with life and optimism you aura will show this. Electric blues, emerald greens and sunshine yellows are a sign that a person is healthy and optimistic about their life.


The aura is the radiation of the life force. It is sometimes felt or seen by clairvoyant people. You may initially feel your aura like a prickly sensation around the hands or radiating from someone near you. People who are sensitive to the aura may sometimes become quickly fatigued as their sensitivity will open them to people’s vibrations or stress.

On this site we show you how to safely work with the aura so as not to diminish your energy. Using yoga and breathing techniques it is possible to work with the aura safely and quickly replenish your life force when your energy is low or being drained by another person.

Psychic Sensitives

Psychic people and people with a budding or latent psychic gift are usually sensitive people. Some know how to see the aura colors by intuition. You may feel the atmosphere of place or pick up vibrations from people’s auras. Have you ever sensed that a person is disturbed, depressed or angry without them giving any physical clues? You may be sensing their psychic vibrations. You are responding to them on an unconscious level. Soon you will be feeling just like them. You may feel depressed, worried, angry and so on. It is important for psychic people to protect themselves from these harmful vibrations. The technique that follows will help you do this. It will protect you from other harmful influences that you may feel are bothering you.

Closing the Aura

“Learning to close down after doing your psychic work is even more important than opening up in the first place. When I’m not working psychically I keep my centers closed. If I tuned in to every vibration that came my way I’d soon be a gibbering wreck. Psychics that push their clairvoyance on you at every opportunity are normally not much good. They waste their energy. Close your aura after working. The power recharges ready for the next time you want to work.

Opening the Chakras Quickly

As you become more proficient at opening you will find that it is possible to open the chakras  quickly. For the best results it is best to systematically go through the techniques I’ve outlined.

So, you’ve done your psychic work and you now know how to see the aura colors. Next we’re going to turn off the energy. Sit comfortably and quiet the breath. Closing the chakras is done in the opposite way to opening. We leave the crown center to last of all.

How to close in 6 Steps

  • STEP 1. First focus your attention on the brow centre. See the light get dimmer and darker. Imagine the flowers of the lotus closing and an iron door shutting over the centre. Light can get neither in nor out. All is quiet.
  • STEP 2. Feel the light drop downwards through the throat centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door shuts. Now drop the light through the heart centre. The light fades, the petals close and the door shuts. Drop the light down through the solar plexus. The light fades, the petals close, the door shuts. Drop the light down through the spleen centre. The light fades, the petals close, the door shuts.
  • STEP 3. Finally, the base centre does not close completely. See the light here fade until it is just a small red light like a chink of light through a partly opened door.

FOCUS the continue

  • STEP 4. Now focus your attention on the crown cent re that is still open. As before, let the golden light stream through the top of your head and out of your fingertips and toes. Give yourself a psychic shower. Wash away the problems and impressions that you’ve picked up from your sitter. They’re not your worries. Wash them away.
  • STEP 5. Now fill the inside of your body with liquid golden light that pours in from the crown centre. Fill yourself up with golden light energy from the toes to the top of the head. Now close the crown centre. The light fades and the colours darken. I visualize two great iron hanger-doors closing over my head.
  • STEP 6. Quickly run through the centers again, making sure that all is quiet. Now, as a final safeguard, visualize wrapping a dark hooded cloak all over your body. Light can neither get in or out. All that shines from your aura is that small chink of light from the base chakra. Your aura is closed. You are back to normal.

Next article about how to see the aura colors

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Book about the colours of the aura

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  • Concerned Nov 25, 2016, 2:49 pm

    I see auras and so do both of my daughters. The other night my daughter was trying to see my aura in the dark. She saw a yellow ball around my right hand which was at my side. The ball went into my body and my entire body glowed yellow/green. She said she didn’t see any aura around my body at all, but that I was glowing. We decided to try it again. The yellow ball showed up on my left side, went toward my body leaving a trail and again my body glowed yellow/green. A little bit later she looked at a friends aura in the dark and saw just the aura surrounding the body. Do you have any idea what this means? It freaked us out.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 25, 2016, 3:46 pm

      Nothing to worry about. Every light and change in the aura cannot be explained as it is a field of energy that reflects your own thoughts and emotions. It is good that you are clearly learning to see the aura with some clarity. Don’t over-interpret what you see. It is simply your life energy.

  • Confused Oct 25, 2016, 2:12 am

    I can’t see an aura. I have a strong fear of ghost watching me and of the dark, because I have seen ghosts since I was young. Could this stop me from seeing auras or other things like ghosts, spirits, or demons?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 26, 2016, 3:53 pm

      To develop as a psychic or medium you will need to be fearless. Fear of ghosts is usually a psychological thing: you may have repressed fears that you have not faced.

  • cbxx Sep 12, 2016, 8:26 pm

    Hi, a friend of mine, who past away 3 days ago, said that when she looked at me she could see Gold sparkles flickering all round me. Could you tell me what this means? Thank you.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 15, 2016, 1:53 pm

      Sometimes sparkly lights are caused by the firing of the optic nerve at the back of the eye. However if your friend was seeing the aura, gold sparkly light is normally interpreted as sparks of life energy – gold in the aura is considered to be a sign of strength, protection and stable energy.

  • Taylor Nov 16, 2014, 8:22 am

    I can see auras quite clearly. I can see them virtually anywhere and I can ignore them so that I virtually see nothing. However, does this mean I possess psychic abilities or do I have a medical condition?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Nov 19, 2014, 12:40 pm

      I am not a doctor or qualified to give a full answer so get some proper advice but I think you are suffering from a condition called ‘Ocular Migraine’ During an ocular migraine, – sometimes called a ‘migraine with aura’ – you may see flashing or shimmering lights, zigzagging lines, and flashing stars.

  • eric Oct 27, 2014, 4:45 pm

    Hi I’m Eric from the Philippines now I can see rainbow surrounds a human body when I try to meditate a and made a chant few days ago. But I feel headache and migraine is it normal? How can I develop it?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 30, 2014, 2:42 pm

      My guess is that you are not seeing the colours of the aura. What you are seeing may be a commonly reported effect caused by the onset of a Migraine attack.

  • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 29, 2013, 3:42 pm

    “Psychics can see the color of time it’s blue” – Ronald Sukenick

  • Elaine May 21, 2013, 8:39 pm

    Hello and thank you for the interesting article about seeing the aura. I plan to use your techniques. I was driven here for an answer to this situation: I recently met someone and showed a photo of him to a sensitive and gifted friend, who immediately told me he saw haze in the aura of this new guy. Can you please explain to me more what this perhaps means?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 24, 2013, 11:23 am

      You cannot see the aura from a photograph. They are not really “seeing a haze in the aura” – this is probably just their way of describing their intuitive feelings.

      • dodge Jul 24, 2015, 7:38 am

        Am I imagining that I see auras around people in person, or in photographs or on the television? I don’t see colors just a whitish haze that has a depth that if I ‘go into’ I feel thoughts an feelings an general information on person. I noticed this in Tai Chi class an the instructor suggested I was seeing chi. I rarely see any coloration, what could be the matter?

        • Craig Hamilton-Parker Sep 23, 2015, 10:31 am

          Chi is another name for what the Indians call prana – it is the life energy that constitutes the aura energy field. It could be what you are seeing.

  • olga May 7, 2013, 9:53 pm

    What about patients in coma? What does their aura look like? My new colleague has a mother, who has been four years in a coma. The Mother looks so gorgeous, that her daughter is still believes that she will make a recovery. Could the aura hold any clues?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker May 9, 2013, 2:52 pm

      If the colours of the aura are seen as bright and vibrant then this would suggest that there is a lot of mental activity. I think a book that you may enjoy is Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by by Eben Alexander. Eben Alexander describes his experiences whilst in a coma and his experiences of the next world. You can get it from Amazon books here.

  • Nora Feb 2, 2013, 12:23 pm

    For at least two years I noticed that my aura was blue. This was during the time I enjoyed doing a lot of art. Only recently, when I started my spiritual journeying, have I noticed the aura around my head and shoulders changed to a butter-like yellow colour. I’m not familiar with this colour tone or its meaning.

  • Breeona Jan 31, 2013, 9:23 am

    It’s hard to explain but I feel the colors of the aura and sometimes I feel two or three colors at once. Sometimes I feel as if I am blue and silver and green… and when I’m around people with blue I feel that they are strong. It’s as if they have been through a lot and are now so strong that they will never give up.

    People with green auras make me feel as if they are down to earth: they are sweet but strong. When I’m around people with red auras it makes me feel as if they are hiding something or are afraid or that they have a secret.

    I don’t know how else to explain it. I was hoping to get some advice about aura colors and what I am sensing. Do other people see the same with the aura colors as I do?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 31, 2013, 12:42 pm

      Direct experience of the aura colours is what matters. Trust your feelings rather than what books say. I believe you have made a sincere and true observation.

      Like you, I would be interested to know what other aura seers intuitively glean from the colors. For example I have noticed that many people with a violet aura are often vegetarians.

      Have any other clairvoyant visitors noticed specific things like this?

      • Keith Nov 26, 2013, 9:55 am

        I have seen in connection to the color violet, whether a bright flash or a “meandering” sort in slow motion, very bright and very obvious, as a precursor to violence or extreme fright, be it a quick act such as a stabbing, or a sustained event such as being pinned under a heavy object, respectively. I have also seen violet turn to indigo with people that go on roller coasters or enjoy extreme sports. It seems that if red and orange are passionate colors of the body then violet and indigo must be the mental equivalent.

  • Craig Hamilton-Parker Jan 3, 2013, 6:22 pm

    In the video about colours of the aura I mention the aura photography that is a little suspect. Real aura photography uses Kirlian Photography. If you are interested in taking aura photographs this is the type of equipment you may find helpful.

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