Mediumship and the Law – Do’s and Don’ts of Mediumship This is part of our Distance Learning Project (DLP) specially written for us by Violet Kipling DLP1 part 3. Edited by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Click the logo on the left for more info about our online classes Mediumship is used to give back hope to many [...]

Our Unique Collection of Weird Edwardian Spirit Photographs These images were printed from a series of glass photographic plates that were recently found and now are being discussed within spiritualism. You can click the ghostly images for larger prints from these photographic glass plates. Please share your thoughts at the bottom of the page. My [...]

PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Cases of paranormal experiences involving murders, shared pregnancy pangs and other weird telepathic communications. If you have has a strange paranormal experience please add them to the comments sections of this site. PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE – TELEPATHY PREVENTED MY MURDER Joan paranormal experience happened when she was having breakfast in [...]

Our Psychic Search for Lord Lucan Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Where is Lord Lucan? The Psychics Investigate. This is an article and interview I did with a Crime Magazine – a psychic detectives job looking for the whereabouts of Lord Lucan. If you feel you are a bit of a psychic detective, please add your thoughts at the [...]