Article about Jane and Craig Hamilton-Parker. This first consultation was made by a journalist from Best Magazine and published on 27/4/2004. Skeptical Journalist Andrea Kon visits a number of psychic mediums to see what they can tell her. She was scathing about some of the psychics and fortune tellers she saw but had a very [...]

Psychic Development with Craig Hamilton-Parker In these articles I have shown how to gradually increase your psychic accuracy when giving a reading. One of the most important ways to develop accurate clairvoyance is to learn to meditate and harness the power in intuitive visualization. During most meditation session you will enter the peaceful states I [...]

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker. Do you have an indecisive Libra Siamese, an eccentric Aquarian dachshund, a bossy Taurus Rottweiler or a sensitive Cancer tabby? Pet Astrology may have the answers. According Craig Hamilton-Parker the planets and stars influence the canine and feline worlds as much as they do the human. Here he reveals the cosmic truth about cats [...]

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