How to Open the Third Eye

Opening the Third Eye and Aura


By opening the seven chakras and aura the third eye opens spontaneously. In this article I show you how to raise the light through the chakras and then drop into a spirit aware meditation. I would suggest you also listen to the video which will guide you though this mediation and help you relax as the third eye opens.

Soon we are going to raise the prana light from the chakra at the base of the spine, through the third eye and up to the crown chakra at the top of the head so that we can enter psychic meditation. Raising the energy in this way increases our sensitivity to spirit and expands the aura. As this happens the aura also opens—that is, it becomes sensitized to subtle vibrations (including the objects you may use in psychometry), to other people, and also to the spirit communicators. Similarly the third eye in the centre of the brain opens and will allow you to naturally attune to spirit.

At this time other people’s thoughts and feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, and so on can deeply affect us. The auric body and the third eye centre are sensitive to these vibrations. We are also subject to depletion of energy if we are in contact with people who are ill, so it is important that we choose the time and setting for this meditation carefully.

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During everyday life we are unaware of the vibrations surrounding us. If our auras were expanded and open all the time, or our third eye active then negative vibrations would soon deplete us. Intense people or those with severe mental problems project thought forms that would influence our auras and could affect us deeply and undermine our inner harmony. Our auric energy may also be sapped by the “psychic vampires” I mentioned earlier. This is why a medium, on finishing work, allows his or her aura to quiet down and “close.” Furthermore, an expanded aura requires high energy levels that cannot be sustained by the novice. Only the advanced spiritual adept, such as a yogi who has renounced worldly activity, would be safe remaining in this state all the time.

When I am not working as a medium I allow my aura—and with it my psychic awareness—to rest in what many mediums call a closed state. The terms “opening the aura” and “closing the aura” are commonly used and frequently misunderstood. In reality the aura cannot close completely. If it did we’d be dead, for we’d have no life force. The aura is not a solid object that opens wide or slams shut to close. When we talk of opening, it is an energizing and expanding of the aura. Closing is a quieting of the aura, as in normal day-to-day awareness. During these times of inactivity the energy is recharging so that when the time comes to meditate or practice mediumship I can draw on considerable amounts of renewed prana energy. Soon I will explain how to open the aura and also how to close it again after your session.

If you are a sincere medium and working with the prana light for the benefit of others, your psychic powers will be active and you will be receptive to vibrations, but you cannot be harmed by other people’s negative energy or by intruding entities. Even when you enter haunted houses or places with a negative vibration you are completely protected, for darkness cannot penetrate light.

If there are times when you feel the need to protect your aura, you can arm yourself using the auric light. A wash of red drawn into the aura can increase vitality and protect your from illness. Red is a colour that naturally occurs in sports people and doctors. Orange and yellow auric light will protect the intellect and may be drawn upon during arguments or debates. The blue group of colours, including purples and violets, are generated in the third eye and will protect the spirit. Blues and purples are the colours found in the auras of spiritual people, moral teachers, and people with lofty ideals. All these colours are of the spirit and soul and will protect you from low vibrations and influences. When the aura is infused with the appropriate colour it will rebound negative emotions, thoughts, and energies.

Mediums also speak of the higher levels of protection—sometimes called the “great auric circle.” As we develop our spiritual gifts, we spontaneously build a powerful aura in the astral world that acts as an infallible shield to all forms of psychic attack on all planes of existence. This has been described as a circle but is, in effect, egg-shaped or oval, for it surrounds the aura as a shell encases an egg. It is made of pure white pranic light and has the power of all the worldly aura colours combined. The white light is the radiation of the spirit, which is higher than the ordinary mind, emotion, or body and before which all negative vibrations disintegrate. It is the armour of the soul.

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Moving the Light in Meditation

I have stressed that the goal of meditation is divine consciousness. This will always be the foundation of your work, but the specific remit of a medium requires special techniques that while rooted in traditional meditation have a slightly different focus. You will enter the deep contemplative states to discover the meaning of your life and your true nature but you will also use some of your meditative time to commune with the spirit guides and helpers. This is not unique to spiritualist mediums. In India they say that if the guru cannot be found in this life then he may connect to the seeker through the astral planes.

I’ll now help you to establish this rapport with the spirit teachers and show you how to safely enter the meditative states that are conducive for mediumship. You may want to glance at chapter two again to refresh your memory about the basics of sitting for meditation and how the group can be structured. I have also already described the sequence for a group meditation as well as the importance of seating, posture, and breathing.

How to Open the Third Eye

  • Step 1: The group leader may begin by ringing a bell and saying some soothing words to lead you into meditation. Sit comfortably and with your eyes closed, notice how your breathing is slowing down. Enjoy watching the breath for a while as your mind enters a peaceful state of contemplation.
  • Step 2: See below you an ocean of brilliant white light. This is the infinite prana energy that can be tapped during meditation. You are floating above this ocean of light. Now draw this energy toward the first chakra, which lies at the base of the spine. As the light comes to this base center feel it swirling with energy. The chakra opens like a flower of light. You may see red light here, which is the designated color for this chakra.
  • Step 3: Now draw the light up to each chakra one at a time, moving through the third eye and finishing with the crown chakra at the top of the head that opens in a mandala of light—like a brilliant jewelled fan of peacock’s feathers. Return each time to the sea of light below and draw energy. As the light enters each chakra see them open like flowers of light and vibrate with brilliant lights in the colours associated with each chakra. The charkas are now vitalized by the prana energy being drawn upward from the base of the spine, through the third eye and to the top of the head. Some people experience this as a moving double helix of light running upward and spiralling through the charkas and up the spine to the top of the head.
  • Step 4: Now that the charkas are open, visualize a glorious sun of light above you. Its golden rays shine though you and shower you with light. As the light floods through your body it washes away all negativity. This process purifies the aura and prepares the astral body for communication with the spirit.
  • Step 5: Once you feel the light has done its job, allow the light from above to fill your whole body with light. You may imagine it as liquid light pouring in through the crown chakra and filling the body like a vessel from the soles of the feet to the top of the head, which is now open like a glorious mandala of light.
  • Step 6: As the cosmic light fills your body you will feel the energy moving into your aura, which now expands and links with the others meditating with you and to the spirit people from the next life who are helping you. The merging of the lights flowing up through the base chakra and down from the crown chakra create a powerful spiritual force. At this point you may become aware of how your auric light is at one with the omnipresent divine light. You may merge with the light and experience the wonderful inner peace and joy that accompanies this realization.

If done properly, the aura meditation I have just described will naturally induce a state of inner peace. You will feel energized and relaxed. You are now ready to begin meditation

Once the practice of opening the aura has become habitual, a medium may instantaneously open by giving the inner command: “I am now opening my chakras and aura.” A similar inner command may be used to close the aura. Novices may want to experiment with imagery, such as visualizing a bag being unzipped, opening a door, or an expanding light. A photographer who sat in my circle used to imagine a lens aperture opening over each chakra.

Opening the Third Eye


The spiritual journey of the inner light now brings us to the sixth centre which lies in the centre of the forehead. This is often given the nickname of ‘the third eye’,.  The Third Eye is found above and between the eyebrows and is linked to the pituitary and pineal glands. This is the seat of higher consciousness and spiritual powers. Telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition are generated by this centre and it also controls the body’s eyes, nerves, head and brain. The associated colour is a deep indigo. I often give classes on-line or in the real world to help people to open the third eye. You can find out about my latest classes and psychic circles here. We also have an online psychic school where you can take part in regular weekly on-line classes on a range of spiritual topics.

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  • JOSE SUBIRANA Dec 16, 2016, 4:05 pm

    Do you know the name of a faceted gemstone like Aura Danburite or Aura Galaxite that if placed on the forehead it gives clairvoyant abilities. Its name and possible availability.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Dec 20, 2016, 5:45 pm

      The third eye opens through spiritual work and effort. Fast tracks to clairvoyance are of no value and I doubt if crystals would work anyway.

  • patricia Evan Oct 7, 2014, 7:25 pm

    I am very interested in psychic phenomena and believe I am psychic too. I have never practised this gift and have have ‘seen’ some terrible things.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 8, 2014, 10:58 am

      If you are just starting out the I suggest you ask more questions in our community section where some of the long serving Spiritualists may be able to give you some reassuring advice.

  • Carol Oct 7, 2014, 2:23 am

    I find this article very interesting as I have psychic abilities although I consider myself a novice I have natural abilities and have been aware of this for more than 20 years. Over these years I have seen my third eye twice. This occurred years apart so would I need to practice the opening of my third eye or not?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker Oct 7, 2014, 12:11 pm

      I have a feeling you may not have understood what the third eye is. You do not ‘see’ the third eye – it becomes the centre of your awareness for a while when the attention moves to the centre of the brain. Many people misunderstand the ‘eye’ to be an eye in the middle of the forehead but the centre is actually right in the middle of the brain. Some do experience it as a light, shape, god, or a sound and have described it like an eye – the pineal gland some say is the remnants of an eye from our distant past – similar to the parietal eye of some lizards that has this at the top of its scull. This ‘eye’ is connected via the central nervous system to the pineal gland by the small parietal nerve and senses light levels for hormone production

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