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What Happens To Animals When They Die?

An Animal’s Life After Death

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker

All life is one. The divine spirit animates all who share this planet and we have responsibilities towards each other. You cannot divide life into watertight, rigid compartments. All aspects of life, man and animal, must move forward together. The animal cannot be left behind while man makes his evolutionary ascent-.-Silver Birch, the Indian Spirit guide, speaking through Maurice Barbanell

Sometimes. at night. my wife Jane sees the spirit of our dog William laying by the side of our bed. (In life, he was a very telepathic animal) He still comes back and visits her. I also have received hundreds of letters and e-mails from people asking if their pets have survived death, and from people who believe that they have seen their dead pet’s spirit.

Animals seem to know about death and in some cases appear to accept it. When William’s time came, the vet advised that he be put to sleep.

In my mediumistic work, I have frequently had cause to describe and name animals during public demonstrations or private sittings. Pets are often shown to me in order to add that little extra bit of evidence to the identity of the human spirit communicator. I have seen many people cry when they realize that their cherished pet is not lost forever, but will be there for them when they return to the spirit world.

It is my opinion that pets do survive death and continue to live with us in the spirit world. Let me illustrate this with an example that was quoted in a national British magazine after being confirmed by a journalist. I have changed the name to protect the woman’s identity:

‘Traveling such a long way to see the medium Craig Hamilton-Parker felt a little odd. Particularly as I wanted to communicate with my little 10-year-old fox terrier dog, Pip, who died two years ago.” says Susan Lloyd.

“I had no sense of Pip’s spirit when he died, which came as a shock. I’d always assumed his spirit would be around in some way that I’d be able to feel. So I worried that he was lost somewhere, looking for me but unable to reach me. For a long time I was very upset.

“I had also recently lost my good friend Dave. I sat with him as he died and he talked frankly with me about the next life. He also loved terriers and I told him how he would soon meet the dogs he’d lost in the afterlife.

“Dave’s death was the catalyst. I worried that I may have been wrong about the spirit dogs. I needed to know whether the things I’d said to Dave were true.

“I said nothing to the medium about anything on my mind, but Craig told me all about Dave, his personality, the way he died, and how he had left a wife and three children.

“However, his main communicator was my friend Carol. Craig put his hands on his chest and said ‘Carol is telling me that at the time of her passing everything was falling apart. She gives me the feeling of suffocation. She was severely depressed and regrets to say that she took her own life.” I was amazed. Carol, who had been one of my oldest friends, had taken their life five years previously and had confided in me about the black moods that haunted her.

“As Craig made the link he took on Carol’s mannerisms and posture. His voice and particularly his laugh sounded just like hers. Eventually, Craig said that Carol had an important message for me. ‘Carol says that she wants to bring forward your dog. He is white and has a distinctive black patch on his tail. I can’t hear his name but it has only three letters. She says it looks like the dog in a cartoon. Tin Tin perhaps?”

‘This was the proof I was waiting for. I was a little worried because Carol didn’t like animals when she was alive. But Craig put my mind at rest: ‘Carol is happy because she is now safe. She wants you to know that your dog does not belong to her or to Dave. She brought him through because she knows how much you love him and vice versa. You have nothing to worry about concerning Pip.”

“I was able to drive back home with my mind at rest. I finally knew that Dave and Pip were safe and that Carol had at last found peace.”

What Happens To Animals When They Die?What Happens To Animals When They Die?

Where do the animals go when they die?

Before the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the people used to sieve the soil when building temples so that not a single worm would be harmed. The Tibetans believed that souls can reincarnate in any living form, and that a human birth is a very rare and fortunate opportunity. In fact, the number of births a soul takes is so immense that one of the worms may have once been your mother in a past life.

A modern Tibetan Buddhist would probably say that it is unlikely that your mother will reincarnate as a worm, but will tell you that the Tibetans’ actions are symbolic, to illustrate how we should have compassion for all sentient beings–as if they were our beloved kin. It also poses the question whether our soul climbs up an evolutionary ladder across many species. On one occasion, someone asked my spirit guide during a trance session what happened to the souls of all the dinosaurs. The guide’s reply was, “They are as here now!” The point being that the human soul is, in fact, a later stage of an evolutionary process that has been going on since life began.

Some of the ancient Greek philosophers believed in metempsychosis–that the soul evolves to human form after many lives incarnating as animals. It is a belief in many eastern religions, and my mediumistic communications appear to agree with this. However, I question at what point a living thing becomes self-aware and capable of sustaining this awareness after death. For example, does a flea have a spirit?

My spirit guide has told us that animals do not all survive as individual identities after death. Some merge to what he calls a “group consciousness.” Their spirits return to a collective awareness for that particular species and from this pool of awareness different animal souls are born. It is only when an animal becomes self-aware that its soul continues after death and starts the long process of climbing the evolutionary ladder towards human and angelic consciousness.

For many animals, this journey starts if it receives love from a human. In particular, pets and domestic animals gain a sense of identity because of prolonged exposure to humans. Our consciousness “rubs off” on them, so to speak, causing them to forsake much of their instinctive nature and start to develop free will. Some people lavish love onto their pets and treat them like their own children. Although in many ways this is a form of psychological transference, they are in fact helping the animal progress spiritually. The love they lavish on them enables the pet to quickly attain a sense of identity. The owner is thereby helping to create a new soul. I suppose you could say that pets are children in a real sense, for their souls are brand new!

Video of Animal Spirit Communication

Video of medium proving animals survive death and what happens to animals when they die?


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Article Name
An Animal's Life After Death
Animals seem to know about death and in some cases appear to accept it. About life in spirit for animals and pets. Extract from my book What To Do When You Are Dead (2010) ISBN 978-1-4027-7660-1

About Craig Hamilton-Parker
CRAIG HAMILTON-PARKER is a celebrated U.K. medium who has confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Craig and his wife Jane have had their own TV shows in the UK and USA including 'The Spirit of Princess Diana'. In 2003 the BBC made a 3 part documentary about their work. Craig is the author of 15 books.

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  • soni

    My cat just passed this past Tuesday. He was 13 years old and suffered from acromegaly and diabetes. I had to suddenly make the decision to euthanize him. I asked him if he was ready and he gave me a look of Yes you idiot! I held him while he took his last breath. I feel like I’m in a dream. I just love him so much…I want to know how my angel is doing and did I do the right thing? And if they reincarnate? How do I find him again, or do they find you? Thank you for your time.

    • I think that what happens to animals when they die is that they – like humans – are drawn by the power of love. So that those who have love between them naturally find one another again, whether it be in the spirit world or when we reincarnate. Some may argue that animals cannot know love but I believe that all sentient beings do.

  • amanda

    I lost my precious doggy girl on Tuesday this week. She was euthanized after her liver count came back so high ‘it was off the scale’ and she was desperately ill and going downhill fast. I made what someone today pointed out was an intuitive decision for her needs not mine. Now I’m struggling to come to terms with it; my doggy girls are my family – I don’t have any human family – I’m struggling to come to terms with her absence and terrified I made a wrong decision. They literally are my babies and best friends, I dote on them and adore them and have received so much love and devotion back from this little angel I’m finding her absence painful beyond words. I’m desperate to know that I did the right thing, that I’ll find her again and she’s OK

    • You made your decision based upon what was best for your much loved pet. To have kept her here with all those illnesses would have just prolonged her suffering. You made the right decision based upon love – there was no other. So many times animals have been able to prove – via a human spirit communicator – that they survive death that it is clear to me that they will be reunited with you when it is your time to be promoted to the spirit world.

      • Amanda

        Thank you so much Craig – your words about what happens when animals die are very comforting to me at this time xx

  • Peter

    I agree with every word you have written.

    • Kathryn

      Could you please give me your website address where you provide support for those that have lost their pets? I have just lost my cat Lucy and am utterly bereft, but would love to be able to help other people who have lost their pets too in any way possible.


    I believe pets have a spirits and some do come back to visit their owners. My dog Wolly did just that two weeks after he passed in 2004 aged 10. I had gone to bed laying on my back with head propped up against bed head as I just couldn’t sleep…..suddenly my body became sort of numb so I couldn’t move at all and my eyes became heavy. I could only just keep my eyes open a little bit then I heard the clearest sound I’ve ever heard coming through the kitchen, paw pads!! Heading towards my bedroom, the sound stopped at the doorway, then a wonderful feeling came over me, one of utter peace.

    I could just see something black and fuzzy go past the end of bed without a sound, that’s when my eyes shut tight, I could not open them at all… then it happened… I felt the most gentle nudge to the top part of my arm. My body was able to move again and eyes open. The wonderful feeling I had felt was now gone. I new what had just happened: Wolly had come back one last time. Why? Well I may never know for sure, maybe because he wanted me to know he’s OK? I’ve lost another dog Jake 10 days ago. I’m Hoping Jake will come back like Wolly did. I showed both dogs (mates) lots of love and kindness in their lives and they returned that love and kindness many times over. RIP.

  • Linda

    My little one year old kitten was recently hit and killed by a car. Both he and his buddy (another kitty) were killed together as they crossed the street. I found them and have been so distraught. I just want to know that he is OK in death and not alone and can still feel my love. I just don’t want him to be alone or afraid. So I guess that’s how I found your site here about what happens to animals after they pass. Very early the next morning after I heard his little meow beside my bed and somehow in that space between sleep and wakefulness I told him it was OK to go to the light and that I loved him. I wonder if I was simply comforting myself somehow but his meow was crystal clear. I wish I could know for sure he’s happy and safe.

    • Although the spirits of animals will sometimes show themselves to us to get proof that an animal survives death you really need to get a spirit message from a human communicating sprint. Messages of this type are often given via my own and other mediums spirit communications.

  • Adriana

    I just put my Jack Russell Stellina to sleep yesterday and I’m just having a hard time. I made the decision to put her down because they found a large mass in her abdomen and they weren’t sure if surgery would help her and she would need chemo. My baby was 13 and I didn’t want to put her through that and although she still wanted to play she wasn’t eating and barely drinking any more. The thing that is killing me is that she was still herself but just not as active. I made the decision because I just didn’t want her to get to the point that she couldn’t get out of bed and would be suffering. I just hope I made the right decision. Another thing that is also bothering me is that when I brought her to the vet she was so nervous like she always was when I would bring her, but I hate that she had to be in that state of mind before she passed.

    Last night I thought I saw her just for a quick glance and then she was gone, could this be her or could it be I’m just so used to her being there that I think she is still around?

  • kerry

    I feel like I failed him: I have 8 dogs of my own all of them have been rescued from some or other bad situation, and once again I came across two lovely puppies staying two doors up from my house and these puppies were not looked after and so I decided to take it in to my hands to look after them for 8 months I went there every day to give them water, food, I gave them blankets and a kennel and loads of love.

    They became very fond of me and me of them they used to be so happy to see me and me them so I decided it would be better to bring them to my house rather than leave them there so I prepared my yard for them and the worst thing happened the owner of the dogs just left the gate open and one day before I was to take them to my own place the one puppy got run over and I found it dead the next morning it is killing me I feel like I failed him I took the other one she is with me but I cant help blaming myself for this…was this meant to be? why? Why was I not given one more day to make a difference.

  • Martha

    On July 3rd, I lost my beautiful teacup pomeranian dog named Bebis. She was 16.5 years old but looked like she was still a puppy. She would get a little sick from time to time, but she suddenly had a left and right heart failure after I let her out to the back yard to potty. I took her in to see the Vet immediately. I applied for a credit loan to to pay for the bill, and she was saved. I then had to give her 6 pills a day for her heart which my daughter was so vigilant about. A week later, on July 3rd, Bebis had her check up and she was doing well. I brought her home and left to the store. When I returned, she again had to go potty, and she began looking bad. I took her in thinking she would be okay again. I had to put her to sleep. She was not well. She stared into my eyes until her last breadth. I was her world. She always had to be able to see me no matter where she was or slept. I just cannot get over this loss. Could I have done more for her. I miss her. I feel like a piece of me is gone. I want her here, but I also don’t want to be selfish. She was my beauty. And she was with me throughout all of my life’s ups and downs. Is she that happy little baby even though she is away from me? All she ever wanted in her life was to be near me. Sometimes it bothered me because no matter what she would be there staring at me any time of the day or night. I was her world. I wish I could have done more for her. I wish I had all the money in the world to have saved her, but I didn’t. I feel as if I failed her in such a big way. I feel as if her world has shifted away from her happy place. All she ever wanted was to be where I was. And now she’s gone, and I gave the okay to make that happen. Did I fail her? What happens to animals when they die? Is she happy? Or does she just not exist any more?

  • alia

    Hi dear, last night my loved 11 years Chihuahua – her name is Sweety – passed away after struggling with heart failure, breathing problem, and wrong medication in Dubai. I live in Dubai and we don’t have people here know enough about life after death or they don’t believe at all. I want to know what happened to my dog I cant live without her please help me I’m coming to London on September can I visit you?

    • My wife Jane and I do readings from our home which is a few hours by train from London. You can book via the link on the top right of this page or the front page of the site. Please read a little more on the site about how proof is given about the animal spirits. It is best not to tell us about this but hopefully a proof will come through via a human communicator. For some strange reason I have been getting a great deal of clients from the Middle East. There seems to be a real upsurge in interest in Spiritualism in your country.

  • Del

    I have recently lost my beloved miniature dachshund who suffered terrible back problems. I am so sad and miss him so much that I don’t know what to do. But I feel so guilty because I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep and now I just feel so lost. He was the kindest, gentlest person and the love of my life.

    • When animals die they go to the spirit world because they have developed a sense of Self through their contact with the love of humans. This can give you some reassurance but I know how hard it is. My wife Jane – although a medium herself – still found it hard when her dachshund had to be put to sleep.

  • Tammy

    I lost my dog Nugget to liver failure in June. Your website gives me comfort and hope that ill meet him again. I’ve not felt Nuggets presence, but just after he died, a robin red breast kept visiting me every day. The robin kept staring at me and one time it even came right up to my feet where I was sat, stared right at me and I froze, then it flew off! It might sound strange, but I believe Nugget sent me the robin to let me know he was ok.

  • W Brown

    Our cat had cancer and was often in a lot of pain. When the pain hit him he would go limp and motionless, but mostly he was full fun domineering our other cat and dog. As he got weaker, this strange white cat started visiting our home entering via the cat flap. Both our cats, not the dog bothered with this strange white cat who would just come in hop onto the couch and stare at our cat who was ill. This only happened from when our cat was diagnosed with cancer, and as the illness progressed we had to have him put to sleep. The white cat has never been seen anywhere since this.

  • Peymaneh

    I lost my doggy just few days ago. I rescued her 4 years ago in Malaysia. Some people say that children pushed her into the ring and others say she fell down to the ring accidentally. I’m not sure what happened and am so sad. There is nothing here in Iran to help me and give support as paranormal activities are forbidden in my country. Will I see her again? I can’t deal with her loss.

    • As the article explains, we Spiritualists believe that animals survive death and that this belief is supported by the evidence of survival received via mediumship. If you are hoping to discuss your concerns you would be best posting a message in our forums or having a chat with some of the Spiritualists in our community chat rooms. See: http://family.psychics.co.uk

  • Joanne

    We euthanized our baby of 18 years “cat” this Wednesday. It was sudden. She has been deteriorating and the vet told us she was not going to get better. We feel guilty since we were not expecting to put her down when we brought her in. Our hearts are broken and we feel we betrayed her and suddenly killed her, we didn’t want her to be in pain any longer or die at home alone. We hope her spirit is among us and she is doing well in heaven with the angels.

  • I enjoyed your article very much, Craig. Thank you. My own dog showed me animals do indeed live on in spirit, after the death of their physical bodies. They are released from any illness or infirmity, have contact with the energies of Love, and will wait for us. Bless them all.

  • Iza

    I need to know if my dog Mac, who died on November 17 2014 forgives me. I am in terrible shape. He was 10 years old.

  • alma mergal

    I’ve lost my Siberian husky 8 months old yesterday. I cant still move on. I always cry every time I remember him. Just wanted to know if coffee is okay.

    • I’m sure he’s absolutely fine but if you want to get proof you would need to see a medium and hopefully get some confirmation. You can get readings for free at Spiritualist services or on our chat room and of course there are the services offered on this site. The medium would need to connect with a human spirit communicator in order to give proof of an animal in spirit.

  • Judy

    I recently lost my precious 13 yr old poodle Spencer. He was very ill and because he was so ill even after a week at the vet, I made the choice to put him down. He was my beloved companion and adore child. I miss him so much that I have cried myself sick. I feel lost and so full of despair. Will I be with him again? Is he around me? Do their spirits get to come back and visit you? I am so devastated with out him. He was my baby.

    • With pets we have the terrible decision to make about putting them to sleep. Naturally we feel guilty but in fact is is our last act of kindness to them. As I have stated in the article and on other comments here it is evident to me that pets survive death and is a topic I have written about extensively in my books.

  • Ania

    I am writing to you with a very heavy heart, we found our beloved baby 6 month old Bull Terrier Gia dead early hours of the 15th February 2015. We were out for Valentines dinner and when we got back she had passed already. My husband tried to resuscitate her and a whole lots of leaves and stems came out of her, there was vomit with leaves near her body, we identified the leaf that morning after we woke to be the Hibiscus. I Googled to get piece of mind whether this leaf can actually kill our baby girl. We went to the nursery later to get a remembrance rose creeper for her as we were going to give her a memorial garden. Whilst my hubby and son were busy with her cross and plaque I was looking for memorial wording to post on her Remembrance Facebook album and I came across Brent Atwater’s site. I read up the story “Staffordshire Bull Terrier Reincarnates, Animal Life After Death” as I have been feeling that my baby was not ready to leave us yet, we have been sobbing for 24 hours non stop, all our other babies have been all lost, our house is quiet as you don’t see our energizer baby Gia running chasing shadows, irritating our Boston terrier or tugging a soccer ball with our gentle giant Boerboel.

    My question is “will my baby come back to us as she was taken from us so young, I feel in my heart that she wasn’t ready, she had a long loving life planned in her soul with us. I was on the web most of today trying to get answers and I came across your site and read the article “What Happens To Animals When They Die?” This is why I am writing to you now. I just want answers as I have this urge to get another Bull Terrier puppy to fill the hole in our lives; this has been the most traumatic experience that I have experienced and I have lost a few loving animals in my life time but not so soon after been blessed with their presence in our lives.

    • For many people it is just like losing a child when your animal dies and the grief is just as overwhelming. I would suggest you wait a while before trying to fill the gap by buying another pet. In my own work as a medium it is evident to me that the souls of our pets continue after death as so many human spirit communicators give evidence to suggest that this is true. If you would like to ask more questions about this you may enjoy our free chat rooms and community where we have a number of people who may be able to help you.

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