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Welcome to the Delphi Psychic Chat Rooms – also known as ‘Your Psychic Family’. We are still going strong after over 15 years as on online psychic community. We were one of the first and most popular sites for this genre on the Internet and continue to be a happy place where sincere people can get help for free.

Once you have registered, you can upgrade to a M+ member and get additional benefits such as online psychic training classes and opportunities to get and practice psychic readings. As a registered free member you can ask questions on our forums or get help and support in our psychic chat rooms. Here you will also be able to participate in free online demonstrations of mediumship and clairvoyance.

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The Psychic Forums

At our forums you can ask questions about paranormal and spiritual topics, get your dreams interpreted and post ghost photographs for analysis and comment. We have lots of experts who have been coming here for many years to share their expertise and knowledge. Feel free to post a question or just say hello in the welcome area.

The Delphi Psychic Chat Rooms

You may have already heard about the Delphi Psychic Chat Rooms that were featured in a BBC documentary. Here we not only have general chat but interesting discussions and demonstrations of clairvoyance. In the Delphi Chat area you can enter the public rooms and make some wonderful spiritual friendships.

We also have members’ areas where we run our online psychic school. Here we teach about Spiritualism, mediumship, psychic development, crystals, aura seeing and so on.

We also run online circles where members are invited to develop their own latent psychic powers. The members have an M+ prefix in front of their user-name and staff have additional prefixes such as T+ H+ and S+. Just ask online and ‘staff’ and longtime members will be pleased to explain everything for you. You can register for the psychic chatroom now or find out more about the school below:


What Happens in the Community?

DEMONSTRATIONS: The psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker gives regular demonstrations in the chat rooms where he demonstrates mediumship to the M+ visitors. Craig has been a top psychic medium for over thirty years. Recipients are selected at random from the M+ members. If you are meant to get a reading you will get a reading. Craig is known to give highly accurate evidential spirit messages and brings great comfort and inspiration to our community visitors.

PSYCHIC CLASSES: Craig and his team of volunteers offer classes and circles in the chat rooms. Here you can learn about the fundamentals of mediumship and related topics and learn to develop your own psychic skills too if you feel you would like to join in. You do not have to be psychic to join. And you may get lots of readings in the circles.