Psychic Television Show

Take Part in Our New TV Show

We are now looking for volunteers to take part in our new TV Show. The show will be filmed in England UK but will be screened in America. We therefore are hoping to have people sit with us for readings from both the UK and America. If you are an American living in or visiting the UK then you may want to join us as part of the show. British people are also welcome though it would be nice to have a mixture of people from different countries and cultures.

Video About What We Hope to Achieve

What's the TV Show all about?

Without giving too much away about what the show is all about, here’s a brief idea about what we are looking for. Firstly, the people taking part need to have a real need or reason for wanting to get a message from the spirit world. In particular, we hope to solve problem such as finding a missing person or answering the unanswered questions about someone who has died.

Readings for small groups with a common need

We are also interested in doing readings for groups of people with something in common. This could be a family group who all need a message from someone who died unexpectedly. The readings could also be for people who have something in common or are perhaps related to someone in the spirit world who was famous or had an unusual or interesting life.
If you feel that you can help and would like to take part or have a group of people who would like to take part then please get in touch with our researchers. 

It’s important you write directly to the researchers using the form below as Jane and I must know nothing about the people getting the readings. This is going to be a program that offers powerful proof of life after death.

We will be filming in the South of England, near London and in the Birmingham area. Ideally you will live close by as we have a very limited budget and cannot pay much towards expenses.

Set and Film Crew Volunteers

We are also looking for somewhere near to Southampton UK where we can build a small set of a living room. Perhaps you know of somewhere we can use? An out building, barn, large room or unused warehouse would be great. We are on a very limited budget but I can assure you that getting involved in our media projects is enormous fun and we do try and share the rewards.

If you are interested in spirit communication, this is your opportunity to get reading with Jane and me.

Please Include:

  • A contact telephone number
  • Where you live
  • Please add some detail about anything unusual or interesting that relates to the story.
  • Apart from proof of survival, what would you want to ask the spirit communicator? What questions were left unanswered?
  • If you are applying as a small group what is your collective interest. For example you may be a family looking for solace, a UFO group, a group involved in a disaster of some kind, all know someone famous or interesting, you may be a group of solicitors looking for a missing will and so on.

YOUTUBE: We are also planning some YouTube readings that will be filmed in a room at Eastbourn in the UK. These will be simple mediumistic readings with Craig. Please let us know if you are also interested in these.

Send us your details.

Application Form

Please tell us about yourself or your family group.