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Latest Mystic Talks and Demonstrations on Skype

CRAIG: I am giving free Skype talks and demonstrations that will be published on YouTube. You can join me by sending a contact request to the Skype address naadi108. By taking part you agree that your face and reading etc can be shown on YouTube. This reading took place 8th August 2016. See new scheduled events here

Playlist of All Craig's Talks and Demonstrations


Video List of Previous Sessions:

Demo 1: Demonstration of Mediumship | Proof of Life After Death | Mystic Talks
Watch the session and read the testimonials and feedback for this session. Some interesting evidence given with Norwegian spirits from the past.

Demo 2: Fascinating Live Medium Demonstration
An interesting session with a lot of feedback from some of the sitters about the accuracy of the evidence given. Some things had to be checked out later and proved to be true.

Demo 3 Spirit Messages from Psychic Medium Craig
A difficult start as we had a number of interruptions but soon got into the swing with some strong evidence two thirds of the way through this one.


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