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Skype Events with Craig Hamilton-Parker:

Instructions for Joining the Skype Talks and Demos.

I am doing these talks and demonstrations to raise awareness of real mediumship through example and to also to expound my spiritual teachings and ideas that are found in my books such as Messages from the Universe. I will share my knowledge of Spiritualism and also some of the hitherto secret teachings that have been revealed to me while in India.

Free Mystic Evenings (Skype):

There is no charge. If you feel you have been helped and inspired I do ask that you consider supporting our Foundation.

Most Skype Events start at 7:00 pm UK time run till about 9:00 pm.

See the next event times here.

Examples of earlier Skype Sessions here

All my Skype events will be recorded and later uploaded to YouTube. By sending me a Skype contact request and joining my Skype or other webinair events you agree that your involvement can be screened on YouTube and any other forms of broadcast or media.  

The events may include some or all of the following:

  • An inspirational Mystical Talk
  • Questions and Answers
  • A demonstration of mediumship

How to Get on My Skype Contact List

  • You will need to download Skype here.
  • Up towards the top left of your Skype screen there is a search option. Search it  for my username which for this is naadi108
  • You will then see my profile: Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran)
  • Click the button that says ‘Add to Contacts’.
  • IMPORTANT: A box will pop up below this where you can add a message. DO NOT just send me the standard request that says:  “Hi Craig, I’d like to add you as a contact.” Please put a short note in the box such as ‘I’d like to join your Skype mystic talks’ If you are a member please tell me your member name as I will give you priority if you have supported the site for a long time. By filling in the box it shows me that you are not a spammer.
  • I will approve the contact request and you will get a confirmation message.
  • Make sure you do the all above well in advance of the evening’s event.

What to Do on the Night

  • Do not call me on Skype as this disrupts the session. I will add you to the group conference and I will call you.
  • A Skype group call will accept up to 24 guests so there is a good chance that you will be able to join me.  If you think you've been missed use the type a message part of Skype – usually on the bottom of your screen and I’ll try and add you.
  • I will add people to the group from 6:30 – half an hour before the start. Once the session starts I will not be able to answer posts or calls. So arrive early and you stand a better chance of joining the session.
  • TIP: We also have a chatroom on this website. I will often drop in there too just before I go to Skype to see if any long standing members want to join me. It’s a better way to get a place.
  • It can get a bit chaotic as places limited and it’s not easy for me doing the administration while also trying to tune in and prepare myself.
  • Remember: You can message me but please do not video or voice call as it spoils things for everyone.

What Happens

  • I’ll be giving either/and/or a talk and a demonstration of mediumship.
  • As there are up to 24 people in the room it is important you have a quiet environment – don’t have the TV on or music playing.
  • Be quiet when I am giving the talk or the clairvoyance.
  • You may talk when it’s Questions and Answers.
  • You may talk when I am looking for my spirit link. For example I say “I have a message from a Mary who died from a fall and I feel she has Irish connections. Who am I with?” If this is for you then speak up for I will not be able to backtrack later. Again using the message bar at the bottom can alert me if you feel it is a message for you.
  • Once I have established who the message is for and start the reading, please be quiet.
  • If you get a messsage, please email afterwards with any notes about verifications you received so that I can add notes to the videos.

Hopefully you’ll be able to join me. My apologies to anyone who gets missed off the list as I am just getting started with all of this and it’s not easy juggling clairvoyance with running the Skype sessions.

I now do all my public work for free. I do this to support Jane and my spiritual Foundation. Please take a look at what we are trying to do – maybe you would like to contribute?

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