The Hamilton-Parker Foundation

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation

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Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker Television's Top Psychic MediumsJane and I have opened a charitable foundation that teaches how to achieve a higher spiritual approach to life. The foundation also helps the poor and destitute in India. It's ultimate aim is to build a spiritual teaching center.

Working for Free

All of the profits from our public work as mediums and speakers goes into this Foundation. Your participation in our events and donations are helping us to achieve its aims.

Change the world inside and out...

To understand what we are trying to do, watch our movie on Amazon Prime titled Mystic Journey to India. This shows my adventures in India working with its secret oracles. As part of the remedies to reduce the negative effects of my own karma, I do charitable work by helping the poor and giving cows to destitute old folk.

We teach that by giving to others, supporting spiritual centers and doing loving service, you change the world. You simultaneously change your inner world and the course of your destiny. If your life isn't working out, simply help others and good fortune will flow. It's a cosmic boomerang.

More about the movie here:

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Spiritual Remedies

We have also been giving money, food and direct help to the poor as part of the teaching given by the Rishis who talk through the oracle. The work continues and you can view updates on our YouTube Channel.

By doing remedies, the giver also benefits from the act of giving. In other words: “As you give so you receive”. We are teaching this as a spiritual philosophy that has its roots in very ancient astrology. There is more detailed information on the main Foundation website.

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Raising Money

Most of contributions we have done so far, have come from our own pockets and goes directly to people in India. Now others are being inspired by our activities and money is being contributed to our cause.

Our Latest Donation to Kids in India:

We have recently been given more donations so that we can now upscale what we are doing. This is a collective act of service by the astrologers, psychics, mediums, healers and mystics of the world. We hope to take the mystic arts to a new level and eventually build a teaching center to propagate these ideas about changing your destiny through charity.

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Inspired Seminars and Demonstrations

Craig and Jane are touring to raise more money for the foundation. More information will be found on the events pages of this site and the foundation homepage. The teachings of Craig & Jane are given to them as ‘received knowledge’ from the spirit world. These ‘Messages from the Universe’ are translated into practical methods that can be used by their followers to gain direct experience of truth that is independent of faith, personal preconceptions or religious belief.

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Practical Service

The organization uses some of its funds to help people in desperate need. People working with the Foundation engage in service to the destitute, the hungry and help abandoned animals. We encourage people to also give directly to the poor as part of our spiritual remedies program. The organization dedicates part of its profits and funds to feeding the hungry. In this way we help all types of people to progress spiritually through service.

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The Hamilton-Parker Foundation is funded by altruistic people with an interest in spirituality.

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