The Hamilton-Parker Foundation

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker Television's Top Psychic MediumsJane and I (Craig) have opened a charitable foundation that promotes the teachings of mediumship and the Naadi Leaves. All of the profits from our public work go into this charitable trust which has the ultimate aim of building a spiritual center for the practice and demonstration of the gifts of spirit. Meanwhile Jane and I have also been giving money, food and direct help to the poor as part of the karmic remedies from the Naadi teachings. Basically this is an Indian idea which claims that the giver also benefits from the giving. In other words: “As you give so you receive”. We are teaching this as a spiritual philosophy that has its roots in very ancient astrology. (I have written about this in my book Messages from the Universe)


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The contributions we have done so far, have come from our own pockets and goes directly to people in India but now others are being inspired by our activities and money is being contributed to our cause. I have also been to India to do some of this work directly.

We have recently been given some substantial donations so that we can upscale what we are doing as a collective act of service by the astrologers, psychics, mediums, healers and mystics of the world. We hope to take these arts to a new level and eventually build a teaching center to propagate this service based form of mysticism.  we are now at the point that we have raised enough funds to become a registered Charity.

Spiritual Centers

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation has the key objective of spreading the service orientated spiritual teachings of Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker to people everywhere and to promote the safe practice of mediumship and provide facilities where spiritual people from all religions can share their knowledge of the Divine.

Its ultimate goal is to establish ‘spiritual centers’ for meditation, demonstrations of mediumship and spiritual education. From its facilities the organization also helps feed the poor, adopts abandoned animals and though its meditation gardens project, promotes care for the environment.

Events and Activities

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation provides a family orientated haven where safe mediumship can be presented in a spiritual atmosphere. Though a worldwide network of meditation centers, trainees are invited to raise their consciousness through the powers of concentration, meditation and mediumship. As part of our service the organization is working with the not-for-profit custodians of the 5,000 year old Naadi oracles to enable people to know their past lives and remedy the negative effects of their past karma. As part of this work, a spirit of service is encouraged with participants directly feeding the destitute and homeless. We believe that the best can be achieved not by simply contributing to a charity but by getting out there and doing some of the work yourself.

Spiritual Platform

The organization provides a platform so that evidential mediumship can be demonstrated in a pure and spiritually supportive environment. The highest quality mediumship is presented for the benefit of the bereaved and to inspire the true spiritual seeker.

Family Friendly

The centers and their gardens will offer a place of great peace where visitors can learn to develop their spiritual powers through a structured educational program of spiritual techniques. The program is arranged so that whole families can take part and children be entertained with spiritual games while the parents are meditating or taking part in workshops and demonstrations.

Inspired Seminars and Demonstrations

Craig and Jane are touring to raise more money for the foundation. More information will be found on the events pages of this site and the foundation homepage. The teachings of Craig & Jane are given to them as ‘received knowledge’ from the spirit world. These ‘Messages from the Universe’ are translated into practical methods that can be used by their followers to gain direct experience of truth that is independent of faith, personal preconceptions or religious belief. The Foundation is also funded by entrepreneurs and benefactors who engage in the activities both as participants and occasionally as public speakers.

Practical Service

The organization uses some of its funds to help people in desperate need. People working with the Foundation engage in service to the destitute, the hungry and help abandoned animals. We encourage people to also give directly to the poor as part of our spiritual remedies program. The organization dedicates part of its profits and funds to feeding the hungry. In this way we help all types of people to progress spiritually through service.

Making a Donation

The Hamilton-Parker Foundation is funded by altruistic entrepreneurs and public figures with an interest in spirituality.

Contributors are encouraged to directly participate in the foundation’s events and retreats. In the spiritual village setting, there will be an option for the bigger contributors to have exclusive accommodation and meditation facilities with some one-to-one spiritual guidance.

Donate to Our Foundation:

If you would like to tell us about your contribution to the Foundation or get involved with helping us please contact us via the form below.


We are looking for volunteers to help us with this project. Stage one will be simply to raise funds to get the project going. This will be done by Craig and Jane primarily through inspired lectures together with demonstrations of mediumship to help the bereaved. The intention is to take mystical teaching to a higher level and restore the spirituality that should be at the heart psychic advice, mediumship, healing and astrology. Through example and service we hope to also inspire professional clairvoyants etc. to incorporate an element of free service as part of their remit.

Initially money that is generated will be used to fund larger events and events overseas. We need unpaid volunteers who are prepared to help with the following:

  • EVENTS: Chairing events, helping with the door and ticket sales and helping with the smooth running of the program. We may also need speakers to help with guided meditation, spiritual healing and initiating discussions during the intervals.

  • PROMOTION: We require volunteers to help with marketing and promotion of the foundation as well as the organizing and planning of events. Some of this work can be done a home. Everyone involved will be asked to help with social media and networking.

  • MEDIA: Wherever possible, events will be filmed and posted on YouTube, broadcast or uploaded to Netflix. We require cameramen and support to help with this. There will also be substantial outreach through media to promote the values and objectives of the foundation. A number of well-known directors, actors and actresses are already helping with this project

Once a substantial fund has been established we will be working towards having a center in the UK and others overseas. These will be used to continue the work being done at hired centers. The spiritual and psychological help being provided will be expanded to include other speakers and new events such as workshops, regular meditation, spiritual music recitals and philosophical discussion. It is our intention to open spiritual centers around the world.

Charitable Work

As part of the remit of the foundation, people are encouraged to do charitable work to negate the negative karma that they have personally accumulated in past lives. The spiritual teaching in Indian Astrology and the Naadi Oracles will be used to identify negative karma and the best charitable work for the individuals. We will also do charitable work for its own sake. Volunteers are needed to help with the organization of charitable acts and the distribution of food.

If you would like to volunteer, please use the form below.

BOX 1: Tell us a little about who you are and why you’d like to help in the first box. Tell us ways in which you could help such as social media or if you are prepared to travel with us. Simply helping with social media such as Facebook can often be a tremendous help with getting the message out.

BOX 2: In the second box please tell us about your skills such as administrative abilities, practical skills and if you have any spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, yoga training or healing. It may be that you simply like helping people – tell us about that too.

BOX 3: Please give us your home address and phone numbers. We need to know in which towns we have our volunteers when planning conferences and events.

Volunteer Form

We are looking for supporters around the world.