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Aries with Sagittarius

love horoscopes Aries Sagittarius  compatibility
love horoscopes Sagittarius   Aries  compatibilty

Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

Aries Man - Sagittarius Woman Relationship

Male Aries and Female Sagittarius

Top marks all round here. Aries man and Sagittarius woman are a positive meeting of positive energies. You are both idealists, for whom the truth is important, and openness a virtue. In other words you love arguing with each other. Luckily, you are both unlikely to bear a grudge, and in fact you rather enjoy the positive experience of forgiving someone. Just as well really. The difference between you may be that Sagittarian woman is a little shrewder than an Aries man, and will probably win your disputes by making him laugh.

Sagittarius Man - Aries Woman Relationship

Male Sagittarius and Female Aries

You may well already know that the Aries/Sagittarius combination is well starred. Apart from being fire/fire, which always kicks things off on the right foot, there is a general sharing of attitudes to the world. You are positive, outgoing, faithful and truth-loving people - and, as such, get on very well - give or take the occasional flaring argument, often excellently resolved in the bedroom - or somewhere else convenient. Aries women may just get a little annoyed by the obvious way in which Sagittarian men enjoy the company of women, but he will probably learn the error of his ways once you've given him a good honest slap in the face.