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Gemini with Taurus

love horoscopes Gemini  Taurus  compatibility
love horoscopes Taurus   Gemini   compatibilty

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus Man - Gemini Woman Relationship

Male Taurus and Female Gemini

There are plenty of good earth/air cliches here. Taurus man is all stubbornness, silence, security - with a long memory to boot. Gemini woman is flighty, talkative, forgetful and terrified of getting into ruts. In brief; she thinks, he feels. Pretty different perspectives on life in other words. So what are the positive aspects? Well - he likes saving money, while she loves spending it. Hey! Ideal relationship! ( - only from her point of view on that one). Hmm. I think that was the positive aspect, these two don't seem to be made for each other.

Gemini Man - Taurus Woman Relationship

Female Taurus and Male Gemini
The earth/air combination does get run down a little by astrology, but it is worth remembering that earth woman/air man is a pretty old classic - most religions begin with an Earth mother and a Sky Father somewhere in their background. And your Taurus woman is a bit of an earth classic alright. In fact she is associated with a love of marriage. Now obviously airy people hate to be tied down, and Gemini men are seen as slightly roving types by instinct, but he will be deeply drawn to her stability and rooted, just as she is to his wild abstract mentality. Complementary opposites! Yes, it could work.

Gemini + Taurus Love Match