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Sorry - private readings with me are not available at the moment. I am however doing some free demonstrations on Skype that will also be recorded and shown on YouTube. See the events page for details.

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Craig Hamilton-Parker is a highly evidential medium, yogi and spiritual teacher who gives proof of life after death and spiritual guidance. His work gives verifiable proof of the continuation of the personality after death with comforting spirit messages that will help you with your spiritual progress.

This service is mediumship - proof of life after death with messages from the spirit world. It is NOT prediction or fortune telling. (If you are looking for love, business and career advice you would be better off with one of our phone psychics.)

Craig works with an international clientele and has some film-stars and famous people as clients. He is currently only available on Wednesdays and there is a waiting list.

"I'm overjoyed. To me this is proof that my father is there, somewhere. How else could Craig have known those things?... In fact, for one strange moment in the dim light, I almost believe it's my dad sitting there. I leave feeling buoyant and comforted. I find myself talking to my parents in my head. Thanks to Craig, I'm convinced they can hear me."
Journalist Amanda Ward - once skeptical journalist writing in The Daily Express.

Phone Consultation

Photo of Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumOnce you have booked and paid for your reading via the form, Craig will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to call. You will call Craig on his standard tariff BT land line number. If you are calling from overseas you will be charged by your phone provider for an International call.

A phone reading is as good as a face-to-face consultation and a convenient way to experience mediumship with one of the world's most famous mediums. "Because I am able to meditate in advance of your call in the seclusion of my meditation room my mediumship flows well. Phone readings are just as precise as seeing me in person."



Examples: Working on TV

In the video clips below Craig gives a demonstration of mediumship to an audience at the theatre and gives comforting proof of life after death. The second clip is from his TV show 'Our Psychic Family' and shows someone being given a personal reading.



"Craig said Rob was wearing a cowboy hat. This was one of the few items of clothes I had of his- we'd bought it while on holiday. Then Craig said: 'We must never use the M word.' I gasped. This was a private joke between me and Rob about whether or not I should get married again." Portsmouth News

Some guidance about how readings with a medium work here

UK Law and Disclaimer

Legal UK regulations mean I cannot discuss issues concerning pregnancies, babies or children, legal or medical / health or financial gains ( i.e. lottery winning numbers ). All psychic readings are deemed for entertainment purposes only. (Remember that you have free will and that the future is determined by your own actions.) We do not accept any responsibility for any actions you may take as a result of your consultation. Please use your common sense and seek professional help (such as doctors, accountants, counselor and so on) when appropriate. If the sitting is considered unsatisfactory no refund will be given unless the psychic medium is told within ten minutes of the start of the sitting. Readings are not suitable for people who are being treated for psychological illness.