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Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran)

Mystic Speaker and Demonstrations of Mediumship.

Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumWith talents reaching far beyond his mediumistic abilities, Craig Hamilton-Parker gives spell binding talks that mystify, shape, influence and inspire.

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I no longer do personal readings. If you would like a reading with me then you can join me in Southampton UK as one of my guests at my séances. The event is filmed and shown on my YouTube Channel and Amazon TV.

There is a small charge to help cover the costs of hiring the rooms. You will be asked to sign a release form so that the footage can be screened. These are non-profit events with any profits going to the Hamilton-Parker Charitable Foundation.


Myself and six people will sit around a table, where I will demonstrate mediumship. After a short meditation, I give proof of life after death to the people sat around the table. The messages will be comforting, evidential and uplifting. They will inspire you and we hope inspire others too.

Everything will be filmed professionally. You may be asked afterwards about your messages from spirit. The videos are used as part of my spiritual teachings and to spread the philosophy that there is no such thing as death.

If you would like to take part, please fill out the form and we will contact you if and when a space becomes available.

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Here is an example of someone having palmistry reading at one of my sessions


Other Examples

Psychic Medium: TV and Stage

In the video clips below Craig and Jane give demonstrations of mediumship on public platforms and face-to-face.


Craig's Online YouTube Channel

Craig's weekly YouTube Channel attracts a big audience and covers many themes including predictions of the future, topical commentary, spiritual debate as well as psychic teachings, astrology and paranormal investigations. The videos in this collection show the range of Craig's knowledge and speaking style with examples of him working as a psychic medium..


Celebrity Testimonials

These comments express the accuracy of Craig and his wife Jane's work as psychic mediums. This husband and wife team both have remarkable psychic powers that they may sometimes include as part of booked events. Often Jane may join Craig at his speaking engagements and sometimes contribute and demonstrate her psychic powers.



"I'm overjoyed. To me this is proof that my father is there, somewhere. How else could Craig have known those things?... In fact, for one strange moment in the dim light, I almost believe it's my dad sitting there. I leave feeling buoyant and comforted. I find myself talking to my parents in my head. Thanks to Craig, I'm convinced they can hear me."
Journalist Amanda Ward - The Daily Express.

"Craig said Rob was wearing a cowboy hat. This was one of the few items of clothes I had of his- we'd bought it while on holiday. Then Craig said: 'We must never use the M word.' I gasped. This was a private joke between me and Rob about whether or not I should get married again." Portsmouth News

"Andy and I got along immediately. He was exactly as Craig had described. He'd been married to an American woman and still visited America regularly. He also told me how he enjoyed horse racing as a child. I asked him if he believed in reincarnation. His answer shook me to the soul..."
Know Your Destiny Magazine

"Craig is one of the most highly-respected spiritualists and mediums out there."
Weekly News

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