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Losing someone close to you can be one of the worst experiences possible. A door closes on your life. You will miss their love, their company and friendship. Even though you know that their spirit will survive death it is still sometimes important to have the opportunity to talk with their spirit to know that they are safe and well in the glorious light of the spirit world. A compassionate message of love from those we have loved can help us move forward and know that death is not the end of the road.

What is a Spiritual Medium?

A spirit medium is someone who has the ability to open the door to the next world and give comforting proof of the survival of the human spirit after death. This is not a spooky séance but a loving link between the two worlds with the objective of giving you comforting proof of the survival of your loved ones. Many people today have seen spiritual mediums working on television where they connect to people in an audience and give a message from their loved ones in spirit. Some may have had a private consultation (usually called a 'sitting') in which the medium works with the one-to-one.

Misconceptions and Definition

Some people define a Spiritual medium as someone with psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. This is incorrect. A medium may do these things but also has the unique ability to give proof of the continuation of life.

What does a real medium do?

Also known as psychic mediums and Spiritualist mediums, a spirit medium will give you proof of life after death. If the medium has been trained within spiritualism this will follow the following format. Initially the spirit medium give you proof of who is communicating from the spirit. They may tell you about a close loved one and, although they may not always give the name, they usually give some evidence of who they are. The evidence of survival will include things you will be able to verify such as the description of their character. The medium may also include a description of their final illness and give information about events happened at the time of their death.

Once a clear spirit communication is established, and you are sure from the proofs that you have been given that this really is your loved one, then the medium may give additional information. If you are looking for proof of survival the medium will probably give you more evidence. A point will also come where the spirit may give you some advice about what is happening in your life. The may give you what we call a spirit message – something to help and guide you forward.

How does mediumship work on the phone?

In real life a sitting with a medium may include some initial psychometry where he will hold an object owned by the deceased to give an initial psychic impression based on the vibrations left on the object. This helps the medium to attune himself to the spirit. The medium will then put the object down and give information that they are directly sensing from the spirit. This is a form of telepathy between the medium and the person within the spirit world. In a real-life setting the medium may also see the spirit person connecting through the aura of the sitter.

Mediumship over the telephone is more difficult as the spirit medium has to rely entirely on their inner impressions. You may notice when you call that sometimes the medium has to go quiet in order to listen to the inner impressions that they are given from the spirit visitors.  Mediums work differently as but most will sense inner impressions though what we call clairsentience. Some may also experience clairvoyance and see inner pictures of the spirit communicator and a few may have clairaudience in which they inwardly ‘hear’ the spirit person talking to them.

Is it spooky?

It sounds frightening if I were to describe this as ‘talking to the dead’ and all sorts of odd images from movies will come to mind. In reality, you will find everything to be quite natural and normal. No one is going to spit green slime at the ceiling! It will be a normal conversation between you and the medium who will - in a normal voice - tell you what he is being told by the spirit people. Your spirit friends and family work on a vibration of love and it is the power of your love of them and theirs of you that builds the bridge between the worlds. There is nothing whatsoever to fear.

Will I speak to the person I want to hear from?

Every mediumistic sitting is an experiment and nobody can guarantee that they can call a particular spirit person. Our medium readers are a good starting point for your search for solace and we suggest that you also explore Spiritualism and the wonderful philosophy and proofs given to us through mediumistic communication. You will get some evidence of survival but no medium can guarantee to always connect with spirit people on demand. Sometimes the right person gets through straight away and sometimes the spirit guides lend a hand to guide your life.

What is a psychic medium?

The term 'psychic medium' has come into common usage fairly recently. In the past, people either called themselves a psychic - which is someone who would give you advice about your life issues and the future path - or a medium - someone who would connect to the spirit world and give you proof of life after death. We are here using the more recent term ‘spirit medium’.

So what can I expect from my reading?

A reading may include messages from the spirit world and if you prefer the whole reading can be used to receive proof about the continuation of life after death. Some readers are Spiritualists so will work within the guidelines of their training.

A typical spiritualist reading would include proof of who is communicating from the spirit, some evidence to establish verifiable facts about the person's life before they died and conclude with a message and a little help for your way forward. It is important to remember that you cannot 'summon a spirit' so no psychic medium can guarantee who will come though. This is not because the spirit person is trapped or does not love you, the time and the conditions have to be right.

Some of the psychic medium readers we list also work with their spirit guides to give you advice. Read the profiles if you require a reading about life issues with less emphasis on spiritual proofs of life after death.


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