Readings with Craig & Jane


Eric Testimonial“I don’t normally buy this stuff. I think it’s odd and peculiar and you can’t really put your finger on this kind of thing, however both these people everything they said about the stuff they talked about, they were accurate. They are the real deal and it kinda blew my mind a little bit. I’m not a mind blower by nature but you know it was real and all crap aside, it was real.”
(A-List Actor)
(Talking to camera about his readings with Craig & Jane)

Mediumship with Craig Hamilton-Parker

Photo of Craig Hamilton-Parker Psychic MediumSorry - I am filming a new TV series and am not currently available for readings. I am however giving occasional free Skype Demonstrations.Craig Hamilton-Parker is available for international mediumistic readings by telephone for British or International callers. Craig's preference is to give evidential messages from the spirit world with a little guidance from the spirit communicator about issues in your life. His 'spirit messages' will give you spiritual guidance and help you see the bigger picture and help you to understand the reason and purpose of your life here on earth.

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Personal Readings with Jane at Home

Picture Of Jane - psychic MediumJane Hamilton-Parker is available for mediumistic readings (Proof of Life After Death) or Clairvoyant Readings (Helping with Life Issues) at her home in Eastleigh, Hampshire UK. (Allow at least 2 hours travel from London) Jane can help with emotional issues, life guidance or give messages from the spirit world. Jane currently has appointments available. Private sittings are £75 weekdays and £85 on Saturdays.

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