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Psychic Test MandalaPSYCHIC IQ TEST
Psychic Test based upon real scientific research into Extra Sensory Perception ESP and Psychic Powers. Find out fast if you have the sixth sense.

Psychic Test MandalaNUMEROLOGY
- Discover your lucky Number. A big section about numerology with an online numerology calculator

A psychic guessing quiz to see if you have clairvoyant powers or can develop psychic powers quickly.

Psychic Test MandalaTELEPATHY TEST
Can you read minds? See if you have telepathic powers and can also work out how the test here works!

Pictures we see in random shapes such as cumulus clouds not only expose our inner most hopes and desires but are also important omens for the future.

This is a fun, quick test to see what your love bumps say about you. You'll need your head examined after this one!

Psychic Test CirclePSYCHIC LOVE TEST
Try our fun and ever-popular test for soul-mates. Lots more love tests to try. Online love quiz: THE LOVE TEST

Psychic Test CirclePAST LIFE TEST
Who were you in a past life. Follow this carefully devised test to ascertain your traits, characteristics and memories from your past life.

Psychic Test CircleSEE THE FUTURE
Do you have precognition and can see the future? This test will see if you have the powers of clairvoyance.

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More about Psychic Tests

The difference between me and you is that I know I’m psychic but you don’t. The truth is that everyone has psychic powers because they are the ancient means of communication that we used before language was invented. How many times have you answered the telephone and known who’s calling? Or have you ever had a sudden sense of foreboding about someone close to you and then later discovered that something has really upset them? These are everyday examples of how psychic powers are still at work today.

What are we testing?

The first men and women sensed the atmosphere of good or hostile places and could orientate themselves without maps. They also had an empathy with each others thoughts. Even now some primitive cultures, such as the aborigines, retain these skills and you may have even noticed these instinctive ESP abilities in your family pet! Animals such as cats and dogs still retain these mystical powers that many humans once had.

But  these powers are not really lost to us. Buried deep within you, these ancient skills are just waiting to be re-animated.

My personal experience, as a professional psychic, suggests that ESP abilities come from the irrational, non-verbal, right brain hemisphere. For example, when I've demonstrated mind reading on television. I've been able to describe the content of a target location being mentally projected by the audience but find it infuriatingly difficult to put a name to what I 'see'. ESP is a 'gut feeling'. It comes directly from the intuition and bypasses the side of the brain that uses words. Therefore if you want to discover your own psychic powers you must trust your intuition.

Testing for the Psychic Personality

Nobody really knows for certain why some people are psychic and others are not. However extensive studies have been carried out to see if there are common personality traits that psychic people have in common. These are not hard and fast rules but see if some of these qualities apply to you:

  • PERSONALITY: Are you bright and bubbly? Psychic researcher Betty Humphrey from Duke University, USA discovered that extrovert personalities displayed better ESP abilities than introverts. Experiments have concluded that outgoing, personalities score better results in tests than sombre, reflective types. It has also been shown that gamblers and risk takers display higher ESP abilities. Some may also be able to influence the fall of dice by psychokinesis.
  • SENSITIVITY: Are you easily hurt? A psychic person's mood is easily influenced by the people around them. They can sometimes feel vulnerable and may experience mood changes. Intense moods such as anger can trigger psychokinesis. You may be affecting machinery by the power of your mind.
  • CREATIVITY: Are you artistic. Imaginative, creative people, and particularly artists, score better in ESP tests than systematic thinkers. Some researchers believe that this is because psychics, like artists, predominantly use the right-hand side of the brain- the side that's responsible for intuition.
  • BELIEF: Do you believe that psychic powers are real? People who believe in ESP often score better in tests than skeptics. However, some skeptics have ESP abilities whether they like it or not and score significantly below chance in card tests. If no ESP were involved they would have only achieve a chance score.
  • PERCEPTION: Do you use the sixth sense? Some people can 'pick up' another’s thoughts and Experiments reveal that this telepathy appears to work over any distance. Or perhaps you have the clairvoyant ability to psychically perceive distant locations? This was dubbed 'remote viewing' by the CIA who employed psychics to spy on Soviet installations during the Cold War.
  • INTUITION:  Do you trust your intuition? Much of the information we get through intuition is gained clairvoyantly. If you finish people's sentences for them, you may be picking up their thoughts by telepathy. Women trust their intuition more than men: 85 per cent of people who report paranormal events are women.

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