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Free Love Test Game

How can I tell if he likes me? How can I tell if he loves me? Is it Love at first sight? Answer these simple love test questions by ticking the appropriate boxes then check your score on the next page to see if your score means you've scored. But think carefully and be honest- some of the questions in this love test may be more tricky than you think.

Q1: When you first met:

A: Did your heart pound, stomach churn and worst of all your cheeks looked the color of ripe tomatoes?
B: You felt an immediate kinship with him but physically you noticed nothing unusual about yourself.
C: You weren't sure at first and you're still not sure how you feel

Q2: How good looking is your partner?

A: Your bloke's a real hunk and you're the envy of every girl. Wow! He looks like a film star!
B: He looks a little like someone in your own family- even you perhaps?
C: He's no work of art but you fancy him even though you're not quite sure why.

Q3: How loved do you feel?:

A: Occasionally you feel a little insecure when you're with him. You're beginning to feel a bit possessive.
B: You can share your feelings with him and he responds lovingly.
C: You think he loves you but as soon as you express your feelings he starts giving you the cold shoulder

Q4: Do you like his mother?

A: You get on great.
B: She dominates him and interferes in your relationship.
C. She doesn't like you but he's all for you.

Q5: Can you anticipate what each other's thinking?

A: No, we both talk so much that neither of us can get a word in edge ways
B: Yes, we finish each other's sentences and often say the same thing at the same time.
C: Only when the television's switched off.

Q6: Do you share the same dreams?

A: I only have bad dreams about him and he snores like a battleship.
B: Yes we occasionally have similar dreams.
C: No but we share the same ideas.

Q7: Do you think your partner is attracted to you because:

A: You're intelligent, sensitive and good-looking.
B: You're the sexiest girl in town.
C: You're the life and soul of the party.

Q8: Do you believe that:

A: You were likely to meet because you have the same interests
B: You and your partner were brought together by fate- you were meant to be together.
C: You met, fancied each other- and that's the end of the story.

Q9: If your partner was disabled by an accident:

A: Would you stick by him?
B: Would you leave him?
C: Would you do the sensible thing and let him down gradually?

Q10 Does your partner:

A: Crack jokes all the time as if he's trying to impress you.
B. He's dead serious all the time and takes offence if you pull his leg.
C. He makes you laugh and you make him laugh.

Love Test Love Test

© Copyright Craig Hamilton-Parker

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