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Psychic IQ Test

Do you have a Psychic Personality?

Scientific tests for extra-sensory-perception (ESP) have suggested that certain types of personality are more psychic than others. This psychic test has been designed to identify your personality type and whether you are likely to have psychic abilities.

After the test you will be given a score and Craig will explain some of the scientific evidence to support these claims. Watch the short video before taking the test as it will help you understand the scientific theory behind this unique test.


Psychic IQ Test


Choose your replies from this simple Sixth Sense questionnaire to find out if you have Telepathy and ESP abilities or psychic personality traits? Note your answers and read what scientists have to say about your psychic personality on the answers page.

The Psychic IQ Test is taken from 'The Psychic Workbook' by Craig Hamilton-Parker. This material is copyright.

Q1: When the phone rings do you:

A: Sometimes know exactly who's unexpectedly calling?
B: Often make a guess at who's calling?
C: Never think about who it may be?

Q2: When you're angry or upset at work do you:

A: Systematically deal with the task at hand and experience no problems?
B: Notice that occasionally machinery breaks down.
C: Always find that faxes jam, computers crash and photocopiers go wrong?

Q3: If lost while driving in a strange town do you:

A: Immediately stop the car and consult a map?
B. Drive in what you guess is the general direction?
C: Follow your instincts and drive straight to the address?

Q4: Are you a person who:

A: Is the life and soul of the party?
B: Likes to express themselves but not excessively?
C: Prefers to keep their counsel?

Q5: When things go very, very wrong do you:

A: Become withdrawn or depressed?
B: Remain anxious but hopeful.
C. Brush off your troubles and maintain a high optimism.

Q6: When playing board quizzes involving chance do you:

A: Lose despite being careful.
B: Find that you're quite lucky?
C: Enjoy taking risks and feel that you influence the dice in your favour?

Q7: When you meet someone for the first time do you:

A: Form an immediate assessment of their personality?
B: Guess what they are really like?
C: Reserve judgment?

Q8: Are you:

A: Logical and systematic in your thinking?
B: Have good innovative ideas?
C: Extremely creative and artistic?

Q9: With new born babies do you:

A: Leave the care to someone else?
B: Wake from sleep just before they need feeding?
C: Know when an absent baby is upset?

Q10: When you sleep do you:

A: Dream in colour?
B: Never dream?
C: Occasionally dream of events that happen in reality?

Q11: Do you:

A: Keep an open mind about the existence of ESP?
B. Accept it as completely true?
C. Believe it's all a load of tripe?

Q12: When you gaze at cumulus clouds do you:

A: See the shapes of faces
B: See a multitude of changing pictures
C: See clouds.


© Copyright Craig Hamilton-Parker

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