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For psychic readings by email I usually use an oracle, and in particular the I Ching Oracle or tarot as a tool to compliment my clairvoyance. I will give a clairvoyant commentary to the oracle with specific reference to your questions and with suggestions for the best way forward.

If you opt for a psychic email reading I will need you to add your questions to the form below. As you are not with me, it is helpful if you can tell me a little bit about your situation and what you'd like to know about. You can ask as many questions as you like and I will endeavor to give you some insight. I may ask the oracles some of these questions but remember that the clearer your question the more likely you are to get a clear answer.

Some options about writing your psychic email form:

  • Yes/No questions are not a good idea as destiny is not set. I therefore do not predict the future rather I try and show you the best path to happiness and suggest the best things to do in the circumstances. It is better therefore to ask the oracles for guidance and ask what is the best thing you can do in a situation.
  • Your star sign and partner's star sign can prove helpful to me when I tune in.
  • You can also send a photo of yourself or someone important to the reading if you like. Mail photo as email attachment.
  • You can also include a dream as an optional addition to your reading. I find these useful as they can give an insight into what is troubling you as well as hint at possible solutions to your problems.
  • On the full psychic email reading you can ask a number of questions but I will take ONE as the primary focus for the reading and give shorter answers to the additional questions.
  • If you are looking for mediumship (Proof of life after death) you would be better to book a reading with me by phone. I do not do mediumistic readings by email although occasionally I may include a little in your reading if I feel it is appropriate.
  • I try to reply as quickly as I can but please allow up to 7 working days for your reply as I can sometimes get busy and email readings take a long time to write.

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As part of my reading I use the I Ching oracle. To get a clear answer I need a clear question. However this should NOT be something that requires a yes or no answer but needs to be more open so that the oracle can address bigger issues surrounding your problems..

So for example, a question like "Will my boyfriend come back?" is not quite right. It would be better to ask "I would like to know about what best to do regarding my separation from my boyfriend?"

Think about this carefully and you can then ask more or give more details below in the next box.

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If you have some background info you feel I need to know or other questions you'd also like me to address then add this info here.

You may ask other questions too though my replies to these will be less detailed than for the main question.

YOUR DREAMS (Optional)

Dreams and nightmares can reveal a lot about your problems and often suggest solutions.  You may want to include some of your recent dreams as part of the reading. This will give me an insight into your inner life and I may be able to reveal some of the healing themes and solutions that your dreams are expressing. I have written a number of best-selling books about dreams and had my own TV show in the USA about clairvoyant dream interpretation.


YOUR PHOTO (Optional)

You can also send a photo of yourself or someone important to the reading if you like.

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NOTE: All psychic readings are deemed for entertainment purposes only. Remember that you have free will and that the future is determined by your own actions. We do not accept any responsibility for any actions you may take as a result of your consultation. Please use your common sense and seek professional help (such as doctors, accountants, counselor and so on) when appropriate. Readings are not suitable for people who suffer from clinical depression or who are undergoing psychiatric therapy. I do not work with spell casting or other magic techniques.

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Craig's Psychic Email Reading Testimonials

"I am grateful for your professionalism in avoiding any
hocus pocus performance or spectacular predictions! It's really all about learning and growth, isn't it, rather than helpless reliance on the certainty of a future?"
Irene L

"Your reading is a great source of comfort and support for me. I am amazed at how accurate it is."
Emma M

Thank you so much for your advice Craig. I am amazed how right you are about many things: I am indeed working within financial services as a bank manager a role which I have carried out for 4 years prior to my career break. And as you said, I have just completed an extensive trip including stops in Australia and New Zealand. I have also stopped running which was a sport I very much enjoyed and miss a great deal.
Patricia D

"I have just read over my recent email reading once again and it brings such great confidence and joy to my heart! I cannot thank you enough for this! Once again some very clear verifications on your accuracy. I must also say that your rate is a good one for such a service."

"I thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are extremely gifted and I appreciate so much your kindness, honesty, and delicacy with which you delivered it to a mere stranger."
Janet M

"I couldn't begin to fathom how you knew the things you did, but the majority of what you said hit the nail straight on the head. I had a lot of confidence in you from the beginning, and you didn't let me down one bit."
Claire P

"Thank you very much for this psychic email reading. What you have seen happening in my life is incredible. It's exactly as you say."
Levina P

"One of the things that really hit home for me was your reference to the house. We were in the throws of a remodel at the time of his death -- and this was a big project for him -- that he took complete ownership of. I never referenced anything about the house to you -- but yet, he felt compelled to give you some words of encouragement for me pertaining to this topic. Craig, I was floored!"
Kareen A

"You pointed out that there was an association with a large building with two enormous trees in front and that is the place where I now live!"
Pamela S

"I would like to thank you for this email reading, a strange thing happened to me last night as I made a huge attempt to patch things up with my wife, I
actually felt for the first time how she felt and it was horrible."
Sean M

"Unlike you may think, you answered my question to a 100%. This was a confirmation to my own thoughts and feelings about the situation. Now I know I was right and that I was going (and I am going) the right direction. And I know that I am going to be happy with my wife soon and will make her happy."
Alex B

"Thank you so much for this, it makes so much sense and I thank you for making me smile again."
Laura M

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