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Biography of Craig Hamilton-Parker

Our Mission

Our mission is to set a higher standard of psychic practice through example. We do this by demonstrating accurate mediumship that includes verifiable facts and evidence of life after death.

We deliver our work in a spirit of cheerfulness and compassion. Our workshops and theater demonstrations raise funds for our spiritual cause. This is primarily to build spiritual centers where people can learn and practice safe mediumship. As part of this remit we have set up the Hamilton Parker Foundation that does extensive work in India helping the poor and destitute.

Example of our work in India can be seen on the Foundation Page and in the movie MYSTIC JOURNEY TO INDIA that can be seen in full on Amazon Prime TV.

In our book 'Messages from the Universe' Craig explains how an India Maharishi from 5,000 years ago left a personal message in a palm leaf oracle with instructions about our future spiritual mission.

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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker (born January 24, 1954), is a British author, television personality and professional psychic medium. He is best known for his TV shows Our Psychic Family, The Spirit of Diana and Nightmares Decoded. On television he usually works with his wife Jane Hamilton-Parker who is also a psychic medium.

Born in Southampton UK, Hamilton-Parker says he was convinced at an early age that he was mediumistic. He became a well known as a platform medium within Spiritualism and in 1994 left his job as advertising executive to become the resident psychic on Channel 4 television’s The Big Breakfast making predictions for upcoming news stories.

He wrote a regular psychic advice column for The Scottish Daily Record and regular features for The Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror and The People. His first book about the psychic genre was published in 1995.


Craig Hamilton-Parker’s career as a psychic medium has been closely associated with his family and wife Jane. Soon after they met, Craig gave up his career as Chief Executive for an Advertising agency and Jane her job as a psychiatric nurse to pursue a career as mediums.

To earn a living they gave private readings and Craig wrote psychic news columns and 15 books for the US publisher Sterling (an imprint of Barnes and Noble USA). Craig Hamilton-Parker has also written extensively about dream, interpretation. His book The Hidden Meaning of Dreams (Sterling ISBN 0-8069-7773-6) became a best seller and he has hosted the US TV Show Nightmares Decoded. (Biography Channel)

Television Shows and Film

The Big Breakfast (Channel 4 1994-5) – Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker were the resident psychics predicting ‘Next Week’s News Today’. Their weekly item ran for one year and was anchored by Paula Yates

Mystic Challenge (Living TV 2000) Craig Hamilton-Parker appeared on 5 shows on this psychic game show hosted by Paul Ross

The Spirit of Diana (American Television  2003) – The couple claimed to contact the spirit of the dead Princess Diana for live American television.  The programme was considered highly controversial and attracted press criticism. It was banned from broadcast in the UK by the ITC. It has been published on DVD as “A Séance to Contact The Spirit of Diana” (2003 ASIN: B0000DK4R7)

Mediums Talking to the Dead (BBC 2 September 2004) Made as a series of three one hour programmes by BBC Everyman Series the documentary followed the Hamilton-Parker’s work as mediums for one year and their work training other novice mediums. 

Enemies of Reason (Channel 4 2007) Craig Hamilton-Parker argued the case for mediumship as the proof life after death with biologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins ends his study arguing that mediumship is based on arguments that are untestable, private, subjective anecdotes, and compares this to religious belief.

Nightmares Decoded (Biography Channel USA 2012) Craig Hamilton-Parker is the anchor man for new pilot Series that uses clairvoyance and psychology to interpret the meanings of nightmares.

Our Psychic Family (Biography Channel 2008-12) An observational documentary series follows the day to day lives of husband and wife team Craig and Jane as well as their supernatural family life.


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