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Craig and Jane have been proponents of mediumship throughout their lives. They are ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. Craig and Jane have been the subject of numerous television programs. For 'The Spirit of Diana' they gave irrefutable proof of survival from Princess Diana to her close friends and confidants.

They have had their own TV series called 'Our Psychic Family' and were Channel 4's Big Breakfast Psychics. They have had shows on BBC TV including a favorable three part documentary series for BBC2 Everyman titles 'Mediums Talking to the Dead'. Recently their movie 'Mystic Journey to India' was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France and is now screening on Amazon Prime. You can follow their work on YouTube.

Hailed as the world’s most accurate mediumistic couple, husband and wife team Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker have taken part in hundreds television programs all over the world as well as having their own series in the UK and USA. Craig recently featured as the astrologer in the movie Cristiano Ronaldo: World at His Feet and made the feature film Mystic Journey to India.

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Mystic Journey to India – Craig goes to India to investigate the secret lost oracle. He discovers ways to change destiny, journeys to places westerners never go, does magical rituals and helps the poor and destitute. He meets extraordinary people including a holy man who can sleep in a pit of fire. Mystic Journey to India was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.


Cristiano Ronaldo: The World at His Feet – Craig was stared as the sports astrologer for this feature film that follows the footballer from his beginnings in Portugal, breakthrough start with Manchester United and current career at Real Madrid.


The Big Breakfast (Channel 4 1994-5) – Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker were the resident psychics predicting ‘Next Week’s News Today’. Their weekly item ran for one year and was anchored by Paula Yates. They soon found themselves in demand for interviews, debates and programs about the paranormal.


The Spirit of Diana (American Television 2003) – The couple claimed to contact the spirit of the dead Princess Diana for live American television.  The program was considered highly controversial and attracted press criticism. It was banned from broadcast in the UK by the ITC. It has been published on DVD as “A Séance to Contact the Spirit of Diana” (2003 ASIN: B0000DK4R7)

Craig and Jane were called to make a psychic travelogue to visit Paris, London and New York to make contact with the spirit of Princess Diana. This was a three hour mainstream American TV special with an additional live show that was simultaneously screened in the US and UK. Together with friends and confidants of Diana, Craig and Jane gave astonishing proofs and messages from Diana's spirit that were verified by the sitters. The program was franchised to channels all over the world and made front page news in the UK and in the New York Post.


Mediums Talking to the Dead (BBC 2 September 2004) Made as a series of three one hour programs by BBC Everyman Series the documentary followed the Hamilton-Parker’s work as mediums for one year and their work training other novice mediums.

Their Psychic School was the topic of this favorable three-part, peak-time documentary for BBC 'Everyman' which followed their daily lives and theatre work. Soon after this they were commissioned for their own TV series on the Biography Channel called ‘Our Psychic Family’.


Craig anchored and demonstrated mediumship for a major TV series in the United States about dreams and clairvoyance. The couple have also had programs made exclusively about them in Iceland, Greece, South Korea and Japan. Today they have a celebrity following in Beverly Hills and work intermittently for American and British TV.


Mystic Challenge (Living TV 2000) Craig Hamilton-Parker appeared on 5 shows on this psychic game show hosted by Paul Ross.


Enemies of Reason (Channel 4 2007) Craig Hamilton-Parker argued the case for mediumship as the proof life after death with biologist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins ends his study arguing that mediumship is based on arguments that are untestable, private, subjective anecdotes, and compares this to religious belief.


Craig has been hired as a consultant and presenter for the following movies: The Sixth Sense, House on Haunted Hill, The Gift, The Others, Darkness Falls and Jeepers Creepers. He has also been a guest speaker for Superdrug, Learn Direct, B&Q, Top Shop, SyFy Channel and The National Geographic Channel.


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