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2018 psychic predictions
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Predictions by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Below are some of the correct psychic predictions made in 2018 together with the original list of predictions made every year.

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2018 Psychic Predictions Video by Craig

Psychic Predictions for 2018


These are my psychic predictions for 2018. The predictions are recorded to YouTube and posted on my website on 18th September 2017. They have been emailed to my editor at Fate & Fortune Magazine. I will also talk about the predictions I have got right and those that are wrong.

2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather. (Correct 10/10 2018 has seen unprecedented hurricanes and weather) I am making these predictions in September 2017  Sometimes the things that I ‘see’ may happen further ahead and – as I am not infallible – I sometimes get things wrong.


Review of 2017 plus predictions made for 2018.


Environmental Predictions 2018

The environment is top of my list because I feel 2018 will see unprecedented earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and ferocious weather. (Correct 10:10 Sadly, Jan 2018 we have seen the start of this) I have been saying for some years that we can expect this – not just because of global warming but also because of the increased activity of the Sun. (Maybe – the Sun is showing strange sunspot activity. See the strange tale of growing sunspot AR 2720.) We have seen terrible hurricanes but I feel there is worse to come.

Volcanic Eruptions

I said there would be a big eruption in Iceland and India soon – which has not happened yet. However, in September 2016 I said in my predictions on my website and on my YouTube video: “I see volcanic problems around Italy around the area of Vesuvius and maybe the Island of Ischia.” (See also Hawaii prediction below) (Correct 10/10 Naples has had some of the worst earthquakes in many years. See Express 17 August 2018) Could I have been seeing Mount Etna?

Ischia Earthquake

Sadly, that prediction came true to the letter as there was a deadly 4.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Ischia on the 21st August 2017. This prediction hit home as my daughter and her young family were in Naples and had considered a day trip to Ischia on that day. Fortunately, they were okay though sadly Ischia saw a lot of destruction and deaths. Perhaps my personal connection allowed me to make this correct prophecy.

US Floods

I said, “The USA experiences a serious drought during the summer of 2017 while Europe has flooded.” This did happen but I did not directly predict the Hurricanes – I should have ‘seen’ this too. Which should remind us all that psychics are fallible!

For 2017 I also spoke about a ‘toxic cloud over Norway’. This was wrong but I may have been seeing something closer to home here in the UK when we had a mysterious toxic cloud over the White Cliffs of Dover and an emergency evacuation of the beaches. Update: The prediction was correct. I did not see it in the News in the UK. See Independent Article here


  • The eruption of Vesuvius and the evacuation of Naples. (Correct 5/10 Naples has had some of the worst earthquakes in many years. See Express 17 August 2018) Could I have been ‘seeing’ the massive Mount Etna eruptions that I had mistaken for Vesuvius? However, I was Wrong 0/10 about Evacuation of Naples. Also, there’s a serious earthquake in New Zealand. Wrong 0/10) In fact, 2018 will see a general increase in seismic activity worldwide and in unexpected places that have been earthquake free for a millennium.  Correct 10/10There have even been earthquakes in Lancashire in the UK. See In 2017 for 2018 video, I also mention Hawaii (Correct 10:10already we are seeing unprecedented worldwide seismic activity and earthquakes.) Note I also predicted on the Russian Television and on the YouTube video that we would have unprecedented earthquakes including Hawaii)
  • The Southern seas will be impassable in places due to a massive break of ice shelf from Antarctica. Happening – 2018 has seen unprecedented melt – particularly in Greenland but  I am Wrong about the impassable sea.
  • Wildfires in California (CORRECT 10/10: Prediction was made in Sept 2017 Daily Telegraph Biggest Fire in a century. and Australia with flooding in India (CORRECT 10/10: Kerala has worst flooding in 100 years ) and China. More to come with record hurricanes in the Caribbean.


The collective thoughts and will of all of us can become a remedy. Mystics say that earthquakes are the result of bad karma caused by mankind’s disrespect for Nature. As well as taking practical care of the environment we should see Nature as a conscious force and be inspired by her wonder. We can draw on the vibratory power of nature for our protection and wellbeing.

2018 World Conflicts and Terrorism

My main predictions in this area made in 2016 for 2017 was that North Korea would become the focus of world attention and conflict. My main prediction about this last year said: “Kim Jong-un will be fall from power later in the year – maybe December 2017 or January 2018” I know it looks like we are on the brink of war but my feeling is that he will be deposed by his own people.  This remains part of my predictions for the time ahead. WRONG 0/10 (But maybe this will happen in due course) I also spoke of an arms race happening in the Far East and provocation from China forcing Japan to initiate an arms race. We saw provocations from China so this prediction is still on the cards. I also predicted a “serious threat of escalating conflict between China and India” – which has happened.

I also predicted, “conflicts between China and the USA as satellite computers are hacked”. This has happened politically but also through cyberwar and extensive hacking.

Last time I spoke about right-wing riots in Germany. This too has happened and will continue to get worse through 2018. There will continue to be a cultural division within Germany and France and they will see worsening racial troubles and riots ahead. (CORRECT 10/10 Riots in Germany see 27th August “Guardian protests in the eastern city of Chemnitz” ) Correct 10/10 Paris, France has seen riots in December. See Guardian “Blind Anger on the Streets of Paris” )

Followers of my predictions will know I predicted the Arab Spring and the first ‘’Je suis Charlie’ atrocities in Paris. On my page and the video about the Middle East I saw the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq – a process that is happening but, as I explained, Syria will be left almost uninhabitable.  I also predicted that Syria would be partitioned. So far, this has not happened but there are now strong indications that this could eventually happen.


  • A trade embargo with North Korea will fail. The US will strike at the railway line and bridge to disrupt imports. I had a prophetic dream of four tall towers destroyed by jet fighters. They looked a bit like mosque minarets but on waking, I took them to be industrial, possibly bridge supports.  Wrong: 0/10 (So far the embargo and peace deal have held. This prediction is still a possibility but not for 2018)
  • His own people will depose Kim Jong-un. His body is not found and some claim that he survives and flees to hide in China. (Not Yet
  • Last year I predicted a ‘world flu epidemic’ toward the end of 2017 or the start of 2018. I feel this could still happen. (10/10 Correct:‘worst killer flu’ in 50 years” – Headline: The Sun 5th Jan 2018.) There may be a link to biological warfare seeded in multiple countries by North Korea working with a terrorist group. (Happening? “Reports Pyongyang is testing biological weapons for use on ballistic missiles.” Sky Television 27th Dec 2017 – these predictions were posted in October 2017)
  • America makes a big military commitment to Japan as the country’s pacifist mandate is withdrawn. Japan pays to hire American missile defense services. Wrong 0/10 Japan has not withdrawn its pacifist mandate.
  • Ukraine is accused of the illegal sale of missiles and nuclear technology. Wrong: 0/10 Or is it? Rumors suggest that Ukraine may be making weapon deals. (See the Express 26 November 2018: World war 3 alerts)
  • Massive Bitcoin fraud uncovered and thwarted that funds terrorism and war. A well-known American company is involved in the scandal. Correct 5/10 Part right so far but I also see a well-known company implicated. See Reuters 4th Oct 2017
  • Terrorists make an airborne chemical weapon gas attack by multiple drones on a European capital city. This could be London or Berlin – or both. (Correct 10/10 London Gatwick Airport was attacked by multiple Drones. The Sun 21 December 2018: ISIS Drone Attacks. Also, August 4th drone strike terrorist attack on Venezuelan president failed attempt.)
  • Last year I predicted a chemical attack on a school. Fortunately, I was wrong but I still feel that a school attack is imminent. I feel it will be thwarted at the last minute. (Correct 10/10 – 2018 has seen an astonishing number of gun attacks on schools. Some were thwarted some were not. See CNN 25th May 2018)


The Oracle of the I Ching says “the best way to combat evil is perseverance in the good”. This can work in our own lives and has an energetic effect on reality itself. Collectively, we should look at horrible people like Kim Jong-un, the terrorist losers, the greedy business people and the perverted priests and be inspired to do the absolute opposite. When we see the disgusting things they do, we should go out into the world and do acts of kindness. We don’t have to spend money for we can create great energy by actively being kind and compassionate in our daily lives. This does good of course, but on an energetic level consciously doing acts of kindness is tremendously powerful and can change the world. We forget our latent powers in this time of Kali Yuga but every one of us has the powers of the Sathya Yuga – the Golden Age – within us.

World Economic Predictions 2018

In my previous predictions, I said: “2017 sees Italy in serious economic problems. There will be a meltdown in the Italian Banks which will pull the Euro down with it.” His has started to happen as Italy was forced to bail out two of it’s banks for 5.2 billion Euros. I am making this video in 2017 so more may yet happen this year and I believe the Italian Banks will trigger more problems in 2018. I did however also predict much greater consequences than we have seen so far. Maybe I’m wrong but I see great economic problems in Europe and others worldwide. I have included these now for 2018 as this is a process that has started and will continue. For 2017 I predicted that there would be a stock market fall and recovery at the time of the eclipse of August 21st 2017. This was not enough to affect the long-term economy but there was a significant fall and recovery.


  • An Italian Banking Crisis causes chaos in Italy and many lose their homes. (HAPPENINGSee  “Italian debt crisis threatens to destroy the euro” – Daily Express May 2018)
  • The Euro will plummet and towards the end of 2018 and into 2019 there will be riots as the steep economic decline takes hold. Correct 10/10 Paris Riots over the economy. December 2018 Euro has not taken a steep decline yet.
  • The UK and the USA will be hit by the weak Euro but their economies will bounce back quickly and the pound and dollar will be seen as safe havens for international money and investment. Wrong 0/10
  • I got it wrong in 2017 when I said “Denmark and Italy pull out of EU as Euro crashes” but again I think I’ve got my timing wrong and this is still on the cards. (0/10 WRONG)
  • Overall 2018 will be a bad year for the world economies. We will see some major brands in trouble. (10/10 Correct Brands in trouble include: HMV, Poundworld, Maplin and TotsRUs. See Daily Mirror Brands in Trouble. Also, see February 2018 Dow Crash prediction in USA section. Brands in trouble 2018: Carillion, Joe Bloggs Clothing,  East. M&S and Tesco sales seriously down at Christmas. US Economy also had problems in December 2018 See:  as well as Asian stocks falling. See CNN ‘Asia Stocks Fall after Wall Street’s Christmas Crash’


Economic troubles are caused by the energy of greed. The law of karma means that this will set up a situation that will fly back to us like a cosmic boomerang. We cannot stop the greed of the few fat cats and ruling elite who cream off the best for themselves but in our own lives, we can try to live more simply. If we cease craving the fruits of our actions we actually attract prosperity and happened into our lives.  Giving and forgiving really does work.

USA Psychic Predictions for 2018

My predictions hit the news sites and featured in the national newspapers when in 2015 I predicted the presidency of Donald Trump. Last year I said that Hillary Clinton will drop out of politics. She’s still hanging in there but has recently expressed a desire to become a religious preacher. It looks like her time in politics is coming to a close. I also stated in my predictions for 2017 that America becomes a nation divided between East and West and that there would be riots on the streets. America is certainly a divided nation but I was wrong in my prediction that troops from neighboring neutral Canada would be asked to help quell unrest.


  • An attempt to impeach Donald Trump in mid-2018 fails. He becomes more popular as a result. (HAPPENING NOW)
  • Donald Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with the UK in advance of Brexit that will shake the EU. The deal will concern arms, high tech services, and the motor industry. (HAPPENING NOW)
  • The Mexico border wall will not be built. It will instead consist of drones and sensors. (Wrong. It is being built but not at the pace expected. Trump is having problems getting funding. )
  • The US will lose the trade in the East as China and Russia form a military (CORRECT 10/10 Russia hosts its biggest-ever war games, includes Chinese militaryand economic alliance in response to the North Korean crisis and US protectionism.
  • An explosion causes a US warship to sink. This could be a mine or a terrorist operation. (CORRECT 1/10 This is not quite what I had in mind but I guess it’s more or less correct. The Racine and the Sioux sank in war exercise.)
  • The dollar takes a tumble in February but will recover. US economy has problems with inflation and over-valued stocks. Google stocks fall. 10/10 CORRECT February sees worst fall in the Dow since 2008. CNN: 6th Feb – Dow’s nearly 1,600-point plunge marks its biggest one-day point drop ever.
  • Melania Trump together with the Trump grandchildren releases a song to help raise funds for a charitable cause. 8/10 Correct (Certainly very close I think: Trump’s granddaughter sings in Mandarin for Xi Jinping
  • The US will rent nuclear weapons to Japan. Wrong
  • There will be a big fire in Las Vegas. 8/10 CORRECT The ‘fire’ was gunfire as well as a fire in the hotel room where the gunman took aim. “Gunman Opens Fire in Las Vegas” – Reuters


The USA is a religious nation that has been misguided by religious fundamentalism and a literal reading of Christian doctrine. From a spiritual standpoint, the USA is suffering from fear and intolerance that results in social and spiritual division. A belief in a loving God should not divide but unite people and have tolerance for those on alternative paths. Spiritually minded people in the USA can influence their nation’s path with thoughts of tolerance and acceptance of all cultures and faiths. Hope and prayer are not enough for, as they say in India, hands that help are greater than lips that pray.

UK Psychic Predictions for 2018

In 2016 for my 2017 predictions made through the Sun Newspaper online I correctly predicted a Tory Government but did not foresee the comeback of Jeremy Corbyn. My main prediction was that there would arise a new political party made up of politicians from all of the other parties. This has not happened yet but it has become a serious issue that is now in the news. I believe this will continue to become a news story and we will eventually see a new party formed. I also spoke about a landmark going up in flames in London. I saw this to be the Houses of Parliament but I was wrong about this. However, there was a huge fire in a landmark building with the Grenfell tower fire and some have commented here that this is probably what I ‘saw’. Others have said that this could be a symbol for the Westminster Bridge terrorist attacks.

UK Psychic Predictions for 2018:

  • There will be a hard Brexit but, pressed by Germany, Europe will relent at the last moment and allow a trade deal. Junker loses face and ‘retires’. Britain strikes its own cross-border deal with Ireland despite objections from the EU. Happening?
  • There will be many strikes urged on by Jeremy Corbyn who will lose support from voters. (CORRECT 10/10 Corbyn’s popularity ‘ ratings drop to lowest level since General Election’ see Daily Express 1st May 2018)
  • Theresa May will stay in power. (Still There)
  • The UK will thrive despite world economic problems. Correct: The UK is doing well despite Brexit problems.
  • A new Car factory will be opened in the UK backed by government money. (CORRECT: 8/10 Car industry being given a financial boost for electric and zero-emission cars by Government) It may carry the logo of a top brand such as Aston Martin. (CORRECT 10/10 Aston Martin makes 50 million investment in St. Athan facility, Wales)  It will produce a new electric car for the mass market to challenge the Volkswagen. (CORRECT: 10/10 Dyson announce new Car Company 27 Sept 2017. See BBC Article Aston Martin involvement not in news yet though)
  • Many high-tech companies will move to Britain. Britain will lead the world in innovation and a new form of energy production will be discovered in 2018. Happening See: the UK becomes the Tec Unicorn of Europe.
  • Prince Harry will announce his engagement. (CORRECT 10/10: Prediction was made in Sept 2017 Telegraph: Harry and Meghan announced engagement 27th Nov 2017.) Note also I said in the video that Meghan is pregnant as she walks up the aisle. We need to check her dates!
  • A new political party will be formed. (Already made this prediction in 2016) Happening? – a lot of talk in the press now about this.
  • There will be a terrorist attack on a British Motorway in which a gunman shoots people held up by a deliberate traffic accident. Wrong I expected this to be a major incident. However, a gunman did close the M6 motorway on 21 Dec 2018 See Daily Mail
  • Airline goes bust 10/10 CORRECT –  Monarch Airlines goes bust 2nd October 2017 see article Sun


When someone like me makes a prophecy, we do sometimes ‘see’ things about to happen in the future and get the general feel of what will happen right but not all of it. I have to say that also when the unconscious mind impresses something into the medium’s consciousness it can be in an exaggerated form. These things work in a similar way to dreams that use allegory, symbolism, metaphor, and exaggeration to impress a point on the conscious mind. This is not an excuse, it is just the way it works and applies as much to me as Nostradamus, John Dee, Edgar Cayce or anyone else who has the gift of prophecy.

So when you hear of predictions that may be worrying, remember that the psychic’s unconscious mind may get things right but may also be painting a blacker picture than what will really happen. I really do believe that the times we are going through now and in the near-future are actually a prelude to the beginning of a better age when people of good character rule the world and individuals attain a higher level of consciousness, understanding, and compassion. The Golden Age will dawn within us and for many, it is already happening.

Other Psychic Predictions for 2018

In my last predictions, I said that Shakespeare’s bones would be analyzed to show he’s been poisoned. This has not happened. I also predicted that a kidnap attempt would be attempted on the pope. Wrong on that one I’m sorry to say. I got it right about the launch of new virtual reality games and augmented reality did take huge strides as predicted. You may remember I predicted that a giant squid would make the news. I felt a bit silly even suggesting this but giant squid have made the news and the Russians found something really weird under the ice! Maybe in 2018 she’ll have babies that will march on Washington!

Now here are my additional predictions for 2018

  • India Pakistan conflict. Wrong for 2018 but  CORRECT 10/10 for 2019 SEE: Kashmir bombing Sky News Friday 22 February 2019.  (This is also included in my YouTube video about Predictions for India 2019.
  • Pollution kills a colony of rare birds – puffins maybe. (10/10 CORRECT Puffins are all over the news because of a sudden drop in Puffin numbers. They may go extinct in Britain. See  Daily Telegraph 23 May 2018)
  • Cyber attacks Correct

New 2018 Predictions:

  • Danger at Balmoral – (added on 13 January 2018) Wrong My dreams sometimes prove true so have added this: I dreamed of being at the Queen’s Balmoral Estate and talking to a Scotsman gamekeeper. The man had the face of a dog covered in ginger hair.  He says the estate is safe but I show him three silver darts and say that these could be used for assassination.  It is then repeated that it is a secure estate.  I point to a wall with hate graffiti and threats to the queen. “So how did that get there?” I say. This dream may, of course, be my fervent imagination. Nonetheless, I post it here today as was such a vivid dream and maybe an insight into a future event.
  • Meghan Markle is pregnant as she walks up the aisle. Correct 10/10? (A pregnancy has been announced and to me, it looks like it could show she was pregnant as she walked up the aisle?) An announcement for her pregnancy will be made later but they will change the dates to make it seem she fell pregnant after marrying Harry.  They will say the baby came early.  Let’s see (Added in out YouTube Video posted on Friday 18th May. This prediction was made by both Craig and Jane )

Are we at the Mercy of Fate?

So are we at the fiat of fate and going to be helplessly at the mercy of these events? We can change our personal fate and the fate of the world by harnessing the power of consciousness that I spoke about at the start of this piece. Thoughts are things and can influence future events. If they are powerful enough and fueled by compassion then they will protect you personally but also influence the course of history.

The Beatles got it right when they said: “With our Love, we can change the world”. Have we forgotten? Look at the negative forces in this world. As far as I can see there’s not much FUN in Islamic or Christian Fundamentalism. Kim Jong-un is a spoilt brat and he’s not much fun either. Most of the politicians and businesses are driven by self-interest and greed and religion too hides many dark forces. There’s selfishness everywhere. You can see it in the big things like wars and world events but also in the little things like the way people drive, or jump queues at the checkout, grab opportunities that were earned by others.

Where is the Love? Where are the compassion and kindness?


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