Advance and Remote Clairvoyance Techniques

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Advance and Remote Clairvoyance

Article about advance clairvoyance and remote viewing techniques by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

Many people find it hard to believe that it is possible for a medium to pick up information about someone they are not sitting with or have never met, but this is exactly what happens in many forms of reading. This is often called advance and remote clairvoyance. For example, on my website I have sometimes given mediumistic readings by email. All I have to go by is a few simple questions, so I have to rely entirely on remote clairvoyance, that is, clairvoyance done with the sitter absent. One example that comes to mind was for Stojanka, a woman from the former Yugoslavia who asked by email a series of very specific questions about the person in the spirit with whom she wished to communicate. She set what I initially thought was an impossible task, but which proved to be a good example of how very detailed mediumship can work even when the sitter isn’t present:

Advanced Remote Mediumship

Stojanka asked, “What is the secret code that I told to my father?” In reply I gave her the colour red and the postal code and number (six numbers) of her father’s army garrison. The secret code between the father and daughter was the same number I had quoted together with the words red fox. I didn’t get the fox part, but taken with the other correct answers, such as my description of her father’s unusual car—an Opel Olympia—and how her sister died in the snow, I believe that the evidence points to a proof of life after death. The intriguing thing about this example is that all this came via email and without me ever meeting, seeing, or talking to Stojanka. (I did meet her sometime later when she flew to the U.K. for a reading.)

Giving Advance Clairvoyance

Through remote clairvoyance it is also possible to provide information for someone whom the medium may never meet through a proxy who receives it on behalf of the absent friend. Just as it is possible to make a spirit communication remotely, it is also possible to write down a reading for someone in advance of meeting them. Try the following experiment in advance clairvoyance.

Advance ClairvoyanceAdvance Clairvoyance have been a part of our site seminars

How to Do Advanced Clairvoyance

  • Step 1. If the circle leader has arranged to have a guest for the following week, an announcement should be made to that effect, but the leader should be careful not to give away any information about the mystery person. Everyone who is coming to the next meeting will write notes or draw pictures in their spiritual diaries to bring with them.
  • Step 2. At home the circle members meditate at a convenient time and write any impressions they receive about the guest into their spiritual diaries. If there is no guest for the upcoming week, then they write information that may relate to other members of the circle and to their family and friends. Messages can be passed on and confirmed or denied in future weeks.
  • Step 3. At the next meeting, after the “sitting for spirit” session, each person takes a turn to read aloud his or her notes. The guest will confirm or negate any facts being given. If while reading out their notes the circle member feels he or she would like to give more information, they can, with the permission of the group leader, give a short psychic or mediumistic reading at this time.

Working with Advance Psychic Messages

Advance clairvoyance is a good way to get everyone in the circle working. At the early stages of development it feels much easier to write something down at home than to make a link while everyone is watching you. Yet although it is a less intimidating way to work, advance clairvoyance is, in fact, one of the purest forms of mediumship you can achieve. It is not influenced by body language, facial expressions, or appearances. There is no opportunity to inadvertently feed back information that has already slipped out, and there is no chance of mind reading or picking up information from the person’s aura. If information has been correctly given about a spirit person by advance clairvoyance there is only one way the medium could have gotten it—and that is straight from the spirit communicator.

Have you worked with the technique of advance and remote clairvoyance? Maybe you have tried one of these techniques in Spiritualist Church or on my chat rooms. Please share your tips with us below as we are always pleased to get feed back.

Developing your Gift

If you would like to know more about advance and remote clairvoyance then you can read much more in my book Psychic School where I suggest many more psychic experiments like this for you to try on your own or with a group. It will get you started with giving psychic readings. In my psychic shop section you’ll also see my books about topics such as Tarot Reading and interpreting the Tarot Cards and loads of other techniques to get the best from your readings.

How to become a psychic or medium:

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