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The Akashic Record and Halls of Learning

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker – The term Akashic Record comes from the word ‘akasha’ and is a Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or “aether“. The akashic records are considered by Spiritualists to the the collective knowledge of all human experience that are retained in the etheral world. This would include the history of mankind and the universe. In this article I explain how the spirit encounters the Akashic Record in the Heavenly worlds and may have a tangible experience as the Halls of Learning.  

Craig talks about the Akashic Record


“And then it struck me that we are all children of Earth. It does not matter what country you look at. We are all Earth’s children, and should treat her as our Mother.”–Aleksandr Aleksandrov (Soviet Cosmonaut)

There is a “state of being” in the afterlife where you will have access to the accumulated knowledge of the ages. You will not only be able to look into the story of your own life and relive every experience but you will also be able to see the complete narrative of the universe. Recorded in the vibrations of the cosmos is a record of everything that has happened.

Imagine what it would be like to see the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, or to witness the birth of civilization. How would you react to the carnage of the Roman Coliseum, the butchery of Genghis Khan, or the death camps of the World War II? Imagine what it would be like to witness moments of great scientific breakthrough, or feel the inspiration of the great artists? And, more important than the external history of civilization, how would you react to the inner evolution of humanity? You may ask yourself how much–or little–your life on earth contributed to a better world.

Now, as I have been at pains to point out, you will experience these stupendous things in a form that is easy for you to assimilate. You may experience it as a place. Some have called it the “great memory,”’ the “Akashic record,” or the “spiritual libraries.” Mystics, mediums, and visionaries differ sometimes in the detail, but the following is based upon the general consensus. You may interpret this place according to your own understanding as the “mind stuff” molds to your own individual perceptions.

When you encounter the halls of learning, you will be astonished at its scale. At first you may see it as a distant city on the horizon with its towers cutting into the strange incandescent skies of the afterlife. You may see stately buildings surrounded by magnificent gardens and trees. Some have spoken of the wonderful pools of glittering water that surround this place. You may look in wonder at them as they reflect every shade of every celestial colour some of which we have no names for here on earth.

As you move closer you will see that the streets are not bustling with life like the cities you have known. Instead, there is an unhurried atmosphere of contemplation and thoughtfulness. The buildings themselves are constructed according to the traditions of all the great cultures. There are the domes of Islam, the pillars of Greece and Rome, the stupas of India, the libraries of Alexandra, and the grandiose buildings of universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. You may also see modern structures and futuristic buildings. This place is a manifestation of the very essence of knowledge and learning.

The Divisions of the Halls of Learning

As with everything in the afterlife, the organization of this place is perfect. If you wish to know about a specific subject in the Akashic record you are drawn immediately to the source of the knowledge you need. You may suddenly find yourself inside one of the buildings and meeting one of the experts in the particular field you want to know about. A room will materialize around you, one perfectly suited to your disposition and the questions you want to ask. For example, if you want to know about alchemy you may find yourself in an alchemists’ laboratory from the Middle Ages. If literature is your chosen subject, you may meet your wise man or woman in a vast library of old books.

The halls of learning have many departments and sections that manifest according to the needs of each lecture or study. You will not think of this as a strange world, for the transition into these states will feel familiar and natural. Like educational establishments, the areas of the halls of learning have various sections and departments.

The Akashic Record

In the Heavenly worlds the Akashic Records may be a tangible experience of place.

The Art Section

As a young man, I lived for some years as a painter and had a number of exhibitions around the UK. Unfortunately, circumstances made it impossible to complete the artistic career that once drove me so powerfully. I am sure that when my days on earth are done, one of the first things I will seek out in the next world is the afterlife haunts of artists.

Nestled among the halls of learning is a section that Spiritualists have called the “domain of artistic inspiration.” They are gleaming halls where you will see the great masters at work as they are inspired by direct attunement with divine inspiration. The contemporary medium James Van Praagh describes this place succinctly: “It is here where these mediums of God’s divine light synthesize and transform creative energy into materialized expressions of colours and words. These paintings are truly inspirational moments of colour. One not only can view these works of art, but also completely feel all the love that flows from them.”

The Science Section

Earthly science is the systematic study of the material world. When a scientist encounters the paradoxical world of the afterlife plane, they inevitably have to make many adjustments to their conception of the world. For many with cherished materialistic beliefs it may be difficult to accept that reality has this other facet. Shifting from an existence where the objective world is the reality to a state where the inner world takes precedent may be very difficult for some scientifically trained minds.

Nonetheless, the scientist who is truly in search of truth will see the afterlife world as a wonderful opportunity to continue their exploration of reality. According to many spirit guides, knowledge, like God, is infinite, so science cannot ever come to a final “all and everything” conclusion to the mystery of existence.

The scientific experiments that are undertaken in the afterlife are divorced from those that are conducted in the physical world because, at this level of being, the people are concerned with the expression of the spirit rather than the study of matter. However, a scientist may apply the methodology he learned on earth to understanding the nature of the afterlife reality, as similar natural laws apply to both realities.

In the areas of the halls of learning dedicated to science, there is continuous experimentation to understand the nature of existence. And, just as we only have part of the truth in this world, in the spiritual realms there is still a great deal to discover and understand.

As the earth world is evolving, so too is the afterlife world.

The Literature Section

There are some people who have claimed that there is a special language in heaven. This idea was proposed during medieval times, and there is a somewhat dubious practice today of speaking in tongues. The Bible has references to these heavenly writings. For example Ezekiel (ii. 9, 10) says: “When I looked, behold a hand put forth by a spirit to me; and in it the roll of a book which he unfolded in my sight; and it was written on the front and on the back.”

According to the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, writing in the 1740s, the words are written in a special language that appears upon the page as the writer thinks them. (I would certainly find this handy.) Swedenborg says: “A little paper was once sent to me from heaven, on which were written only a few words in Hebrew characters, and it was said that every letter involved arcana of wisdom; and that those arcana were contained in the inflections and curvatures of the letters, and thus also in the sounds.”

Swedenborg considered this to be divine language. He also claimed that this language was known to the ancients before the invention of writing as we know it. It is an angelic language. Its vowels express affections and its consonants reflect ideas. These writings are permanent, whereas there is also a language that is used for day-to-day communication that dissolves once it has served its purpose. He claims also that there is a language of heaven that consists of nothing but numbers with a spiritual significance number and series of numbers. Swedenborg may have been thinking of numerology, yet unexpectedly anticipating computer language. He certainly believed that the inventions made on earth were pre-dated by their spiritual counterparts in the heavenly worlds.

I would like to think that language is still appreciated in the afterlife. After all, we need some way to store ideas and present new ones. My personal view is that the heavenly language is a reflection of ideas that are forever present in the afterlife. They are a manifested form of thought. Some may perceive this as language and enjoy the familiar functions of writing and reading. A “book” in the spirit is the essence of an idea that can be “read” by anyone in whatever language or form that most appeals to them. Perhaps you would prefer to experience this cosmic knowledge as a television program, an I-Max movie, or even made into a comic book!

The Music Section

The famous Spiritualist medium and healer Harry Edwards explains how he was once shown where a musical concert was being conducted near the halls of learning. Again, this seemed a strange world consisting of mixture of thought and form. He attempts to describe the somewhat surreal musical instrument that will transmit the concert:

“John then noticed the strange structure. It was taller than a man, and as wide in width. The nearest thing which John could liken it to was a tower with a broad base and narrowing towards the top where two arm-like tentacles emerged from the sides. At the end of the tentacles was a silvery mass of slender stamen-like stalks, which in turn had scores upon scores of very fine gossamer-like hairs. John thought to himself they looked like overgrown dandelion blooms waiting for someone to come along and ‘blow’ on them.”

Later we are told that this tower-like structure is a vehicle for receiving the musician’s thoughts, which are telepathically transmitted as music. The music is the spontaneous creation of the master musician’s mind and the other orchestral telepaths. The music in this spiritual amphitheatre is beautiful beyond compare because it is experienced directly. It is a heartfelt expression of the divine. You experience the “music” as a pure blending of your awareness with that of the musician.

These Strange Worlds

Much of the earlier discussions are based upon accounts from mainly Spiritualist literature. However, a person from the twenty-first century may not see “books” at all but experience the halls of learning as a vast computer complex, or some form of spiritual Internet. And why should the halls be placed in an earth-like setting? The great temple could just as easily be a glass dome on a vast spaceship somewhere at the centre of the universe or in a nebula floating over a cosmic sea, or perhaps monkishly isolated in the blackness of intergalactic space. Here you will have access to computers that will provide all the knowledge you can handle.

Spiritualist ideas about a place we go to learn appear to be substantiated by the reports of subjects who have had near-death experiences. For example, one of Dr. Raymond Moody’s subjects described how “it was like I knew all things… I thought whatever I wanted to know could be known. Another subject describes “libraries,” and “institutions of higher learning”:

“This is the place where the PLACE is knowledge… It’s like you focus mentally on one place in that school and–zoom–knowledge flows by you from that place automatically. It’s just like you’d had about a dozen speed-reading courses.”

The world described above is, in many ways, similar to the material world we know. The philosopher Rudolf Steinar condemned this way of thinking saying that “the Spiritualists are the greatest materialists of all!” However, we should continually remind ourselves of the problem of trying to translate new perceptions into words. The spirit people and the NDE subjects are describing a state of being that is hard to express in words. Our understanding of the earthly world is closely bound up with language, whereas most reports agree that language in the afterlife is unnecessary. Is it any wonder then that we are, in a way, seeing “through a glass darkly.”

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  • Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2010) What To Do When You Are Dead Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 978-1-4027-7660-1 (Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese) BUY THE BOOK HERE
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  • Robert Jodoin Jul 3, 2017, 2:35 pm

    Regarding your response on DNA, I am surprised to learn that you have ignored me, and did not give me another opportunity to respond to your response. I suppose that it will show up in your Karma, somewhere along the line, and when it does, you will find that I have forgiven you. But just in case you had a change of heart, here is my response to your response.

    ‘DNA’ does more than just service the material aspects of ‘the Body’. ‘DNA is Energy’. Think of DNA along those lines. If there is a ‘Creator’, we must assume that it is our ‘Higher Consciousness’. And if this be true, then, everything created is ‘Thought In Form’ —- ‘Thoughts Become Things’. This makes ‘DNA’ more of a ‘Spiritual Substance’, than a ‘Body Chemical’. In ‘Prayer’, which is defined as ‘Positive Affirmations,’ we can ‘Change Negative Thoughts, and ‘Beliefs’, and ‘Restore Our Minds’. But ‘Healing our Minds’ does not ‘Heal our Body’.

    If we direct our ‘Affirmations to the Bodies DNA, it can ‘Transform The Body’ raising its ‘Vibrations’ to a ‘Higher Frequency Level’. The purpose of seeking ‘The Akashic Records is to Find God’. Once you have found your ‘Relationship to God’, and ‘With God’, Karma is made void on your Soul. ‘Karma’ is ‘The Law of Cause, and Effect’, and finding our relationship with God ends our ‘Karmic Debt’ We no longer fall ‘Under the Law’, but ‘Under His Grace’, which is ‘Divine Truth’. Anyway, you may want to consider that. I do wish you all the best in your search for ‘Truth’.

  • Christina Oct 28, 2015, 4:05 pm

    I am so glad I tracked down this website. I have dreamed of this place, and the dream has haunted me for years. I was in this immense university setting that what overwhelming yet beautiful. It was like a super version of what I would imagine Harvard or Cambridge to look like. Just huge with stunning woodwork and arches. I was guided to three rooms by a being that my mind understood to be Jesus, but he was cloaked and I could not see his face, nor did he ever speak. Everyone wore these brownish cloaks. I was shown a great room, like a wedding hall on super steroids- I could not see to the other end, that’s how big it was. Literal armies of beings (I assumed to be Angels) were in front of canvasses creating what I understood to be “designing every sight in existence”. I was then taken to the music room and the “library”. I only viewed these 3 rooms from the doorways, but the library was so huge that it just looked dark. I could not even see books, but somehow I knew that this space contained all knowledge of all places that ever had or would or could exist. Literally everything- though I could see nothing. Suddenly I was in front of this immense building that was all beautiful arches and domes, colored kind of sand or grayish white. A lovely clean garden or park in the front, with some great city peeking over the trees.

    I’ve always known this was a special dream, I am really happy I was able to track down this info. First I found a man who experienced this during a near death experience, then I told a medium who mentioned the akashic record. That’s how I found this article and this “hall of learning” and hall of artistic inspiration.

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