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The Angel of Protection
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Angels of Protection and Hope

Article by Craig Hamilton-Parker about Angels of protection.

If you believe in the reality of the afterlife, you may accept the possibility of drawing upon its beings to protect you in your day-to-day life. In particular, many believe that angels of protection can come to our aid, but you must ask them. They can be relied on in times of crisis or despair, and react to our distress. Angelologists claim that there are many hierarchies of angels and that each angel has a designated purpose.

For each crisis of ordinary life, there is an angel so to speak “on call.” For example, if you needed help so your garden would flourish, you would ask the angel called Risnuch for his blessing.

Misconceptions about Angel Feathers

Conversing with the Angels

Today, many people believe that angels watch over us in a spirit of love and come to our aid when we are in danger. There are also workshops available to help you attune yourself to these spiritual mentors. To make the connection, a person is advised to first become “grounded.” To do this, angelologists advise you to center the attention on the body and be aware of the present moment.

The objective is to help you gather your mental energy and remain focused. You then enter the “releasing” state, in which you let go of worries and negativity, and find release in a sense of unconditional love. There is then an “aligning” period, to attune yourself to the vibrations of angels. In this open state of relaxed awareness, you are asked to listen within, for the voice of your protective angel speaking to you through your own intuition. This final stage is called “conversing.”

Contacting Angels – Rituals & Petitions

The above exercise is often done as a group meditation, perhaps with simple rituals such as lighting incense and candles, ringing bells, playing music, saying prayers or reciting affirmations. The angelologist may face the four directions and chant various incantations or Psalms to invoke the various angels of protection by name.

Also considered important is the time of day. Although in medieval days, frogs and swords were used in such rituals, today’s angelologist focuses mainly on invoking thoughts of well-being and harmony to open communications with the next world.

I am not one for ritual myself, but I can see how such techniques can help some people get into the right frame of mind and center their meditations. We see this in both religion and magic. In my own work as a medium, I often feel spirit helpers draw close while I am demonstrating or in meditation.

Many of these spirits are familiar to me, such as family members that have passed over. Similarly, I may feel the closeness of my own personal spirit guides, who have helped me over the years to perfect my gifts. There are also times when I feel beings of light around me. Although they are unfamiliar to me, they radiate great love, peace, and protection. I don’t know their names, but there are times I am sure that I am in the presence of angels.

How To Contact Your Angel

Angelologists believe that a guardian/protection angel and a clerical angel are assigned to each person when that soul decides to incarnate. This belief holds true in many different religions, cultures, and societies. The angels are charged with our protection, throughout our earthly lives, and may intervene if we call upon them.

The guardian angel is the one who assists a spirit/soul in planning what is to be learned and experienced while in bodily form. They set the “lessons” of life. The clerical angel is responsible for writing down those lesson plans and documenting what the spirit/soul experiences–entering the good and the bad deeds are done into the book of your life. The “Life Book” is the spiritual record held within the cosmic memory of the universe.

These two angels never leave and never part the incarnated spirit/soul–from the time they are “born” to the time they “die.” All angels are not specifically concerned with the affairs of humans; having other responsibilities. Cherubim, Thrones, and Principalities, for example, are charged solely with watching and protecting Earth and aspects of the Universe. Many angelologists believe, though views differ, that the guardian spirits or angels are the only ones who have the duty of protecting and watching us. These are, in turn, assisted by the legions of Archangels.

Calling On The Angels

Some mediums I have worked with will call upon angels of protection when clearing malevolent spirits that may be causing trouble. In addition, they ask their own personal “spirit guides and helpers” to draw close for protection. For many, the Archangel Michael is the primary one to call on for protection and strength. Understandably, he is the patron of police officers. Some call upon Michael and other higher angels for general protection in difficult circumstances.

The ten most well-known angels are: Michael, protector of the North and the guardian of peace; Gabriel, protector of the South, who brings strength, hope, and revelation; Uriel, protector of the East, said to bring new beginnings and social reform; Raphael, the healing angel, who is the protector of the West. Raphael is also the guardian of our physical bodies. Also, Metatron, the angel of fire and celestial scribe; Moroni, the angel of the Latter-day Saints; Melchizedek, believed to be the father of the seven Elohim Angels; Ariel, the “Lion of God” who rules the waters; Israfel, the angel of resurrection and of the song; and finally Raziel, who proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind.

Attuning the Soul

Contrary to popular belief, we do not speak to angels with our minds or hearts but though attunement with our soul. It is when we touch this innermost, eternal part of ourselves that we connect with these celestial beings. For me, meditation provides the opportunity to make this connection. Others may prefer some form of ritual or ceremony to help them get into a suitable mindset. For example, an affirmation or statement may be used to call upon a guardian angel.

A person with an illness may say, “I am ill. I call upon my guardians and the angels of protection to make me well because I have important work to do and others depend upon me.” Angels are said to respond to altruistic intent and those who trust in their power to help.

You may call upon the angels as part of your daily routine. You may, for example, ask that a day be free of difficulties or without stress. I have one friend who calls upon the angels whenever he needs a parking space. Remarkably, it appears to work! The routines you use to call your angel can be as simple or as complex as you like. Some may say elaborate incantations or do rituals of manifestation using candles inscribed with symbols to represent the angel called. Clearly it is up to the taste of the person, and their beliefs and practices.

List of Angels of Protection Names

Angelologists also consider many angels to have specific protective roles. The listing of angels given here come from many traditions but are in no way complete. All, however, can be called upon for protection. I have highlighted here angels with specific protective roles to help primarily with everyday situations:

  • Adnachiel who is supposed to protect those born under the star sign of Sagittarius.
  • Ambriel is considered an angel of general protection and particularly suitable for those born under Gemini. This angel also inspires clear communication and the ability to speak the truth.
  • Angels of Crescent Moon and the Throne Class. These are supposed to be invoked to bring animal protection. Angels linked to this protection ring are Behemiel, Hariel, Thegri, Mtniel, Jehiel, Manakel.
  • Aralim is claimed to bring protection to the home and loved ones.
  • Barchiel is the angel that rules the sun signs of Scorpio and Pisces.
  • Cambiel This angel is the ruler of the zodiacal sign Aquarius. Invocations to Cambiel will also bring increased intelligence and provide unusual solutions to problems.
  • Esme is a protecting angel from Wales UK.
  • Giel is the angel that will protect those born under the sun sign of Gemini.
  • Haqadesh is invoked to prevent a psychic attack and protects you from people drain your energy
  • Hayyel Protects wild animals. Included in this ring are the angels Thuriel, Mtniel, and Jehiel.
  • Hngel is the angel of the summer equinox and protects against the evil eye.
  • Ielahiah protects magistrates and brings justice in legal matters.
  • Ioelet protects during an exorcism.
  • Isma’il also protects during exorcism rites. Governs a group of angels that can take the guise of cows.
  • Jerazol is an angel of power that is invoked during conjuring rites.
  • Kmiel protects against the evil eye and is used in some Jewish amulets.
  • Lazai is an angel that is invoked in the exorcism of fire.
  • Leliel is one of the protectors during the night.
  • Mehiel protects university professors, orators, and authors.
  • Mumiah will suspend physical laws and create miracles.
  • Muriel protects those born under the sign of Cancer.
  • Natiel has the power to ward off evil and is sometimes found in lucky charms.
  • Nehinah can act as a protector for mediums.
  • Olinda is the protector of property in some German traditions.
  • Ophiel protects during meditation.
  • Paniel is found in charms to ward of evil. Also protects against the North Wind
  • Paschar protects during unconsciousness.
  • Phakiel is another protector of the sign of Cancer.
  • Qafsiel is invoked by writing his name in bird’s blood and was used in Hebrew magic to drive away enemies.
  • Ramona is a Teutonic angel that protects the wise.
  • Sabreael protects against demons that bring disease.
  • Schaltiel protects the sign of Virgo.
  • Sosol is invoked in some magic rites and is said to protect those born under the sign of Scorpio.
  • Teiaiel gives insight into the future and protects maritime expeditions and commercial ventures
  • Tzaphqiel is a general protector against all evil.
  • Ubaviel is one of the guardians of Capricorn
  • Urpaniel is an angel from the East whose name is used in magic charms.
  • Vehuiah will fulfil prayers for help.
  • Xexor is a benevolent spirit invoked in conjuring rites.
  • Yahel will reveal secrets and protects against clandestine plots.
  • Zuriel protects those born under the sign of Libra.

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