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Discovering your Guardian Angel

Angels Without Wings

I looked over Jordan and what did I see? Coming for to carry me home. A band of angels coming after me, Coming for to carry me home.
—African-American spiritual Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

You do not walk alone into the next life. With you walks your greatest friend, your guardian angel who was with you when you were born into the physical world and is with you now at the end of your earthly life. Theosophists call them “devas”  the Indian yogis refer to their “masters,” the Christian Church speaks of angels, while Spiritualists refer to “guides,” “helpers,” and “the gatekeeper.” Other schools of thought talk about “higher consciousness” or the “over self”. I will use the guardian angel image–although I do not personally associate this with a being with wings but as higher beings from the spirit world.

You may not know your guardian angel while on earth, but as soon as you enter the astral levels of the next world you will immediately become aware of such a presence. You will have the comforting feeling that a divine friend is with you. Some of us are fortunate, because we get to know our own guardian angel before we die. If you are mediumistic or open to spiritual forces, you may sometimes sense a guiding hand helping you through life. You may feel inspired by an outside force, or may have a sense of moral guidance. At a time of great danger or despair, have you felt an angelic hand lift and shelter you from your plight? Angels are not a matter of belief but of experience.



It would be arrogant to say that the human condition is the highest level of spiritual existence. Surely there are beings that have far greater consciousness than our own. All cultures, including our own, have acknowledged the existence of spirits at levels beyond the human. We may call them angels, although many cultures call them by other names. This is one of the most fundamental themes in human spiritual and religious experience.

There are beings that have never taken earthly incarnation and also human souls that have become super human–closer to the angelic state than the human. Often these beings are depicted as having wings, but this is merely symbolic representation, showing that they are transcendent beings. Nonetheless, some people may see the traditional angels–wings and all–when they enter the afterlife. This another example of our creating afterlife situations according to our beliefs. Does it matter what form the angelic world takes? In my own case, the angel guides and helpers that I am aware of take various human forms. They have told my psychic circle that they are human spirits that once walked the earth but have evolved to an angelic state and return to teach us how to be better people and grow towards spirituality. During trance, an American Indian speaks through me as well as a Tibetan monk spirit guide and occasionally an Italian clown! They speak with varying levels of spiritual understanding and have occasionally given us solid proof of their reality.


Everyone has a guardian angel. Yours will be with you as you move into the afterlife and will provide a comforting influence as you progress. You may not see your spiritual friend at first, but you will have an undeniable sense that “someone” is there in the background. They may appear as beings of light, in human form, or even as angels complete with wings. Your level of understanding and belief determines your perception of them. An angel may also appear to you as a mysterious figure amongst the crowd of family and friends that come to greet you on your arrival to the next life.

Eventually, guardian angels reveal themselves to you. As they manifest, you will realize that you have known them for eons of time. They have been with you right from the beginning. You will be deeply moved, and may want to embrace them as a long-lost friend. This will be an inspiring and uplifting moment for you. You will know that you can trust this entity implicitly.



Your guardian angel will help you with the long process of assessing your life on earth. You will be touched by their love and be prepared to look at your life and hear your angel’s messages about your life. As the angel speaks, the perplexing problems of your life will unfold. Why did you suffer? For what purpose were you put on earth? What did you do that was right and what could you have done better? There will be no judgement as such, no successes or failures; you will judge yourself in the light of your spiritual understanding.

Most of us know that life is a test. It is a school where we come to learn and grow in spiritual understanding. However, the sad fact is that we stumble along in the dark not knowing what it is we are supposed to learn. If only we knew this we would be able to break the repetitive cycles of pain that govern our life. Have you ever entered a phase of life where you say to yourself, “Oh no, not this again!” The same pattern repeats itself–it could be a relationship going wrong, a financial difficulty, or a trouble of some kind. The truth is that we didn’t learn our lesson the first time around and have to repeat some of the difficult lessons we missed the last time.

Albert Einstein was once asked, “What’s the most important question you can ask in life?” His reply was, “Is the universe a friendly place or not?” Your guardian angel will be able to show you that the universe is a benign place and will explain the purpose of your life. You will see why you were put into the difficult circumstances of your life and why you had to meet the people you did. Your illnesses and misfortunes will also be shown to you and you will understand why it was necessary for these things to happen. All of this will be revealed in a spirit of great love. Angels are powerful beings and have a deep understanding about your life and your motivations. They understand intuitively and immediately. In addition they have strong wills and, as St. Thomas Aquinas said, “Their will is by nature loving.” It is through this power of love that they know the secrets of your soul and will give you the joyful guidance and wisdom you need to assess yourself.


The people we love in the spirit are able to see how much we suffer in this world and how unnecessary much of our grief is. Earth is a dark place, where ignorance reigns supreme. But it is changing. Many spiritual beings have incarnated to help us re-establish truth and light in this world. The spirit people tell us that we are on the threshold of a golden age. From the blissful world of the afterlife, they are helping the process of creation to unfold. They are encouraging us to drive out the darkness, ignorance, superstition, violence, and selfishness that plague this world. Their task is to bring sublime knowledge of the purpose of human life…in this world and in the next.

The life review process at this newly-arrived stage is a continuation of the initial rapid period of self-assessment you made when you encountered the godhead. The process continues as you begin to understand and integrate life’s lessons. People who have encountered the initial stages of the life review, through an NDE, have a remarkable agreement about the nature of these lessons. Some have spoken of the importance of seeking knowledge, but invariably they stress the importance in this life of trying to cultivate love for others. The goal of human evolution is to attain the higher consciousness that can best be described as love–but even this word cannot express this ineffable state of bliss. You will judge yourself according to your capacity to love.

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An angel is a heavenly divine being who in many faiths is a messenger from God.  In many mythologies and religions they are considered to be intermediaries between the human world and the heavenly world. Often they are seen as protectors of the soul. In Christianity they are often represented in human form with wings.

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